£101 - £300 Makita Power Tools

You can find all our Makita Power Tools that are between £101-£300 here. Feel free to browse the our selection, a review for each tool has been provided to help you make an informed decision.

Makita 9 inch Angle Grinder GA9020/2 2000W

Spindle size: M15, Soft grip rear handle, Safety lock-off switch, Side handle supplied, Spindle lock for easy blade change

Makita 5704RK 190mm Circular Saw 240V

Take precision cutting to the next level with Makita's 190mm 5704RK circular saw. Whether its joinery or construction work, this saw offers the best cut in the least possible time. Powered by a 1200W motor and armed with a 190mm circular blade, the 57004RK offers straight cuts as well as at angles with utmost precision. If you want to saw according to a pattern, then that can be done, courtesy of the rip fence that comes in the pack. The package also includes a carry case for easy transport.

Makita GA9020KD Angle Grinder 230mm Disc + Diamond Cutting Disc + Case 2000w 240v

The Makita GA9020KD is a highly rated angle grinder that uses a large 230mm disc or wheel with a power rating of 2000 Watt and a Voltage rating of 240 Volts. It sports a dust resistant construction, greater heat resistance and machined gears with a leveled finish. A soft grip with a side handle completes the ergonomic appeal of the grinder which is fashioned in a light blue outer body. All tools and accessories are included in the package along with the carrying case.

Makita 5704RK Circular Saw 190mm Blade 1200w 110v

The light blue Makita 5704RK Circular Saw uses a 190mm blade with rugged tooth to ensure a longer blade life and is ideal for usage in general sites. Carpentry work shall never be easier with this saw at hand since it makes cutting through 66mm of wood at 90 degrees look easy. With a no load rating of 4900 rpm and a 1200 Watt motor running at 110 Volt, the Makita delivers a powerful saw action in just 4.6 kg of body weight.

Makita 5704RK Circular Saw 190mm Blade 1200w 240v

Powerful and light are two words that succinctly describe the Makita 5740RK 190mm circular saw. Made with ball bearing constructions and double insulation, the circular saw is sure to go the distance. A low noise and vibration system ensures ergonomic comfortable usage while the powerful 1200watt motor running at 240 volts provides enough impetus for the saw to drive straight through 66m in the 90 degree orientation. In the 45 degree angle, the blade runs to a distance of 46mm.

Makita Bga452Z 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc Without Battery Or Charger

An impressive cutting and shaping tool, Makita Bga452Z angle grinder?s cordless design offers a very easy to use and hassle free user experience when dealing with grinding work in limited spaces. The grinder has an effective weight of 1.9kg with a small housing for its powerful engine with the ability to shoot out a maximum of 10000 revs a minute. The most notable aspect with this cordless tool is its charge time, require only 22 minutes for a full charge.

Makita Bss501Z 18v Cordless Circular Saw 136mm Blade Without Battery Or Charger

The powerful and ergonomic Makita Bss5012 circular saw is in all respects similar to its corded counterparts with the only exception of using batteries to power its functions. The 136mm blade is fitted to the body and rotated via gears through a powerful DC motor that takes in 18 Volts and stops using electronic brakes. It has maximum cut depths of 51mm and 35mm, which are adjustable, at 90 degree and 42 degree maximum settings. The speeds clocked by this 2.6 kg machine at no load is 3600rpm.

Makita 6096DWDE 9.6V 2.6Ah Ni-MH Cordless Drill Driver

Say goodbye to those manual screw drivers and step into to the awesome world of cordless drilling with the Makita 9.6 V, 6096DWDE drill driver. With up to 16 different torque settings, the 6096DWDE can work for hours punching screws on different surfaces of varying thickness. The tool uses two batteries of 2.6Ah capacity to draw power for screw driving, and when exhausted these batteries can be fully recharged within one hour flat.

Makita Circular Saw 5704RK/2 190mm 1200W

Net weight 4.6kg, Supplied in carry case, TCT blade supplied, Guide rule supplied

Makita BGA452Z 4 inch Angle Grinder 18V - Bare

Makita is known for its ingenious tool designs and in that light its BGA452Z angle grinder does not fail to impress one bit. It shows off a simple yet highly efficient structure that houses the tool's gearbox inside a sturdy magnesium alloy case. More evidence to the grinder's professional design can be seen in the provision of protective mechanisms for overloading as well as accidental starts. The adjustable guard can be swiveled into a number of positions for good protection.

Makita 4350CT/2 720W 240V Jigsaw

Offering enhanced utility, the triple stage orbital action, Makita 4350CT/2 jigsaw is the right choice of cutting tool for those who want good work efficiency at an affordable price. This 240V, 720W power tool comes with a range of features to facilitate better optimization of the tool to specific cutting operations. The all metal gearbox provides a sound foundation for durability. Similarly, the dust collector unit attached to the tool continually ensures a clean job.

Makita BSS611Z 18V LXT Circular Saw - Bare

Allowing maximum protection against flying debris, the BSS611Z 18V LXT from Makita's premium choice of circular saws sports a die-cast aluminum base topped by an extra steel guard. This tool has a maximum cutting capacity of 57mm and can produce angular cuts at 50 degrees through beveling. The BSS611Z uses 165mm circular TCT blade featuring a set of 24 gritty teeth spread evenly around the circumference of the blade.

Makita Bjv180Z 18v Cordless Cordless Jigsaw Without Battery Or Charger

The Bjv180Z cordless Jig Saw from Makita does a pretty impressive job on different surfaces thanks majorly to its 2600spm blade stroke speed jabbing tirelessly to produce straight cuts through 135mm wood or metal featuring a thickness of 10mm. The 2.8 kg power tool utilises a thin vertical blade with an effective stroke length of 26mm that is able to cut through wood and metal to produce custom shapes. An extra safety feature is the electronic brake, which produces instant response to power ON/O

Makita Bss610Z 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade Without Battery Or Charger

The Makita Bss610Z circular saw with a 165mm blade does not come with its very own battery packs or charger unit. These are to be purchased separately. The motor is rated at 18 volts and offers 3700rpm of no load speeds at a weight of just 3.2kgs. It uses one 18 volt 3.0Ah Li-ion battery that would take around 22 minutes with a compatible charger. Power and lightness is combined with electronic brakes for a quick stop in this circular saw.

Makita Orbital Action Jigsaw 4350FCT/2 240V/720W

Maximum cut in wood: 135mm, Length of stroke: 26mm, Input power: 720W, Tool-less blade change, Standard blade fitting, Made in UK

Makita SDS+ 3 Function Rotary Hammer Drill HR2470/2 780W/240V

Maximum in concrete: 24mm, Maximum in wood: 32mm, Maximum in steel: 13mm, Input wattage: 800W, 3 function - rotary hammer/rotary only/hammer only, Variable speed/forward and reverse

Makita MLS100/1 250mm Compound Mitre Saw 110V

The 250mm diameter blade in the MLS100/1 compound mitre saw from Makita is equally useful in the workshop as it is at a construction site. It is it's multi purpose use that makes this 110V, 1500 watt power saw the ultimate choice for experienced operators who work at different sites with varying availability of work area. Taking into account that it will be used in such constricted spaces, the saw comes with an attachable dust bag which diligently collects all the debris created by the saw.

Makita MLS100/2 250mm Compound Mitre Saw 240V

If you are looking for a saw that can help you make precise mitre cuts on different wooden sheets, then Makita's MLS100/2 compound mitre saw needs to be given a try. The power cutting tool comes with extension arms and clamp to lock on to the wood surface, after which the mitre settings may be selected. Typically, there are 4 stops that machine will make when you span it 45 degrees on either side. These include left and right stops at 0, 15, 22.5 and 45 degrees.

Makita 4350CT-B/2 720W Jigsaw 240V

Sporting a 3-stage orbital motion, the Makita 4350CT-B/2 jigsaw happens to be one of the most accurately functioning power tools in its category. Further enhancements include a square drive shaft to ensure straight cuts and a variable speed function to offer exact force to drive the bayonet into cutting materials of varying rigidity. Suitable for workshop as well as site use, the 4350CT-B/2 is designed for comfort and minimal effort.

Makita 4350CT/1 720W 110V Jigsaw

Robust design, ergonomic handling features and ultra powerful performance are the major advantages of owning a Makita 4350CT/1 jigsaw. Backed by a 720 watt motor, this jigsaw sports a 3-stage orbital action thereby ensuring maximum power into every plunge the blade takes. Plus, a tool free blade changing feature ensures fast attachment and detachment of the blade ensuring you get to work without wasting any time at all.

Makita 3707F/1 440W Router 110V

Working around the edges needs less power and more patience and that is why Makita's 440w, 370F/1 router offers the best service. Apart from the 370F/1 , you will also get three different guides, a collet cone, two wrenches and a quarter inch, straight TCT bit. The compact size and the light weight of the tool makes it perfect for the more fragile woodworks. However, when the need for raw hollowing strength occurs, this little power tool packs a real jab.

Makita 3707F/2 440W 240V Router

At first sight, the small and compact 2.4kg frame of Makita's 440 watt 370F/2 Router might lead anyone to believe that it is only meant for light wood works. It is only when you turn on the machine and see its 3500rpm plunging action that you believe it is made for the heavy duty work too. Three different guides, i.e. 10mm template guide, straight guide and a trimmer guide ensure that the plunge router can be used for a variety of works.

Makita HR2470/1 2kg SDS Plus Drill 110V

Convenient, compact and highly dynamic, the HR2470/1 SDS plus drilling tool from Makita weighs only 2kg and as a result can be used with one hand safely in situations and places that offer very constricted working space. Select from three different functions i.e. hammer only, hammer drill and hammer with drill function to ensure that both hammering as well as drilling operations get taken care of by a single tool. The all metal gearbox makes this tool highly durable and very hardwearing.

Makita HR2470/2 2kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

Sheer versatility and top performance come full circle in this 780 watt HR2470/2 SDS plus hammer drill from Makita. Choose between drill only, hammer only and hammer drill modes using the mode cycler function and change from one work type to another in not time. Backed by a powerful motor, dust sealed bearings and all-metal gearing, this 240V power tool is hardwearing and built to last even when used on a frequent basis for heavy-duty construction works.

Makita 240V Jigsaw - 4350CT/2

3-Stage Orbital Action, Supplied with carry case., Die-Cast Aluminium Base, Dust Extraction Facility, Lock-On Switch, All-Metal Gearbox, Speed Control Dial, Tool-Free Blade Change, Max. cut in wood 135mm, steel 10mm. Bevel cuts 0-45 degrees., Overall length 230mm. Bayonet fitting., Blade included. 110V version includes plug.

Makita 8281DWPE3 14.4V 1.3Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Combi Drill

One of the many reasons why combi drills are preferred over normal drill drivers is because of their ability to bore holes into hard surfaces like concrete and brick. In that respect, 14.4volt, cordless 8281DWPE3 from Makita turns out to be the perfect product for the these requirements. Its fast, easy to operate and very agile in performing a variety of drilling tasks. It comes with various torque settings that are needed when one is working with different sized drill bits.

Makita RP0900X/1 900W Plunge Router 110V

A plunge router that comes with 1 year UK standard warranty, the Makita RP0900 has a plunge capability of 0-35mm. The package consists of 13mm as well as 22mm wrenches and collet cones of 1/2 and 3/8 inches. Weighing less than 3kgs, the RP0900 has an increased speed for cutting and a high powered motor for better performance. The grip design is ergonomic, thus, ideally suited for your needs. It helps in an increased comfort level while handling the RP0900.

Makita 4350CT-B/1 720W Jigsaw 110V

Precise cutting power comes well balanced with safety features in the Makita 2350CT-B/1 jigsaw. Using a 110 volt supply for power input, the power tool's motor produces 720 watts and in conjunction with a triple stage orbital action, the bayonet saw can produce a maximum cut of 135mm into wood. Now, when saw dust is allowed to linger around the work sphere, it ultimately gets into the tool and clogs its gears, bearings and other movable components.

Makita BHR202Z 3.2kg SDS Plus Drill 18V

There isn't a more versatile hammer drill in the market today that offers the same performance and precision as the BHR202Z from Makita. This hammer drill runs on Makita's 18V Li-ion system, which is not included with this package but can be purchased individually for less. The most notable features in the SHR202Z include a LED job light for working in low ambiance conditions; electric brake and mechanical safety clutch to stop the machine.

Makita BO4900V/1 110V Sheet Sander

With an effective sanding surface area of 115 x 229mm, the dynamic BO4900V/1 sheet sander from the house of Makita offers a range of utility with regards to finishing jobs. For starters, the different positioning attachments i.e. hook and loop, and clamp ensure that that tool can be used in more ways than one. The 330 watt power input that goes into the sander produces a speed ranging from 0 to 30,000 orbits per minute. A trigger switch provides an instant cut off for safety.

Makita BO4900V/2 240V Sheet Sander

A very handy finishing sander, the 330 watt Makita BO4900V/2 can be used with clamp type sandpaper or hook and loop variants. It can be set to operate at different speeds based on the type of wood surface and the kind of finish needed. The BO49000V/2 comes in a very ergonomic styling with contoured grips provided for the clutching area and a removable side handle in case you need to do a one-handed operation. The dust bag attachment is very useful, to ensure you have a clear working area.

Makita 6391DWPE3 18V 1.3Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Drill Driver

Weighing 2.2kgs, this cordless drill driver from Makita called 6391DWPE3 comes with a drilling capability of 36mm and 13mm for wood and steel respectively. It has a soft handle for ease of use and an all metal gearing that enhances durability of the machine. The 6391DWPE3 uses three 1.3Ah nickel cadmium batteries with a charging time of 30 mins. The electric brake feature helps the user to control the drill driver better and the reverse and forward rotation option help you do the job faster.

Makita Bhr162Z 14.4v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill Without Battery Or Charger

A revolutionized hammer drill called Makita Bhr162Z has made its way to the market. Its specialities contain forward/ reverse rotation, rotary hammer function and variable speed trigger to boost up your hammering performance. It can drill deep into the steel to the maximum of 13mm, wood ? 24mm and concrete 16mm. It comes without a battery and charger and has just 2.1 kg net weight. It blows up to 0 to 5000bp.

Makita BHP451RF 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill

As a professional combi drill from Makita, the BHP451RF uses the latest LXT technology to boost overall efficiency and torque. The power tool's unique design gives it a well-balanced structure and the 2.5 kg weight in tune with the 250mm length makes the drill driver optimal for one handed use. The steel keyless chuck comes in this combi drill is teamed up with the automatic spindle lock feature and together, they allow for faster change of drill and driver bits.

Makita 240V Angled Drill Driver - DA3010

Variable Speed & Reverse, For drilling wood, steel etc., 10mm Keyed Chuck, All-Metal Gearbox, Large Paddle Switch, Fan-Cooled Motor, Replaceable Carbon Brushes, Max. drilling capacity in wood 25mm, steel 10mm., 110V version includes plug.

Makita Bsr730Z 24v Cordless Circular Saw 190mm Blade Without Battery Or Charger

Cutting through wood was never this easy as it shall be with a Makita Bsr7302 Cordless Circular saw that runs on 24 Volts of DC current drawn from a powerful battery. This saw is similar in its specifications to the other Makita corded saws except for the battery insert it uses. It features electric brakes, speeds of 2400 rpm in no load and a large blade of 190mm diameter. This model does not come with its own battery and charger and have to be bought separetly.

Makita BDF442RFE 14.4V Li-Ion 3.0Ah Cordless Drill Driver

Light weight and compact, the BDF442RFE cordless drill driver from Makita weighs only 1.7 kg. Compared to its conventional counterparts, it can be used with ease even in the most constricted of spaces. This light yet powerful mechanism of the tool is made possible by the use of two 3.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries as the power source. As a result, the drill driver is 40% lighter and yet provides up to 430% more work time when compared to other battery powered drills.

Makita 8406/1 850W 110V Diamond Core Drill

Everything about the 8406/1 diamond core drill has signs of raw power and pin point precision. This revolutionary drilling tool from Makita comes with a special percussion action and combined with the 22,500bpm impact rate, it produces enough momentum to drill through the toughest of surface with ease. An all-metal gearbox offers a high durability to the drilling unit. The long side handle comes with a rubber grip to ensure that you are always in control of the drill.

Makita RP1801X/2 inch Plunge Router 240V

For those looking at plunge routers with a professional finesse, RP1801X1/2 from Makita is worth trying out. This heavy duty router is perfect for those precise woodworks that require the finest of detailing around the corners. Similarly, when it comes to making wide aberrations with pin-point accuracy, the fine depth adjustment feature in the RP1801X/2 makes it the ideal candidate for getting the job done with minimal fuss.

Makita LXT232 18V Li-Ion Combi Drill & Drill Driver Twin Pack

Well-designed and hardwearing, now get the power of two compact, powerful and lightweight power tools in a single pack by going for Makita's LXT232 Li-Ion powered set of combi drill and drill driver. The BHP452Z combi drill comes with forward and reverse rotation feature and works with two mechanical gears. Its variable trigger speed offers optimal speed and torque when using different sized drill bits.

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