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You can find all our professional Bosch Power Tools here. Feel free to browse the our selection, a review for each tool has been provided to help you make an informed decision.

Bosch GSR18VE2-LI Heavy Duty Drill Driver 18V

In order to understand the heavy duty drilling aspects of the GSR18VE2-LI, you need to take a look at its drilling specs. In that respect, this powerful cordless drill driver punches holes as deep as 50 mm in wood and 13mm in steel. In order to help the tool produce the requisite rotary force, its fan cooled motor allocates it with a maximum torque of 90Nm on soft surfaces and 38 Nm for harder materials.

Bosch GSB 18VE2-Li 18v Li-ion 2 Speed Heavy Duty Combi Drill

Built for both general purpose as well as high intensity drilling, the GSB 18VE2-Li from Bosch is that one compact combi drill that you can always rely upon. Powered by two 3.0Ah Li-Ion batteries and supplied with a high grade charger, replenishing the charge capacity in the batteries to full takes just 35 minutes. The 13 mm keyless chuck allows for faster bit changing while the automatic spindle lock grabs on to the bits so as to transfer the rotational force with maximum efficiency.

Bosch GSB 18 VE2-LI L-Boxx 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

A highly recommended power tool that can drill through 45mm of wood, 16mm of masonry and 13mm of steel, the Bosch GSB 18 VE2-LI comes with a battery runtime that is unbeatable. It is extremely robust, powerful yet compact drill driver combo, which offers best level of comfort and functionality. The GSB 18 VE2-LI has an integrated LED lighting system that lights up the work area enabling the user to see everything that they are working on independent of an external light source.

Bosch GKS 18 V-LI 18V Li-ion 165mm Circular Saw

If you have been searching for a high endurance and precise functioning circular saw, then turning your attention towards the GKS 18V-LI should do you a world of good. This tough circular saw is built to high Bosch standards and features high run time and ultra durable characteristics like electronic motor and cell protection. While the cell protection feature ensures right amount of power is being drawn from the batteries all the time, the motor protection aspect prevents any chance of burn.

Bosch GBH5-38 6Kg SDS Max Combi Hammer Drill 110V

Chiselling through tough construction grade surfaces requires an equally potent tool and in that respect, the GBH5-38 from Bosch offers the perfect solution for a diverse range of tasks and surfaces. The 1050W, internal motor ensures that it offers a max impact rate of 3000bpm along with a variable speed that ranges between 70-340rpm. As such, this 5.8kg SDS power tool offers excellent efficiency for both chiselling as well as drilling related activities.

Bosch GSH 11E 11Kg SDS Max Breaker 110v

The massive 850 Watt output on the Bosch GSH 11K SDS Max Breaker running at 110 Volt is quite capable of removing over 490 kg of concrete every 60 minutes using its low vibration idling and operation system with low feed pressure. The auxillary handle can rotate around 12 poistions at 360 degrees and thus serve any kind of user requirement. The SDS tool protects itself from dust and the element with a protective layering. Weighing in at just over 10 kgs this is a powerful tool for a power packed

Bosch GSH 11E 11Kg SDS Max Breaker 240v

Removing over 490 kg of concrete every 60 minutes, the Bosch GSH 11E SDS Max Breaker performs that back breaking task in a matter of minutes. This is possible because of its massive 850 Watt output given through an intake of 240 Volt that drives the hammer head at amazing speeds. The auxiliary handle and the variable chisel fitting are customizable as per user preference. A carrying case comes along with the hammer that should accommodate all its parts.

Bosch GBH24V 3.2kg SDS Plus Drill 24V

Tough construction applications need an equally proficient tool to do the job right and that is what makes the GBH24V Combo Drill and Hammer a great acquisition for expert workmen. The power tool is highly mobile thanks to its dual 2.6Ah, Ni-MH batteries, which offer enough juice for the GBH24V to drill 120 holes into concrete surfaces within a single charge. Plus, an ultra fast charge time of 30 minutes means that you can get more work done in less time.

Bosch GBH4-32 4kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

Whether it is rotary or demolition work, you will find the Bosch GBH4-32 SDS plus drill can handle them all with ease. In fact, it is considered as an all-rounder in its category. The 900 watt motor powering this tool produces 5.7 joules of impact energy which makes it very handy in chiselling works. It's 13mm keyless chuck offers the most versatile setting for using drill bits of varying diameter and sizes and this aspect is only enhanced by the provision of a speed adjustment feature.

Bosch 18v SDS Hammer Drill

Most compact design in its class with a total length of 278mm including SDS plus holderPneumatic hammer mechanism-optimised for drilling holes of 4 to 8mmSuitable for drilling applications in wood and metal and for smaller to medium screwdrivingUnique Bosch Premium lithium-ion technology for longer lifetime and unbeatable battery runtimeBosch Electronic Cell Protection(ECP) protects battery against overload, overheating and deep dischargeIntegrated LED light helps illuminating work area, even in

Bosch GSB36VLI 36V 1.3Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

An optimally designed power tool, the GSB36VLI combi-drill offers two distinct advantages over its similarly powered counterparts. Firstly, this is a cordless tool thus making it perfect for being used in overhead conditions and situations where working space is at a premium. The drill draws its power from a two 1.3Ah Li-Ion batteries which attach at the bottom of its handle. When discharged, the provided quick charging unit fully charges the batteries within 45 minutes.

Bosch GBH18V-LI 18V SDS Plus Hammer Drill

Highly rigid in its structure, and built for the best performance for all times sake, the GBH18V-LI SDS plus hammer drill is the lightest (278mm) and smallest (1.9kg effective) rotary power tool in its class. Given its 12mm drilling diameter and dominant impact force of 1 Joule, this hammer drill is the perfect tool choice for electricians and plumbers who more often than not have to contend with working in constricted and stuffy spaces.

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