Choosing The Right Angle Grinders

Angle grinders have many different uses and are designed to make jobs such as grinding, cutting, polishing and sanding easier. They use discs which come in different sizes and types, as the correct disc would need to be used for your particular job.

Diamond Cutting Discs – These are typically used to cut or grind hard materials such as concrete, bricks, ceramics, stone and cement.

Metal Cutting Discs – Used to cut through metals such as cast iron, aluminium, copper and steel.

Sanding Discs – The angle grinder is often used to sand surfaces such as metal and wood due to its powerful motor.

Polishing Discs and Wire Brushes – These attachments would be used in cleaning and polishing metal or stone surfaces.

Tile Cutting Discs – These are special diamond discs which can cut through most tiles including porcelain, ceramic and granite.

Angle Grinder Reviews

Read the Angle Grinder reviews provided by power tools central to help you choose the best angle grinder.

Bosch GWS 22–230H 9” Angle Grinder Review


The Bosch GWS 22-230H angle grinder boasts a powerful 2200w motor which is perfect for any type of job whether you are professional or a keen DIYer. It has a fan cooled motor to allow it to be used constantly without having to pause in the middle of a job to prevent the motor from burning out. Frequent use of angle grinders would wear out the brushes which is why the Bosch GWS 22 – 230H comes with replaceable carbon brushes to increase the angle grinder’s lifespan.

Whilst taking into consideration it’s power the Bosch angle grinder is lightweight and compact and only weighs 5kg. The cooling vents feature unique armoured coils to protect the motor from sharp dust when being used. For quicker switching of discs the Bosch SDS locking nut allows the discs to be changed without the use of any tools.


Unlike some cheaper angle grinders this Bosch angle grinder has a solid feel and does not vibrate much to give you better control.

For your safety this angle grinder is fitted with a cut-off switch to protect you if the grinder slips whilst in use.

    • Powerful 2200W Champion motor for fast work progress
    • Double-sealed ball bearings and the especially sturdy gearing guarantee a long lifetime
    • Armoured coils that protect the motor against sharp grinding dust ensure long lifetime
    • Triple-control safety switch
    • Revolving gear head enables optimised adaptation to every work situation
    • Now also comes with a three year warranty provided by Bosch

Dewalt D28113-GB 4½” Angle Grinder Review

This Dewalt angle grinder is a great tool and provides good value for money along with a brand you can trust. Why buy a cheap unknown branded angle grinder when you could buy the Dewalt D28113-GB for an additional £10-£20 and know that it will last. The Dewalt D28113-GB is an entry level angle grinder which is suitable to be used in many different applications.

This Dewalt angle grinder comes complete with a guard, anti-vibration handle, disc changing spanner and a long cord. It is also a plus that Dewalt make tough and reliable gears to ensure their products last longer.

The Dewalt D28113-GB angle grinder also comes with a protective guard to extract any dust or sharp debris away from your face. There is a kickback protection switch to ensure that the power to the angle grinder is cut off is a mishap was to happen.


    • Power input 900w
    • No load speed 10000rpm
    • Maximum disc diameter 115mm
    • Spindle thread M14
    • Protective guard
    • Anti-vibration side handle
    • Inner & outer disc flange & spanner
    • Size l x h 285mm x 80mm
    • Weight 1.7kgs
    • Supplied with a full industrial warranty

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