Black & Decker Routers

Browse our range of Black & Decker Routers that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Black & Decker Routers by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Black & Decker Kw900Eka 1/4 & Plunge Router 1200w 240v

The motor housing of the Black and Decker Kw900Eka plunge router is flat allowing for an inverted position storage that allows for changing the router bits easily. It comes with 6 bits for usage right out of the box and a storage box ensures easy carrying around to work places. It offers security using a spindle lock and lock off trigger while the variable speed trigger prevents burning of materials and greater control. The power is rated at 1200 Watt and 240 Volt.

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