Professional Cordless Angle Grinders

Makita Bga450Rfe 14.4v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

14-volt category angle grinders best serve light and medium intensity cutting and surface removal, and therefore must be a fast charging device if they are cordless. In that respect, Makita Bga450Rfe does an excellent job, whilst transferring a powerful blast of energy to the disc blades from its 10,000-rpm motor that sits inside the equipment. Powered by two 3.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries, and a n incredible fast charging time of 22 minutes, the 1.8 kg power tool performs admirably when put to use

Hitachi G18Dljl 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

This 9300-rpm cordless Hitachi G14 Dljl angle grinder derives the required 18 v electric supply from two 3.0Ah BCL1430 Lithium ion cells. A single charge of 45 minutes using the included UC18YRL charger is enough to replenish the batteries to their full potential. Its high torque design coupled with the stumpy gear cover make it ideal for brushing, grinding, cutting and shaping works in constrained spaces. Featuring a slim-line body structure and side handle, this angle grinder takes on any kind

Hitachi G18DSL/JL 18v Cordless Angle Grinder + 2 Lithium Batteries 3Ah

From brushing and polishing surfaces to material removal and metal cutting tasks, the 18V Hitachi G18DSL/JL angle grinder provides the best solution for the aforementioned applications thanks to its radical design and powerful features. These include a 9100-rpm motor powered by rechargeable cells, and backed by a design that promotes higher torque. In addition, its cordless feature makes it an indispensible tool when the line of work involves operating in cramped spaces or overhead tasks.

Milwaukee TTI HD18AG-M18 4 inch Angle Grinder 18V

Featuring a multi positioning handle on the side of the power tool, the Milwaukee TTI HD18AG-M18 is a high performing machine. It maximizes the weight to performance ratio by delivering the most effective results with its 4 pole motor. The tool comes with a heavy duty carry case, two lithium ion 3.0Ah batteries and a 1 hour charger in the tool kit. The disc diameter of the TTI HD18AG-M18 is 115mm by 22mm and weighs approximately 2.3kg..

DeWalt DC411KA 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 5" / 125mm Disc + 2 Batteries 2.4Ah

The DeWalt Dc415KI cordless angle grinder infuses supreme functionality with extreme mobility, translating into a fantastic cordless power tool, perfect for grinding and cutting in constricted spaces. With 125mm grinding disc and fan cooled motor, this DeWalt grinder is made for achieving the maximum in power, safety and durability. Operation wise, it cannot get any more ergonomic, as is evident from the provision of an anti-vibration side handle with two position gripping and a lock/off trigger

Makita BGA452RFE 4 inch Angle Grinder 18V

Given the fact that Makita's BGA452RFE angle grinders are built to offer the maximum in safety and security of use, it is no surprise to see the range of features that these power grinding tools come incorporated with. Lets start at the very heart of these mini beasts i.e. the motor and power source. With an effective weight of 2.3kg, that includes the two 3.0Ah rechargeable batteries, the BGA452RFE is a mobile yet highly powerful. The batteries can be fully charges in just 22 mins.

Makita BGA452RFE 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

With the BGA452RFE cordless angle grinder from Makita, you can finally say goodbye to the annoying and often restricting power cables and sockets. The easy grip characteristic in the 115 mm disc grinder is all thanks to the side handle. Amazingly, this 18-volt battery operated power tool weighs in only 1.9kg, an aspect that has to do with its small circumference housing for the 10000-rpm motor. Also included in the pack are carry case, charger, batteries, case, Lock nut, wrench, side handle and

DeWalt DC411KB 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 5" / 125mm Disc + 2 Batteries 2.6Ah

Often, the problem seen with regular electric angle grinders is the cord length, especially when working in tight situations. In that aspect, the DeWalt DC411KB cordless angle grinder with its two, 2.6Ah NiMH batteries makes life much easier when doing finishing and shaping work on different surfaces, metal, stone or otherwise. The two-position side handle comes with a high comfort grasping surface while its spiral bevel gears offer low vibrations and high durability, thus increasing the magnitu

Milwaukee HD18AG 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115m / 4.5"+ 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

Often, the power transmission orientation from an axial source to the disc in angular grinders exerts a lot of pressure at the points that connect the disc to the machine. This is the reason why Milwaukee HD18AG?s motor utilises a high performance 4-pole design to cut out the losses and maximize efficiency. The 18-volt electric supply comes from two attached Li-on batteries with a rating of 3Ah each.

DeWalt DC411KL 18v Cordless Nano Angle Grinder 5" / 125mm Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 2Ah

While cordless, battery operated angle grinders are an easy procurement option, their NiCd or NiMH packs do not offer high charge cycles. On the other hand, the all new DeWalt DC 411KL comes with special Nano Phosphate Lithium Ion batteries which produce an amazing 2000 charge cycles thus giving its 2400rpm motor an impressive 18 volts supply, at a much reduced weight index. This makes the tool lighter and therefore easier to handle. Its lighter weight, in no way, affect its functional side, ins

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