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Hitachi H25Pv SDS Plus Demolition Hammer 500w 240v

Hammering is usually a tiring and strenuous process. However, the Hitachi H25Pv Demolition Hammer makes it easy to carry out chiseling, remodeling works with its high impact rate and low vibration levels. With just 7.1m/s2 of vibration, it is actually quite low compared with many other devices. The Chisel lock mechanism has variable positions that make it better suited to the work requirements. Furthermore, the 500 Watt motor of the hammer runs on a 240 voltage source and therefore churns out su

Bosch GSH 11E 11Kg SDS Max Breaker 110v

The massive 850 Watt output on the Bosch GSH 11K SDS Max Breaker running at 110 Volt is quite capable of removing over 490 kg of concrete every 60 minutes using its low vibration idling and operation system with low feed pressure. The auxillary handle can rotate around 12 poistions at 360 degrees and thus serve any kind of user requirement. The SDS tool protects itself from dust and the element with a protective layering. Weighing in at just over 10 kgs this is a powerful tool for a power packed

Bosch GSH 11E 11Kg SDS Max Breaker 240v

Removing over 490 kg of concrete every 60 minutes, the Bosch GSH 11E SDS Max Breaker performs that back breaking task in a matter of minutes. This is possible because of its massive 850 Watt output given through an intake of 240 Volt that drives the hammer head at amazing speeds. The auxiliary handle and the variable chisel fitting are customizable as per user preference. A carrying case comes along with the hammer that should accommodate all its parts.

DeWalt Dw25830K Demolition Hammer 1150W 240v

When the need of the day is to be subtle with delicate materials while chiseling or breaking through, the DeWalt Dw25830K Demolition Hammer allows users to adjust the electronic speed using a control wheel thus reducing unwanted vibrations and dampening the limited shocks felt through the soft grip handles. It delivers a constant 1150 Watt power through 240 Volt and comes with 8 variable chisel positions for optimum working conditions. Weight is reduced with the use of Magnesium housing.

Makita HR4001C SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill 1100w 110v

Makita, the world leader in power tools delivers yet another high impact power demolition hammer with 1100 Watt rated at 110 Volt that rusn on electronically controlled power for greater comfort and comes with a torque limiter that provides an additional operator protection. The low vibration feature ensures a prolonged life along with the double safety standards and a constant speed setting under full load condition. It can offer a maximum drill diameter of around 40mm in concrete at speeds of

Makita HR4001C SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill 1100w 240v

Drilling or blasting through concrete can be nerve wrecking but with the large bore diameter of 40mm with the Makita HR4001C SDS power demolition hammer, the experience is pleasant because of its anti-vibration system that delivers speeds of 1350 to 2700 bpm using a powerful 1100 Watt 240 Volt rated motor that delivers power through an electronically controlled system. Under loaded conditions, constant speeds are delivered that give out 9.5 joules of energy.

DeWalt Dw25600K SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer 1150W 240v

Demolition activities that require only medium power input are best served by the DeWalt Dw25600K SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer that weighs just 6 kg but delivers an impressive 10 joules of energy. The maximum intake power that the hammer has is around 1150 Watt at a rating of 240 Volt that runs for a very long time owing to the dust protection seals, the brush life indicators that suggest when it is time to change them.

DeWalt Dw25600K SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer 1150W 110v

Making holes as wide as 45mm through concrete or masonry is never easy. The DeWalt Dw25600K however makes easy work out of this task using its impressive 1150 Watt 110Volt rated motor that drives the drill head through the hardest of surface without much vibration delivering around 10 Joules of impact energy. Since the hammer weighs in at just 6 kgs, it is actually one of the lighter hammers. Dust protection system, brush life indicators ensure its regular protection and maintenance thus increas

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