Choosing a Jigsaw

There are a number of things to consider when looking for a Jigsaw. Firstly one must consider their budget and frequency of usage. Secondly you should think about what kind of jobs the jigsaw be used for? The ranges in Jigsaws and cordless jigsaws can make a difference with precision, speed and workmanship.

Entry level to mid-range jigsaws and cordless jigsaws are useful for cutting curved edges or shapes. However when it comes to cutting in a straight line or providing a good finish it can be quite tricky with some of the low range jigsaws as they tend to vibrate a fair bit which can impact on the quality.

The High-range jigsaws and cordless jigsaws have a lot more to offer for the professional finish and the time taken to finish the job. The lack of vibration allows the tool to cut in straight lines and provide smoother finishes and also breaks fewer blades. The cutting speed is also greater on high range models due to more powerful motors. Some of the more expensive jigsaws and cordless jigsaws are also equipped with lights, lasers and saw dust extraction vacuums to make the job easier.

Bosch PST 700 E

Bosch Jigsaw1
The Bosch PST 700 E is an entry level jigsaw that provides good value for money. It has some great features such as the anti-vibration soft grip and a dust extraction port to give you total control when cutting all kinds of timber.
The jigsaw is useful for jobs such as building a shoe rack or installing laminate flooring and provides good quality cuts. The Bosch PST 700 E features the Bosch SDS system which allows you to change blades within seconds by pushing the SDS buttons. The jigsaw is lightweight, robust and very easy to use and retails around £40-£50.

Bosch Jigsaw2

Makita 4350FCT

Makita Jigsaw2
The Makita 4350 FCT jigsaw is one of its kind and comes complete with 5 blades, a carry case, a vacuum attachment and an anti-splinter guide. The jigsaw has a great 5 speed setting and 3 different saw settings which allow you to change the way the orbital saw operates.

The Makita jigsaw boasts a quick release blade lock that lets you change a blade without having to touch hot blades when the blades break during your job. The saw is powerful, quiet, lightweight and easy to use even in the darkest places with its built in LED work light.

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