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AEG OF2050E 1/2" Plunge Router 2050w 240v

Packed to the brim with enough power that feature usually in power drill, the AEG OF2050E half inch Plunge Router boasts of an amazing 2050 Watt and 240 Volt engine that works on speed control electronic system with braking that ensures user safety. The depth adjustment can be taken to the highest level with micro adjustments possible in this router. The maximum plunge capacity of this router is at 66mm and its weight of 6.2 kgs with no load pseed of 10000 to 23000 rpm is more than enough for an

Festool Of 1010 EBQ-Plus Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 240v + Systainer System Case

The performance of the Festool Of 1010 EBQ Plus is high even though it can be easily handled by a single hand thanks to the compact weight and shape that ingeniously leaves the other hand free. The quick brakes ensure safe handling even when the user is in a hurry while the routing depth adjustments of 1/10mm are quite handy with templates. This model comes with its own systainer case for carrying it around while the guides offer greater precision.

Festool Of 1010 EQ-Plus Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 110v + Systainer System Case

Some of the applications that the Festool Of 1010 EBQ quarter Inch Plunge Router can be put to using its massive 1010 Watt 110 Volt motor include rounding of edges, chambering, rebating, and profiling edges. The router is great even with metal fitting recessing and groove into rear panels. Producing rows of holes in cabinets is easy with this device that operates a variable plunge depth and uses MMC electronics for temperature modulation and monitoring of surfaces.

Festool Of 1010 EQ-Set Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 110v + Guide Rail Kit

This particular model from Festool, the 1010 EBQ Plus Plunge Router comes along with its own guide rail kit for precise routing works. The 1010 Watt 110 Volt Router performs extraordinarily with all kinds of surfaces and does not require the use of two hands in any operation at all. It comes with a routing depth adjustment of 1/10mm and a spindle stop for easy changes of cutter. The device is ideal for rounding, rebating and profiling edges as well as other applications.

Festool OF 1010 EBQ-Set-FS GB Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 240v

This Festool EBG 1010 Set FS GB Router is of the Plunge type that operates at 1010 Watt and 240 Volt using a quarter inch collet and being light weight, it is great for one handed operations. The idle speeds of the engine is at 10000 to 24000 rpm and the routing adjustment is till 55mm with a height adjustment of 8mm. The weight is just at 2.7kgs and at this weight is great for usage with wooden surfaces as well as tiled surfaces. Additional accessories such as a guide rail and systainer case ca

DeWalt DW625EK 240V 2000W Plunge Router

Working on wood trims, edges and different other profiles comes easy when you have the potent and highly versatile DeWALT DW625EK plunge router at your disposal. This professional router comes with a half inch collet to ensure that you get the best woodwork all the time. The variable speed control is achieved by calibrating the speed dial provided, and this is absolutely vital when working with larger bits as they need slower speeds as compared to smaller bits.

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