Professional Cordless Drills

Panasonic EY7940LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah

Panasonic's EY7940LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah is a new multi-talented precision percussion drill offering up to 25.200 beats per minute into bricks, tile or masonry. Its built-in Automatic Overheat Protection System (OPS) stops the motor when the tool is overloaded, adding to the long life of the tool. It features TOUGH TOOL IP - IP56 Approval, and phenomenal endurance up to 330 screws 6x60mm in softwood.

Millwaukee C18PD32 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

Durable yet compact the cordless Millwaukee C18PD32 is a combi drill that works like a dream. It can drill up to 45mm, 13mm and 12mm of wood, steel and masonry respectively. Weighing about 5.5kg, the C18PD32 comes with 24 torque settings. Two 3.0Ah lithium ion batteries ensure efficient performance for a sustained amount of time. The soft grip on the handles makes using this drilling machine extremely comfortable. Also includes features like the spindle lock, electric brake, two speed settings.

Milwaukee C18DD 18v Cordless Compact Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

Milwaukee C18DD 18v Cordless Compact Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah, has an ultimate heavy duty 2-speed metal gear box. Its equipped with a forward, reverse, and lock switch, positioned for ease of operation. It sports a keyless chuck 1.5-13mm with one sleeve, along with a battery energy gauge, and rounding out its features is a LED light that illuminates the workspace perfectly. It includes a charger, belt clip and carrying case. Its weight with battery is 1.8kg.

DeWalt XRP DCD980L2-GB 18V 3.0Ah XR Li-Ion Premium Cordless Drill Driver

If you are looking for a versatile power tool to meet your occasional drilling and screw driving demands, then the DeWalt XRP DCD980L2-GB becomes an automatic choice considering its value for money. Normally, what you need from a new generation drill driver is extreme versatility and in that respect, this particular tool offers the best size (238mm) to weight (2.4kg) ratio in its class. Furthermore, it's centrally positioned handle and a uniquely crafted battery case offers better balance.

Hitachi WH18DSL 18V Cordless Li-Ion Impact Driver

Cordless tools are of utmost importance in one's tool kit, and if they come with a 45 minute charger then it is even better. The Hitachi WH18DSL is a cordless impact driver that is available with a charger and 2 lithium ion batteries of 3.0Ah each. The tool kit also includes a belt hook and a carry case for easy portability, storage and handling. This driver is extremely powerful with a maximum tightening torque of 150Nm. It weighs 1.6kg and has a LED light to make the job easier.

Makita LXT Li-Ion 18V Impact Driver & Circular Saw Twin Pack

A top quality cordless power tool kit is what the Makita LXT really is as it gives you a handy impact driver and circular saw at an amazingly low price tag. The BTD140SFE impact driver has a quarter inch hex drive and generates 145 Nm of torque required for different levels of screwing and unscrewing applications. It can take on bolts ranging from M5 to M14. The other tool in the kit is the BSS611Z circular saw with a max cutting capacity of 57mm.

Makita LXT202 LXT 18V Li-ion Combi Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack

Now, get the best of both worlds with the Makita LXT202 LXT Twin pack that features a BHP451 Combi Drill and a BTD140 impact driver. Portable, compact and highly efficient, this drilling tool duo will fulfil all your work needs in your home. Along with the tool pair, the pack also contains a 22-minute charger, a battery pack containing two 3.0Ah Li-Ion cells and a carry case. The battery unit will fit into both tools at the bottom, so that means that you will not have to buy any extra battries.

Makita MXT BHP451RFE 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

What happens when you integrate the ever-durable Makita Marathon motor, superior body protection characteristics and an all metal LXT gear box into one power drilling tool? You get the awesome BHP451RFE cordless combo drill. An extremely mobile and immensely versatile tool, the BHP451RFE takes power drilling to the next level with its host of features. From the 3-speed motor to the dial for 16 different torque settings, the 18v combo drill can offer a great amount of torque for hard surfaces.

Makita BTD140RFE 18V Li-ion Impact Driver

In a market filled with oversized power tools, the Makita BTD140RFE impact driver comes as a breath of fresh air with its lightweight design, easy handling and extreme efficiency. In order to make this portable power tool even more convenient, there is a carry case and belt clip provided in the package. The BTD140RFE delivers 145 Nm of torque precisely through its quarter-inch hex drive onto to the target surface. You can't go wrong with this Makita drill driver.

Milwaukee HD18PD 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

Combinational drills offer the versatility of a drilling tool along with the functional prowess of a high speed electrical screw-driver and in that respect the HD18PD from Milwaukee makes for a good addition to your tool kit for the above reasons. This 18V drill derives its power from a rechargeable battery pack mounted at its feet thus making the tool highly mobile and therefore dynamic in its range of usage.

DeWalt DW059K2 18V Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are supposed to be able to take care of tough and rather tight nuts and bolts easily, and in that respect the DW059K2 from DeWalt offers a great option for a power tool. This impact wrench comes with a half inch square drive and produces up to 418Nm of sustained torque. Its maximum bolt capacity is M20 and the tool can be set to work at variable speeds. The DW059K2 is a well balanced machine with the capacity to produce high power. Also ideal for car mechanics.

Bosch GSR18VE2-LI Heavy Duty Drill Driver 18V

In order to understand the heavy duty drilling aspects of the GSR18VE2-LI, you need to take a look at its drilling specs. In that respect, this powerful cordless drill driver punches holes as deep as 50 mm in wood and 13mm in steel. In order to help the tool produce the requisite rotary force, its fan cooled motor allocates it with a maximum torque of 90Nm on soft surfaces and 38 Nm for harder materials.

Makita BHP453RFE 18V LXT Combi Drill

If you have ever used the BHP453RFE combi drill before, then you would understand how versatile this 1.6 kg cordless power tool can be. In fact, this is one of the most popular products to come out from Makita's well established power tool lineup. The combi-drill features 16 different torque provisions for selection which ensures that each bit inserted into the tool works at its best efficiency, thereby offering lower toque for large size bits and vice versa for the smaller bits.

Festool T12-3 Li-Plus Cordless Drill Driver + 2 x 10.8v Lithium Ion Batteries 2.6Ah + Systainer Syst

The Festool T12-3 Li-Plus Cordless Drill Driver + 2 x 10.8v Lithium Ion Batteries 2.6Ah + Systainer System Case, features the FastFix system with its perfectly designed accessory ensuring maximum precision and speed, along with CENTROTEC rapid tool-change system. It also has a brushless EC-TEC motor with integrated motor facilitation for optimum performance and service life. The system can be used with Series TDK and C 12 battery packs yielding the highest flexibility and value efficiency.

Bosch GSB 18VE2-Li 18v Li-ion 2 Speed Heavy Duty Combi Drill

Built for both general purpose as well as high intensity drilling, the GSB 18VE2-Li from Bosch is that one compact combi drill that you can always rely upon. Powered by two 3.0Ah Li-Ion batteries and supplied with a high grade charger, replenishing the charge capacity in the batteries to full takes just 35 minutes. The 13 mm keyless chuck allows for faster bit changing while the automatic spindle lock grabs on to the bits so as to transfer the rotational force with maximum efficiency.

DeWalt XRP DCD925L2-GB 18V 2.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

If you are on the lookout for a powerful and heavy-duty tool, then the XRP DCD925L2-GB from DeWalt should suit you fine for drilling and screw-driving operations. This combi tool comes with a smooth functioning speed selector that allows you to cycle between different speeds based on whether you need high speed, normal use or high torque applications. The DCD925L2-GB's dual collar design lets you switch from one mode to the other in a jiffy thereby losing little battery life in the process.

Bosch GSB 18 VE2-LI L-Boxx 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

A highly recommended power tool that can drill through 45mm of wood, 16mm of masonry and 13mm of steel, the Bosch GSB 18 VE2-LI comes with a battery runtime that is unbeatable. It is extremely robust, powerful yet compact drill driver combo, which offers best level of comfort and functionality. The GSB 18 VE2-LI has an integrated LED lighting system that lights up the work area enabling the user to see everything that they are working on independent of an external light source.

DeWalt XRP DCK290L2-GB 18V XR Li-Ion Combi Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack

In terms of good value for money, the XRP DCK290L2-GB twin pack from DeWalt is definitely up there with the rest. The first tool in the pack is the combi drill with XRP technology, and is therefore much more durable when compared to its counterparts. This cordless drill can output up 55-Nm of vector force and along with 22 different torque settings, it reigns supreme in a number of situations.

Bosch GSB36VLI 36V 1.3Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

An optimally designed power tool, the GSB36VLI combi-drill offers two distinct advantages over its similarly powered counterparts. Firstly, this is a cordless tool thus making it perfect for being used in overhead conditions and situations where working space is at a premium. The drill draws its power from a two 1.3Ah Li-Ion batteries which attach at the bottom of its handle. When discharged, the provided quick charging unit fully charges the batteries within 45 minutes.

Makita LXT231 18V Li-ion Combi Drill & Jigsaw Twin Pack

Twin packs of power tools do not get more exciting than the Makita LXT231 kit. The kit contains a BHP452Z combi drill and a significantly powerful BJV180Z jigsaw. Both tools are cordless and can be connected to a rechargeable battery pack containing two 3.0Ah Li-Ion cells. This allows you the unique opportunity of carrying a complete power tool set to work. The DC18RA charger that also comes in the pack has the ability to fully charge the batteries in just 22 mins.

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