Professional Corded Drills

Hitachi DH38MS 6.4kg 950W SDS Max Hammer Drill 110V

Weighing six and a half kilograms the 950 watt Hitachi DH38MS has a two level action. It means that the tool can be used for hammering as well as hammer drilling. The DH38MS is equipped with 12 angles for chisel positioning making it one of the most sought after tools for accessing difficult areas. This feature is highly beneficial for the operator, making it much convenient for them to reach nook and corners and yet maintain stability while working.

Festool RW 1000 EQ Mixer Drill 1010w 240v

Mixer drills are totally different from normal drills as they are not used to drill through surfaces rather only to mix highly dense substances such as paint and tile cement. The Festool RW 1000 EQ Drill 1010 Watt 240 Volt is a mixer drill that can mix ready mixed concrete, filler, tile cement, external rendering and emulsion paints. At just 4.2 kgs and delivering a good idle engine speed of 250 to 600 min inverse, it is great for all kinds of mixing tasks.

DeWalt D25405KL 110V 4kg SDS Plus Drill

Integrating the strong points of a powerful mechanical hammer and drill driver all into one tool, the DeWALT D25405KL offers a dynamic response to different construction needs. This 900W SDS plus drill comes with a specially conceived rubber coated grip that ensures maximum control even when the tool is delivering impact energies in the range of 4.8J on to the work surface via the 20mm flat SDS plus chisel tip.

Bosch GBH5-38 6Kg SDS Max Combi Hammer Drill 110V

Chiselling through tough construction grade surfaces requires an equally potent tool and in that respect, the GBH5-38 from Bosch offers the perfect solution for a diverse range of tasks and surfaces. The 1050W, internal motor ensures that it offers a max impact rate of 3000bpm along with a variable speed that ranges between 70-340rpm. As such, this 5.8kg SDS power tool offers excellent efficiency for both chiselling as well as drilling related activities.

Makita HR3210C/2 4kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

With an awesome capability of delivering 6.4 joules impact energy to the target surface, Makita HR3210C/2 defines the standard for other middle-weight SDS drills to follow. But, power isn't its only strong point. The HR3210C/2 is also very safe and offers a host of features to ensure safety of both the machine as well as the operator. The variable speed setting gives more edge to the drill as it means that the tool can offer varying torque required for different sized drill bits.

Makita HR3210C/1 4kg SDS Plus Drill 110V

Powered by an 850 watt motor, the HR3210C/1 SDS Plus drill offers the cutting edge solution to most of the modern construction needs. This 4 kg middleweight drill raises the bar for the competition with its offerings. Most notable features in this power tool include the torque delimiter mechanism and variable speed control. This also ensures that the right amount of impact power is used by different sized drill bit attachments.

Bosch GBH4-32 4kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

Whether it is rotary or demolition work, you will find the Bosch GBH4-32 SDS plus drill can handle them all with ease. In fact, it is considered as an all-rounder in its category. The 900 watt motor powering this tool produces 5.7 joules of impact energy which makes it very handy in chiselling works. It's 13mm keyless chuck offers the most versatile setting for using drill bits of varying diameter and sizes and this aspect is only enhanced by the provision of a speed adjustment feature.

Hitachi Dh45Mr SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill 1200w 240v

Designed with a sturdy body and aluminium casing, the Hitachi Dh45Mr is a dual mode drill with impact and rotary modes making it easy to blasts large precise holes through concrete and masonry using core bit of the length of 125mm. With an input power of 1200 Watt at 240 Volts, it is more than sufficient at rotary drilling actions. A soft grip and a side handle together make it easier on the shoulders with its reduced vibration system for prolonged drilling.

DeWalt D25601-LX 6kg SDS Max Combi Hammer 110V

If you want a power tool that can handle high performance drilling, hammering and chiseling applications, then the DeWalt D25601-LX is surely worth giving a try. This 1250 watt SDS max combi hammer comes with an exceptional vibration dampening system that reduces machine vibration and therefore operational fatigue significantly. The internal components in the power tool produce anywhere between 1430-2480bpm, thus offering exceptional hamming power to pulverize the toughest of materials.

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