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You can find all our AEG Power Tools that are less than £100 here. Feel free to browse the our selection, a review for each tool has been provided to help you make an informed decision.

AEG WS6-115 Angle Grinder 4.5" / 115mm 670w 240v

The AEG WS6-115 Angle Grinder works on just 670 watts and uses a metal gearbox with full metal heads for extended visibility and durability. The wheel is approximately around 115 mm and the gear head can rotate about 90 degrees intervals independently thus allowing for better control and versatility with the extra side handle. Going away from conventional systems, the AEG uses a direct air exhaust system.

AEG SBE600R Percussion Drill 600w 110v

AEG SBE600R is a percussion drill that delivers an excellent power to torque ratio taking in just 600 Watt at 110 Volt and giving off speeds of 2800rpm at no load that translates to 42000 bpm. A maximum torque setting of 21Nm at a weight of just 1.7kg makes it perfectly suitable for home do-it-yourself owners. It grinds through concrete, wood and steel easily with depths of 15mm, 30mm and 13mm respectively.

AEG STEP1200BX Electric Jigsaw 600w 110v

The AEG STEP1200BX Electric Jigsaw 600w 110v features an adjustable sawdust blower, an anti-splintering device for a clean cutting edge and has direct fitting, for a circular and parallel guide in the base plate. Its electronic ensemble, includes a softstart and a no-load speed boundary, plus a variable speed preselection position. It uses the FIXTEC system, which allows for fast blade changing with keyless adjustments to the base plate with a snap-in feature at 0-45 degrees.

AEG BS18C0 18v Cordless Compact Drill Driver without Battery or Charger

AEG BS18C0 18v Cordless Compact Drill Driver without Battery or Charger has a high Max Torque of 52NM still, for a small, compact drill, its performance is phenomenal. Its 2 speeds rpm's are exceptional at 0-450rpm/0-1650rpm. It has a forward and reverse switch, and overload protection. Its LED is positioned perfectly to illuminate your workspace. It drills wood or metal at 36/13mm and features a powerful fade free lithium-ion 18v power pack.

AEG SB2E1010RS Hammer Drill 1010w 240v

A powerful motor of 1010 watt graces the AEG SB2E1010RS hammer drill that operates at 240 Volts and uses AVS anti-vibration system for comfortable usage. A safety chuck and synchvariable speed setter makes changing the speeds easier. The metal chuck is keyless and can be varied between 1 and 10mm for accurate drilling. It comes with reversible action and a hammer action option. The carbon brushes that transfer power from the motor to the gears can be easily accessed through the softgrip zone for

AEG BS14GNC142C 14.4V 1.4Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Drill Driver

When you are working with a power tool it is necessary to have a good machine in hand. It should not over heat or tire you out. Therefore, the AEG BS14GNC142C cordless drill driver has a fan cooler for the motor and weighs less than 5kg. This handy driver can drill 32mm of wood and 13mm of steel. The BS14GNC142C has 10mm keyless chuck, two reverse and variable speed, compact 350mm size, replaceable brushes and a soft handle for better grip.

AEG 12V Drill Driver with Tool Box & 40-Piece Accessory Kit

A comprehensive tool box and accessory kit, the AEG 12V Drill Driver with its complete package is a very attractive offer that should not be missed by any professional. This pocket drilling machine and screwdriver comes with a forty piece kit of various types of accessories, a knife, a measuring tape, a charger and two lithium ion 1.5Ah batteries. The tool box houses all its elements in a perfect manner so that they are easily accessible and has 17 speed torque settings.

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