How to fit Shelves, Pictures and Mirrors

Fitting Shelves to a Wall

The easiest shelf brackets to use are 90 degree angle brackets made of painted metal. They consist of a long arm and a short arm each with pre-drilled holes for screws. The long arm is screwed into the wall, while the shorter are is screwed to the underside of a wooden shelf. If more than one shelf is desired, they must be at least as far apart as the long arm of the bracket which rests on the wall. Use a level to draw a straight line for the shelf and measure to insure the bracket are central from each end of the shelf.

    1. Decide where the shelf should be placed on the wall. Draw a line and then use the level to make the line perfectly straight. Measure and mark for the bracket placement. Double check all measurements and level.
    2. Place a bracket on the pre-drawn marks and with a screw or pencil; mark the holes for the screws. Repeat this step for all brackets.
    3. If the wall is a solid brick wall, pre-drill the holes for the screws and insert some red plastic wall plugs. This prevents the screws from being pulled out of the wall due to the weight of the shelf.
    4. Hold the brackets up to their matching holes and screw them into place. Place the shelf across the brackets and center it. From underneath mark the screw points on the bottom of the shelf and Pre-drill the holes.
    5. Place the shelf back into position on the brackets and attach with the provided screws.

Putting up Mirrors and Pictures

Mirrors and pictures that are heavy will require plastic masonry plugs and sturdy screws or hooks, if they are to stay in place. Light and medium weight wall art can be hung with small picture hooks with pins to secure them. These pins are like tiny nails that can be driven into the wall with a hammer.

  • Heavier items may require two hooks evenly spaced or screws with the fitted plastic masonry plug for a secure hold.
  • Adhesive pads are sufficient for most small lightweight items.
  • When hanging extremely heavy mirrors it is best to use chains rather than wire to prevent accidents.
  • If a mirror already has holes for hanging, they may be screwed directly into the wall, using plastic masonry plugs where needed.
  • Mirrors can also be screwed on to the walls using chrome screw caps to conceal the screw heads.

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