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You can find all our professional Dewalt Power Tools here. Feel free to browse the our selection, a review for each tool has been provided to help you make an informed decision.

DeWalt XRP DCD980L2-GB 18V 3.0Ah XR Li-Ion Premium Cordless Drill Driver

If you are looking for a versatile power tool to meet your occasional drilling and screw driving demands, then the DeWalt XRP DCD980L2-GB becomes an automatic choice considering its value for money. Normally, what you need from a new generation drill driver is extreme versatility and in that respect, this particular tool offers the best size (238mm) to weight (2.4kg) ratio in its class. Furthermore, it's centrally positioned handle and a uniquely crafted battery case offers better balance.

DeWalt 18v 2 Speed Combi Drill

Latest generation 18V XR Li-Ion compact hammerdrill-driver featuring NEW XR Li-Ion battery technologyLight weight, ultra compact design for use in confined areas & improved ergonomic design and rubber grip for user comfortTwo speed all metal transmission for increased runtime and longer tool life14 position adjustable torque control for consistent screwdriving into a variety of materials with different screw sizesTotal control over applications provided by an efficient intelligent triggerBri

DeWalt DC411KA 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 5" / 125mm Disc + 2 Batteries 2.4Ah

The DeWalt Dc415KI cordless angle grinder infuses supreme functionality with extreme mobility, translating into a fantastic cordless power tool, perfect for grinding and cutting in constricted spaces. With 125mm grinding disc and fan cooled motor, this DeWalt grinder is made for achieving the maximum in power, safety and durability. Operation wise, it cannot get any more ergonomic, as is evident from the provision of an anti-vibration side handle with two position gripping and a lock/off trigger

DeWalt DC300KN 36v Cordless Circular Saw Without Battery or Charger

The large 184mm blade on this DeWalt DC300KN requires no cords or power plugs to run. Powered using a DC motor running at 36 Volt drained from Lithium ion battery packs, the motor is powerful enough to rotate the blade at 4000rpm at zero load conditions. Thus the effective depth on offer with such a massive blade is increased to 65mm when angled straight at 90 degrees and 41mm when angled at 45 degrees.

DeWalt Dc330Ka Cordless Jigsaw 18V + 2 Batteries 2.4Ah

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional cutting work, the DeWalt Dc330Ka utilises patented blade change technology to ensure a smooth slotting in and out function, minus the need for a tool to change the extra efficient t-shank blades. The adjustable base accommodates for a maximum angular displacement of up to 45?, towards either direction, a feature of utmost importance when performing cuts of custom shapes. The rubber grip coating, together with the counter balance mechanism ens

DeWalt DW059K2 18V Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are supposed to be able to take care of tough and rather tight nuts and bolts easily, and in that respect the DW059K2 from DeWalt offers a great option for a power tool. This impact wrench comes with a half inch square drive and produces up to 418Nm of sustained torque. Its maximum bolt capacity is M20 and the tool can be set to work at variable speeds. The DW059K2 is a well balanced machine with the capacity to produce high power. Also ideal for car mechanics.

DeWalt 18v 3 Speed Combi Drill

Latest technology XRP featuring NEW XR Li-Ion technologyTough 3 speed all metal transmission for increased runtime and longer tool life22 position adjustable torque control for optimised precision when screwdriving13mm ratcheting keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock for fast bit changingTotal control over applications provided by an efficient intelligent triggerBright white LED with delay feature for improved visibility and flashlight functionalityGreater application control and maximum co

DeWalt DC411KB 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 5" / 125mm Disc + 2 Batteries 2.6Ah

Often, the problem seen with regular electric angle grinders is the cord length, especially when working in tight situations. In that aspect, the DeWalt DC411KB cordless angle grinder with its two, 2.6Ah NiMH batteries makes life much easier when doing finishing and shaping work on different surfaces, metal, stone or otherwise. The two-position side handle comes with a high comfort grasping surface while its spiral bevel gears offer low vibrations and high durability, thus increasing the magnitu

DeWalt Dc330Kbv 18v Cordless Jigsaw + 3 Batteries

Whether it is shaping metal or cutting circular and custom shapes on wood, DeWalt Dc330Kbv cordless jigsaw offers great application both in the areas of power and performance. The fan cooled motor comes with replaceable brushes, and on full stroke offers up to 3000 spm. Featuring a tool-less blade removal and insertion system, the in-take slot in the Dc330Kbv accepts t-shank blades too. The adjustable base can be oriented in a variety of bevel positions ranging between 0 to 45?, while its three-

DeWalt DW625EK 240V 2000W Plunge Router

Working on wood trims, edges and different other profiles comes easy when you have the potent and highly versatile DeWALT DW625EK plunge router at your disposal. This professional router comes with a half inch collet to ensure that you get the best woodwork all the time. The variable speed control is achieved by calibrating the speed dial provided, and this is absolutely vital when working with larger bits as they need slower speeds as compared to smaller bits.

DeWalt DWS520K-GB Plunge Saw 240V

Be it fitting kitchen worktops, hob and sink cutouts or sizing of doors, you will find the DWS520K-GB plunge saw fits into all these work profiles elegantly. The 1300 watt saw comes with a 48-tooth, 165mm blade. With that kind of a blade and power, the tool does 55mm deep plunge cuts with efficiency and accuracy. Fit it with rail attachments such as dust extraction unit and guide rail, and the DWS520K becomes a highly accurate piece of sawing equipment in your hands.

DeWalt XRP DCD925L2-GB 18V 2.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

If you are on the lookout for a powerful and heavy-duty tool, then the XRP DCD925L2-GB from DeWalt should suit you fine for drilling and screw-driving operations. This combi tool comes with a smooth functioning speed selector that allows you to cycle between different speeds based on whether you need high speed, normal use or high torque applications. The DCD925L2-GB's dual collar design lets you switch from one mode to the other in a jiffy thereby losing little battery life in the process.

DeWalt XRP DCK290L2-GB 18V XR Li-Ion Combi Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack

In terms of good value for money, the XRP DCK290L2-GB twin pack from DeWalt is definitely up there with the rest. The first tool in the pack is the combi drill with XRP technology, and is therefore much more durable when compared to its counterparts. This cordless drill can output up 55-Nm of vector force and along with 22 different torque settings, it reigns supreme in a number of situations.

DeWalt D25405KL 110V 4kg SDS Plus Drill

Integrating the strong points of a powerful mechanical hammer and drill driver all into one tool, the DeWALT D25405KL offers a dynamic response to different construction needs. This 900W SDS plus drill comes with a specially conceived rubber coated grip that ensures maximum control even when the tool is delivering impact energies in the range of 4.8J on to the work surface via the 20mm flat SDS plus chisel tip.

DeWalt DCH214L2 18v Cordless XR SDS Plus Hammer Drill with Quick Chuck + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.0

The launch of the XR system in the shape of DeWalt DCH214L2 marks a step forward in cordless technology. It is ideal for drilling anchors and fixing holes in concrete, brick and masonry. It has the best class in vibration control quality as it has the vibrations up to 8m /s? reduces user fatigue and increases performances for getting great results. It includes a XR multi-voltage charfer and a 13mm diameter 3 jaw keyless quick change chuck.

DeWalt 18v Combi Drill & Impact Driver

Battery type- 18vDCD785 drillDCF885 Impact driver2x3.0Ah slide pack batteriesMulti-voltage chargerDS150 tough system kit box

DeWalt DC223KA 3.8kg SDS Plus Drill 24V

As far as portable SDS drill combos go, the DC223KA from DeWALT is right up there with the best in the business. Its 2 x 2.0 Ah Nickel-Cad battery pack mounts face down at the rear of the tool thereby doubling up as a counterbalance. The side handle can be positioned in different ways so as to suit different working conditions as well as multiple operation types. The DC223KA can deliver up to 2.1 joules of impact energy and produce a maximum hammering speed of 4200 blows per minute.

DeWalt DW702 250mm Compound Mitre Saw 250mm Blade 1500w 240v

The features of the DeWalt DW702 are sufficient to woe anyone. It runs a blade of 250mm using a powerful motor of 1500 watt and 240 Volt, that operates its non-compound mitre mechanism in high torque applications. The saw is suitable for surfaces such as metals, composite, plastic material. It can mitre through 50 degrees on either side and the spindle lock ensures easy changing of the blades. The blade rotates at speeds of 5000rpm.

DeWalt Dw25830K Demolition Hammer 1150W 240v

When the need of the day is to be subtle with delicate materials while chiseling or breaking through, the DeWalt Dw25830K Demolition Hammer allows users to adjust the electronic speed using a control wheel thus reducing unwanted vibrations and dampening the limited shocks felt through the soft grip handles. It delivers a constant 1150 Watt power through 240 Volt and comes with 8 variable chisel positions for optimum working conditions. Weight is reduced with the use of Magnesium housing.

DeWalt Dw25600K SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer 1150W 240v

Demolition activities that require only medium power input are best served by the DeWalt Dw25600K SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer that weighs just 6 kg but delivers an impressive 10 joules of energy. The maximum intake power that the hammer has is around 1150 Watt at a rating of 240 Volt that runs for a very long time owing to the dust protection seals, the brush life indicators that suggest when it is time to change them.

DeWalt Dw25600K SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer 1150W 110v

Making holes as wide as 45mm through concrete or masonry is never easy. The DeWalt Dw25600K however makes easy work out of this task using its impressive 1150 Watt 110Volt rated motor that drives the drill head through the hardest of surface without much vibration delivering around 10 Joules of impact energy. Since the hammer weighs in at just 6 kgs, it is actually one of the lighter hammers. Dust protection system, brush life indicators ensure its regular protection and maintenance thus increas

DeWalt DC411KL 18v Cordless Nano Angle Grinder 5" / 125mm Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 2Ah

While cordless, battery operated angle grinders are an easy procurement option, their NiCd or NiMH packs do not offer high charge cycles. On the other hand, the all new DeWalt DC 411KL comes with special Nano Phosphate Lithium Ion batteries which produce an amazing 2000 charge cycles thus giving its 2400rpm motor an impressive 18 volts supply, at a much reduced weight index. This makes the tool lighter and therefore easier to handle. Its lighter weight, in no way, affect its functional side, ins

DeWalt D25601-LX 6kg SDS Max Combi Hammer 110V

If you want a power tool that can handle high performance drilling, hammering and chiseling applications, then the DeWalt D25601-LX is surely worth giving a try. This 1250 watt SDS max combi hammer comes with an exceptional vibration dampening system that reduces machine vibration and therefore operational fatigue significantly. The internal components in the power tool produce anywhere between 1430-2480bpm, thus offering exceptional hamming power to pulverize the toughest of materials.

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