£101 - £300 Electric Sanders

DeWalt D26453-GB 230V Random Orbit Sander

One of the most important aspects in modern orbit sanders is their ability to produce controlled pad speed. In that respect, DeWALT's 230V, D26453-GB random orbit sander offers exactly this kind of a service which in turn avoids any chance of scratching during it's use. The top part of this sander is offered with a flat countered rubber pad for the palm, and along with that there is padding around the neck so that the other hand can clutch it for better control.

AEG EX150E Random Orbital Palm Sander 150mm Disc 440w 240v

Dual orbits that allows for material removal, variable speed control that allows one to set the speed as per requirement of job and a soft start button for easy starting define the AEG sander EX150E Random Orbital Pad. The pad brakes come with gouge free workpiece and a properly sealed slide switch ensures contaminant free control panel. It works with an input power of 440Watt and 240 Volt. The no load speeds of 4000 to 10000rpm ensure proper working.

Ryobi EBS1310VFHG Belt Sander 100mm Belt 1350w 240v

The Ryobi EBS1310VFHG is a belt sander with a 100mm belt that operates at a high power input of 1350 Watt and 240 Volt comes with sanding belt, dust bag, sanding frame and a carrying case. It uses a powerful vacuum system for efficient cleaning of the working surface. The sanding frame on this sander is quite large and allows for faster sanding operations. The sanding belt size is of 610mm to 100mm.

Hitachi Sb10v2 Belt Sander 100 x 610mm Belt 1020w 240v

A 100mm belt sander from Hitachi with the model number Sb10v2 that operates with the help of 1020 Watt 240 Volt motor that drives the sanding belt on variable speeds and ensures complete elimination of dust with a dust bag mounted on the handle itself that collects all dust sucked out from the working surface. It comes with a soft grip for easy handling and a large trigger that reduces the pain in fiddling with controls in tight spots.

Hitachi Sb10v2 Belt Sander 100 x 610mm Belt 1020w 110v

As a compact belt sander, the Hitachi Sb10v2 is quite ideal as it measures in terms of the sanding pad at just 100 X 610mm while its motor rotates at awesome speeds of 240 to 420 rpm using a massive motor of 1020 Watt and 240 Volts. Furthermore, the 5.2 kg sander comes with its own sanding belt and a dust bag that can be easily mounted on the handle to collect dust that emanates from the work surface because of the sanding process.

Bosch GEX150AC Random Orbit Sander 110V

The most attractive aspect about the GEX150AC orbit sander from Bosch is its high removal rate. Built on a highly efficient procedure of rotation and random orbit motion, this sander is capable of exhibiting speeds in the range of 4500rpm to 12,000rpm. Sanding performance is further enhanced in the machine with the presence of features such as variable speed selection which can be accomplished through an electronic pre-selection dial. Small orbit diameter (4mm), generous sanding surface (150mm).

Bosch GEX150AC Random Orbit Sander 240V

Get the finest sanding quality and performance by choosing for Bosch GEX150AC orbital sander. This 2.1 kg sander featuring an oscillating circuit diameter of just 4mm offers both random orbital motion as well rotation and all this in conjunction with an electronic speed pre-selection for the best sanding performance on any kind of surface. This is an extremely versatile sander that may be used for sanding and polishing of wood, plastic, metal, paint and even varnish.

Makita BO4900V/1 110V Sheet Sander

With an effective sanding surface area of 115 x 229mm, the dynamic BO4900V/1 sheet sander from the house of Makita offers a range of utility with regards to finishing jobs. For starters, the different positioning attachments i.e. hook and loop, and clamp ensure that that tool can be used in more ways than one. The 330 watt power input that goes into the sander produces a speed ranging from 0 to 30,000 orbits per minute. A trigger switch provides an instant cut off for safety.

Makita BO4900V/2 240V Sheet Sander

A very handy finishing sander, the 330 watt Makita BO4900V/2 can be used with clamp type sandpaper or hook and loop variants. It can be set to operate at different speeds based on the type of wood surface and the kind of finish needed. The BO49000V/2 comes in a very ergonomic styling with contoured grips provided for the clutching area and a removable side handle in case you need to do a one-handed operation. The dust bag attachment is very useful, to ensure you have a clear working area.

Hitachi Sp18va Sander Polisher 180mm / 7 1/4" Disc 1250w 240v

As a sander, the DeWalt Dw443 right angle sander is probably the most advanced technologically. It features a controlled finishing system that maintains the pad at constant controlled speeds at all times. Using all ball bearing construction it maintains the fluidity of the device and even ensures easy starting with a soft start feature. The 530 Watt 240 Volt motor ensures that the sander does not run out of power regardless of the speed it is running at.

Hitachi Sp18va Sander Polisher 180mm / 7 1/4" Disc 1250w 110v

Increased controllability, greater accuracy and easier strokes are ensured by the Hitachi Sp18va Polisher Sander all due to its loop sided handle, variable speeds and improved bearing design that makes use of an increased overload protection. Its disc size is 180mm and at 1250 Watt it is probably one of the most powerful sander in the market. Weighing at just 2.8kgs, the sander manages to performing all sorts of polishing and sanding tasks quite easily.

Festool DTS 400 Q Delta Sander 100 x 150mm Sheets 200w 240v

This particular Festool Sander called the DTS 400 Q Delta is unique in the fact that it features a triangle sanding pad that offers efficient sanding of corners and spots that are awkwardly positioned to reach. This saves time and effort and does not require an extra run to properly finish surfaces. It features a 200 Watt motor at 240 Volts and is small plus lightweight thus allowing for single hand operations.

Hitachi Say150A Sander & Polisher 150mm / 6 & Disc 380w 240v

The unit life of the DeWalt D26480 belt compact sander is quite long probably because of its dust sealed construction that keeps any kind of contaminant outside so that the internal cogs keep running smoothly. To further aid in this task, it makes use of a detachable dust extraction port suitable with 22 to 35mm extractors. This 110 Volt 600 Watt motor powered device can perform rapid progressive removal of material while being light on the user?s shoulders.

Festool RTS 400 Q-Plus Orbital Sander 80 x 130mm Sheets 200w 240v

The triangle shape of the Festool 400 Q Delta DTS sander sand pad allows it to get to those spots that are usally quite hard to reach. This sander allows sanding in narrow spaces, close to edges on various materials and also sand natural wood as well as venner before a coat of varnish can be applied. The tiny form of the sander allows it to be used with just one hand and its massive engine of 200 Watt and 110 Volt ensures that one need not perform reruns.

Festool ETS 125 Q-Plus Eccentric Sander 125w 240v + Systainer System Case

Because of its reduced weight, the Festiil ETS 125 Q-Plus is an amazing sander for vertical surfaces and ceiling works as well. Although it is lightweight and has got a motor with just 125 Watt intake, it should not be misjudged as being light on performance. This tiny beast packs a punch and makes easy work of any surface it lands on. Eccentric motion makes sure that this sander performs outstanding in preliminary sanding and finishing jobs.

Festool DX 93 E-Plus Triangle Sander Kit 150w 240v + Systainer System Case

The power consumed by this Festool DX 93 E Plus is just 150 Watt at 240 Volt and this might lead people to believe that it is only suitable for prefabricating surfaces but the triangle shape and its innovative mechanics enables the sander to perform excellent in any kind of finishing and polishing task as well. Thanks to the triangle shape of the sanding base, it manages to reach each nook and cranny of the surfaces easily.

DeWalt D26422 Elec Orbit Sander 1/3 Sheet 240v

Dimensions of 270mm by 190mm define the 2.8kg frame of the DeWalt D26422 Electric sander that operates using orbit technology. This sander comes with a massive 350 Watt motor that uses 240 Volt of electric input. Using this input it churns out an impressive 190 Watt that operates the sanding surface at speeds of 12000 to 22000 rpm thus allowing for variable speed control. It comes with its own dust bag and side handle for ergonomics.

DeWalt D26421-GB 240V Sheet Sander

If you are looking for a high performance sander then the DeWalt D26421-GB would fit your requirements perfectly. This sheet sander has a small orbit diameter which enables you to get a smoother finish every time. The hook and Loop or Clamp characteristic provided for the sanding pad make it possible to be used in different angles on wood surfaces. With an effective sanding surface area of 112 x 236mm and a max orbit speed clocking 22,000opm, getting that shine and finish back on to the surface.

Festool ETS 125 EQ-Plus Eccentric Sander 125mm 200w 240v + Systainer System Case

For perfectly smooth surfaces that lack the microscopic bumps left by other sanders, the Festool ETS 125 EQ sander is ideal. Whether it is for polishing of rough edges or for smoothening the entire surface of a material, the sander is quite capable with only 200 Watt intake at 240 Volts. This means that the device itself is quite light and at 1.1kg it is suited to single hand operations. This sander comes with an interchangeable sanding pad diameter of 125mm.

Festool BS 75 240V Belt Sander 533 x 75mm Belt 1010w 240v

The electronics behind the Festool ETS 150/5 Sander ensure that it performs quite well in conditions that require constant speeds even in high load conditions. With the option to switch speeds mid work without having to fiddle much, it ensures a smooth surface without any interruptions. A sanding pad brake protects the surface from unwanted excessive sanding by stopping the device promptly. It works on 310 Watt and 240 Volt.

Festool ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus Eccentric Random Orbit Sander 150mm Disc 310w 240v

This Bosch GEX 150 Turbo might seem too costly for a sander but every penny spent on it is worth it because of its multi purpose usability. The sander can operate as a fine sander as well as a coarse sander. In the turbo condition it performs the role of a coarse sander thus eliminating the extra time one would have otherwise spent on smoothening out a surface. The TURBO function is possible because of a refined 600 Watt motor powering it at 110 Volt.

Festool RS 300 EQ Plus Finishing Orbital Sander 1/3 Sheet 280w 240v + Systainer System Case

Inclusive in the packaging of the Festool RS 300 EQ Orbital Set Sander are a filter cartridge, stickfix sanding pads of size 93 X 175mm, V shaped pads for reaching corners, abrasive to attach pads to the sanding surface and a systainer SYS 2 T-LOC. This multi talented sander is capable of delivering finished surfaces as well as preparing materials for varnish and other applications. 280 Watt motor that operates at 240 Volt provides the requisite power to this sander.

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