Affordable Cordless Drills That Is Worth Your Money

I been getting a few requests now from many of you asking me about good cordless drills to use around the home or for jobs that require a inexpensive or cheap cordless drill. So in this post I have reviewed 5 of the top cheap cordless drills that I recommend should be part of your choice as they are affordable, durable and can give a good drilling!

1.  Bosch GSB 14.4 2-Li 14.4V 1.3Ah Li-ion Cordless Combi Drill

bosch_cordless_drill_1This drill is very compact and small compared to other drills and it’s lighter too. That is why it is ideal for constricted spaces. It uses rechargeable battery (Bosch Premium Lithium-Ion Technology) that lasts longer than most battery operated drills, 400 times longer. If you are working in tight spaces, Bosch GSB14.4 Cordless Drill is what you need. It is very convenient with its lightweight (only 1.4kg) and also comes with LED light so you can use it even in dark areas. It is built with a powerful motor that is best for wood, steel and masonry.

To make it even more convenient for use in narrow spaces, the design is meant to be small and sleek. It only measures 204mm and the ergonomically shaped handle makes it easier to grip so it does not slide out of your hands. There is no need to worry about the batteries overheating or getting overloaded because this drill is protected by the Bosch (ECP) Electronic Cell Protection. For its small size, this drill is one real performer.



2.  Makita 8281DWPE 14.4V 1.3Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Combi Drill

makita_cordless_drill_2If you are a DIY person and are in search for a cheap but great performing drill, the Makita 8281DWPE Cordless Combi Drill will surely work for you. For less than a £100 pound, you can take advantage of a cordless hammer drill that works best for wood, steel and masonry. After 30 minutes of charging, you are ready to use your Makita 8281DWPE Cordless Drill to do your household tasks such as drilling pilot holes or holes into bricks. Makita is a very popular power tool manufacturer in the UK because the products they build are meant to last a lifetime.

This power drill is also easy to grip and gives you optimum control with its ergonomic, soft palm and trigger that also provides additional safety. It has two speeds which you can control using the trigger. The Makita 8281DWPE Cordless Combi Drill uses two 1.3Ah Ni-CD batteries that promise a long performance time. It uses a fan-cooled motor to avoid overheating. For additional safety, it also has an automatic spindle lock and electric brake. The 10mm keyless chucks make it easier to change bits and powerful enough to do the drilling in such a lightweight and small design.


3.  Ryobi One+ CDI18SD4 18V Combi Drill & 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver Kit

ryobi_cordless_drill_set_3This Ryobi One Combi Drill and Screwdriver Kit is what you need for putting on screws on tight and narrow spaces. The 4V Li-Ion screwdriver kit is very lightweight and comes with an LED light so you can use it even in dark spaces. It has 12 torque settings you can choose from for optimum performance and comes with a 30-piece accessory kit which is very practical. On the other hand, the 18v Combi Drill quickly changes from drilling to driving or hammer action. No need for other tools. Everything you need to perform your task is provided by the Ryobi One+ Combi Drill and Screwdriver Kit. It is a handy tool that is a must in every household. It has two-speed forward and reverse. For a secure hold and better control, it is designed with a soft grip handle to give you a more comfortable feel. This is one reliable drill that you can trust with whatever job you throw at it. It is one of the best tools that you can to your toolkit.


4.  Ryobi EID750CSDT40 750W Hammer Drill & 12V Drill Driver

Whether you are a DIY user or a professional, the Ryobi EID750CSDT40 Hammer and Drill Driver is excellent for you. The hammer drill and the drill driver are both designed with a soft grip handle to ensure optimum control of the tool and comfortable usage.


The 12V drill driver has single speed variable and 24 torque settings. It also comes with a spindle lock and replaceable brushes. The cordless drill driver is supplied with two 1.3Ah Ni-Cd batteries and an 8 to 10 hour charger.

The Drill driver is powerful enough to drill on wood (20mm) and steel (10mm) with a maximum torque of 12Nm on hard steel. The 750W hammer drill has a single speed variable and reverse which is very powerful and compact. It has an overall length of 400mm which is great for masonry (13mm), wood (32mm) and steel (13mm). The kit comes with a handy tool bag so you can easily bring it when you need to. The 40-piece accessory kit that comes with it is excellent. Makes every task easier and gives a great outcome all the time. This is an easy to use tool in a neat carryall.


5.  Ryobi One+ LCD1802M 18V Compact Cordless Drill Driver

This Ryobi One+  LCD1802M 18V Compact Cordless Driver is part of the Ryobi One+ 18V range of cordless tools that is powered by the same battery and charger to prevent unnecessary purchase. ryobi_cordless_drill_5It’s a practical and wise choice. The Ryobi One Plus System uses one battery and charger for 23 power tools and 6 garden tools, a great way to save money on quality tools. This tool is great for beginners and professionals alike.

It is built with a rubberized, soft grip handle to reduce fatigue and ensure great comfort and better control. It is also lightweight so you can bring it around your work area and is also very compact, making it ideal for narrow spaces. The Ryobi One Plus Compact Cordless Drill Driver can be used for most materials and applications such as for fittings in your kitchen or bathroom, carpentry works and many more. It provides greater power for such a light and compact tool. It does not include a battery and a charger but even if you add the cost altogether, it is still more practical and cheaper compared to other brands. A wise choice if you are looking for a power tool that would keep up until the end.

Hope this has helped you and given some guidance before you make your choice.

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