AEG Corded Drills

Browse our range of AEG Corded Drills that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the AEG Corded Drills by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

AEG SBE600R Percussion Drill 600w 110v

AEG SBE600R is a percussion drill that delivers an excellent power to torque ratio taking in just 600 Watt at 110 Volt and giving off speeds of 2800rpm at no load that translates to 42000 bpm. A maximum torque setting of 21Nm at a weight of just 1.7kg makes it perfectly suitable for home do-it-yourself owners. It grinds through concrete, wood and steel easily with depths of 15mm, 30mm and 13mm respectively.

AEG SB2E1010RS Hammer Drill 1010w 240v

A powerful motor of 1010 watt graces the AEG SB2E1010RS hammer drill that operates at 240 Volts and uses AVS anti-vibration system for comfortable usage. A safety chuck and synchvariable speed setter makes changing the speeds easier. The metal chuck is keyless and can be varied between 1 and 10mm for accurate drilling. It comes with reversible action and a hammer action option. The carbon brushes that transfer power from the motor to the gears can be easily accessed through the softgrip zone for

AEG BH22E 2kg SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill 650w 240v

The AEG BH22E is perfectly weighed at 2kgs being a SDS hammer rotary drill that comes with the option of changing between just drill and hammer drill modes. This makes it easier to hammer through concrete and other similar masonry substances without much effort. The chuck setting on this 650 Watt 240 Volt motor powered device ensures safety to the user and bystanders while drilling while its long 4m cable makes it easy to work with on job sites for contractors.

AEG KH24E SDS Plus 3 Function Combi Hammer Drill 720w 240v

Comfortable to grip and use on any kind of surface thanks to its rotary stop function and soft grip handle, the AEG KH24E SDS Plus combines three functions of hammer drilling, rotary drilling and screw action into one. With 720 Watt of power delivered via a 240 volt input, the drill ensures maximum penetration at the least energy spent. It has an impact rate of 2.7 Joules. The cable is 4 meters long.

AEG SB22-2E Impact Drill 1000w 240v

The orange coloured bright 2.9 kg drill machine from AEG tagged SB22-2E delivers a high power performance with a 1000 Watt rated motor taking in power from a 240 Volt source. It operates a dual speed gear box and safety clutch protection system that provides variable speed settings in both the forward and reverse motion range. The hammer action and rotary action ensure its versatility of use. A maximum torque of 60Nm powers a chuck of size 13mm.

AEG KH28XE SDS Plus 3 Function Combi Hammer Drill 1010w 240v

A long 4 meter cable with a depth gauge comes along with the AEG KH28XE SDS drill machine that uses a proper hammer action with an impact rating of 3.1 Joules to perform major drilling on masonry and concrete surfaces. For working on wood and metal surfaces, the variable speed electronics of the drill ensures that drill bits do not get damaged. A side handle, fixtec adapter and a keyless chuck come along with the drill.

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