Professional Panasonic Power Tools

You can find all our professional Panasonic Power Tools here. Feel free to browse the our selection, a review for each tool has been provided to help you make an informed decision.

Panasonic EY7940LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah

Panasonic's EY7940LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah is a new multi-talented precision percussion drill offering up to 25.200 beats per minute into bricks, tile or masonry. Its built-in Automatic Overheat Protection System (OPS) stops the motor when the tool is overloaded, adding to the long life of the tool. It features TOUGH TOOL IP - IP56 Approval, and phenomenal endurance up to 330 screws 6x60mm in softwood.

Panasonic EY4542LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Circular Saw 135mm + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah

For those in search of an all-in-one answer to their cutting needs, the Panasonic EY4542LR2S31 is the ideal cordless circular saw. Not only can it cut through wood, plastic, sheet metal and many other material only with a change in its blade, but also perform for longer durations thanks to the Li-ion technology used by it. At just 2.65kg, it weighs quite less and with a 3 way dust control system in place, it should keep the work area spotless.

Panasonic EY7840LZ2S31 14.4v Cordless SDS Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.1Ah

The only expertly crafted for power, performance and precision, our cordless, multi-function rotary hammer drill is Panasonic EY7840LZ2S31. It features tells us that it has a high speed in concrete drilling and has a short length for tight spaces to work on. The hammering force has Hard Mode of 2.2 and comes with two batteries. These batteries can charge up in 50 minutes which means one can invest more time on work rather than sitting ideal. Its weight is 2.3kg.

Panasonic EY7840LR2S31 14.4v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah

If you are looking for a compact unit which has combine functions of SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer and Drill driver then Panasonic EY7840LR2S31 is perfect for you. It has an innovative T-grip design for a stable balance and allows one-handed work to be done quite easily than ever before. It comes with a variable speed control and 2 3.3Ah Li-Ion batteries for long-lasting working. It anchor holes in concrete up to ?16mm, drilling in wood and metal and is well suited for screw driving for interior finish

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