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Read our latest DIY guides for tips and tricks and great ‘how to..’ help in our feed below. We aim to add new guides regularly to help you as much as we can. Have a look and see which guide could help you.

Recent DIY Guides

How to fit Shelves, Pictures and Mirrors

Fitting Shelves to a Wall The easiest shelf brackets to use are 90 degree angle brackets made of painted metal. They consist of a long arm and a short arm each with pre-drilled holes for screws. The long arm is … Continue Reading

How to Paint Walls and Ceilings

Preparation 1. The first thing to do before starting any painting job is to ensure that the room has been cleared and all furniture has been removed or moved to the centre of the room and covered up. 2. Ensure … Continue Reading

How to Apply Sealant in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Remove Existing Sealant The best tool to use to help get rid of any old sealant that may still be present from any previous applications is a Stanley knife or sometimes known as a craft knife. Please remember to use … Continue Reading

How to Hang Wallpaper

1. Cutting the Wallpaper to Size Many people find the first step a bit tricky but it doesn’t need to be. To make it easier try to get someone to help you with this step. Simply unpack the wallpaper and … Continue Reading

How to fit laminate flooring

In recent years laminate flooring has become a popular alternative to real hardwood floors. For one it’s cheaper, easier to install and now comes in a wide variety of looks and styles. It mimics the look of hardwood floors so … Continue Reading

How to Bleed a Radiator

When the cold winter months strike it’s time once again to get reacquainted with your home’s best friend: the radiator. Since it’ll be keeping everyone warm it’s important to make sure it’s working in optimum condition. But if not, the … Continue Reading

How to insulate your loft

One of the most effective and important ways to make your home energy efficient and help cut down on expensive heating bills is to make sure there’s proper insulation in the attic or crawl space above the house. While it’s … Continue Reading

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