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You can find all our Bosch Power Tools that are less than £100 here. Feel free to browse the our selection, a review for each tool has been provided to help you make an informed decision.

Bosch PWS 650 Angle Grinder

Use for cutting, grinding, brushing, sanding or polishing, Safe and easy to use thanks to minimum grip circumference, Handle can be fitted to both sides of the tool, Easy spindle lock, Discs sold separately

Bosch GWS 660 4 inch Angle Grinder 240V

Safety and power are the two cornerstones of the 240V angle grinder from Bosch, the GWS 660. Packed with features, this simple looking grinder does a mighty good work on different surfaces. As a result, the tool can be used for a number of applications from wood cutting, pattern cutting and metal finishing. The small grip circumference of the angle grinder offers fatigue free working and in tandem with the 2-position side handle giving the user maximum control in different grinding positions.

Bosch PEX220A Random Orbit Sander

Bosch Micro Filter System and integrated dust extractor included, The Micro Filter box is easy to remove and empty, Hook and Loop type fastening for quick and easy changing of sanding sheets, Practical and ergonomic - one-handed operation, Orbital stroke rate 24,000, sanding plate 125mm, Comes with Bosch Micro Filter System

Bosch GWS 7-115 Mini Slim Grip Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" 720w 240v

A Bosch innovation, the safety switch on the Bosch GWS 7-100 Mini Grip Angle Grinder is a part of its many safety features which also include the disc protection and anti-rotation guard system. Furthermore, the flat gear head and the air intake points along the length of the device keep it going for much longer than its counterparts. Another point of comparison of this 720 watt powered 110 volt device is its handle which is slimmer in the entire 100 mm class of angle grinders.

Bosch GSS140A Sheet Palm Sander 110V

It is the unique shape of this quarter inch palm sander that allows for the best quality wood finishes especially when using Velcro sheets for the task. In addition to high material removal and efficient dust extraction capability, the incorporation of the Bosch's revolutionary Easy Fit clamping system makes fitting of sanding sheets quicker, easier and more efficient. With an ability to produce orbital speeds of 7000 rpm, this 180 watt palm sander is ideal for any DIY job.

Bosch GSB14.4-2 14.4V 1.5Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Combi Drill

A perfect tool for general purpose impact drilling, the Bosch GSB14.4-2 offers cordless usability, meaning better equipment handling in constricted spaces. This combi drill comes with a 2-speed variable function and 10mm auto-locking chuck for keyless engagement and disengagement of drill and screw driver bits. The batteries that power the GSB14.4-2 fit into the slot provided under the handle, thus offering a good counterbalance to the heavier front end.

Bosch PST 900 Pel Compact Jigsaw

Small size and lightweight, best ergonomic design, Safe and convenient due to Bosch low vibration and soft-grip handle, SDS Quick change blade, Cut Control for perfect support with following the straight line cut, Power light for improved visibility of the cutting line, Comes with cutting blade, Cut Control, saw blade depot, splinter guard, cover hood, carry case and 151mm footplate

Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li 10.8V Li-Ion Cordless Drill Driver

The ECP or electronic cell protection feature of the Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li automatically reduces the flow of current if the battery starts heating up too much or the voltage level / current draw is high. Thus, it safeguards the tool from over loading, overheating and discharging. Although this drill driver weighs less than 1kg, it has the highest maximum hard torque of 30Nm in its class. The battery charge indicator on the drill driver is a convenient feature to keep the you updated.

Bosch GSR 18-2 18V 1.5Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Drill Driver

One of the main attractions of the Bosch GSR 18-2 is its high quality planetary gearing that gives the cordless drill driver a smooth operational efficiency. Furthermore, the gear box comes with dustproof switching between first and second gear. With a total of 15 torque settings plus a drill setting, this ultra powerful yet highly compact drill driver is perfect for taking care of different types of screw-driving operations apart from the occasional drilling.

Bosch GSS23AE 1/3 Sheet Sander 240V

Durable, dust proof and high performance oriented, the Bosch GSS23AE sheet sander comes with automatic paper tensioning feature, which in turn prevents the creasing or tearing of sandpaper by offering the perfect hold. Powered by a fan cooled motor with 190 watts output, the sander offers orbit speeds of 7000-12,000 rpm thereby ensuring a pretty high material removal rate. Furthermore, the GSS23AE sports features like low vibration functioning and control electronics.

Bosch GSS23AE 1/3 Sheet Sander 110V

Offering a no-load speed of 7,000-12,000 rpm and orbital stroke rate of 14,000-24,000rpm, the Bosch GSS23AE sheet sander is both easy to load and highly efficient in its work rate. Given the high amount of material extraction rate, a sander needs a perfect paper fit to maximize finishing quality and in this case, automatic paper tensioning thanks to the innovative Easy Fit system included into the GSS23AE makes all the above requirements possible.

Bosch 115mm 720w Angle Grinder 110v

Smallest grip circumference 176mm and a powerful 720watts for comfortable workingWeight of only 1.9kg providing ease for continuous useFlat gear head for convenient working in tight spacesSpecially developed inlets allowing optimum motor cooling for longer timeAnti-rotation protective guard for high level of user protectionBosch safety switch ensures controlled switching-on of the machine providing greater user protectionChampion motor

Bosch 115mm 720w Angle Grinder 240v

Smallest grip circumference 176mm and a powerful 720watts for comfortable workingWeight of only 1.9kg providing ease for continuous useFlat gear head for convenient working in tight spacesSpecially developed inlets allowing optimum motor cooling for longer timeAnti-rotation protective guard for high level of user protectionBosch safety switch ensures controlled switching-on of the machine providing greater user protectionChampion motor

Bosch PBH 2100 RE SDS Rotary Hammer

1.7 joule, 0-5800rpm impact rate, Vario lock, Rotation stop, Comes with auxiliary handle, depth stop and carry case

Bosch GKF600 600W Router 240V

If there is one plunge router that gives you the versatility of performing range of activities like slot cutting, trimming, hinge mortising and forming edges, then the GFK600 from Bosch is that tool which would definitely make the top of your list of must have routers. It comes in a blow-molded case that fits a quarter inch collet. The unique thing about this plunge router is its micro depth adjustment where in you can set the exact amount of vertical cutting depth accurate to your needs.

Bosch GSB1600RE 700W Percussion Drill with Digital Detector 240V

Offered with a 43mm dia collar subscribing to European standard, the 1.9kg Bosch GSB1600RE is built for the heavy duty work and features some professional features like the digital multi-material detector. This detector is good enough to scan for live cables, wooden or metal substructures so that you stay well-aware of the drilling environment. Supplied in a blow-molded case, the GSB1600RE comes with 700W motor and a single speed variable and reverse rotation feature.

Bosch GSB1600RE 700W Percussion Drill & Digital Detector 110V

Featuring an accurate depth guide and single speed variable and reverse selection setting, the Bosch GSB1600RE proves to be a percussion drill of high calibre and reliability. This heavy duty drill can pulverize different substances from softwood to hard concrete with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Its electronic control is great for pilot drilling scenarios while the featured 13mm keyless chuck in the power tool lets you change bits faster.

Bosch GDR 10.8-LI 10.8V Li-Ion Impact Driver

An impact driver from the house of Bosch, the GDR 10.8-LI is 30mm smaller, 44% faster and has 5% more torque when compared with its predecessor. Extremely compact and weighing less than 1 kilogram, this impact driver boasts of a maximum torque of 105Nm. Effective LED lighting system helps the user see clearly while working in dark areas, while the soft grip enhances better handling of the power tool.

Bosch GBH 2400 2kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill 240V

You are not going to find a better priced SDS Plus hammer drill than the GBH 2400 from Bosch. But, bargain price is not the only this it has to offer. This versatile drill makes little work of the most demanding of construction operations such as concrete and masonry drilling, chiseling and rotary drilling. The 3 function drill's mode can be set using the mode selection unit at the front side. Safety features in the GBH 2400 include the auto disengage clutch which immediately stops the drill.

Bosch GBH 2400 2kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill 110V

Tough, powerful and extremely efficient, the Bosch GBH 2400 proves to be one of the best SDS Plus hammer drill choices in the corded 2 kg class. It comes with an all-metal gearing and is backed in the power department by a 720 watt motor and thereby able to produce an impact energy of 2.5 Joules needed to drill, chisel and hammer through the hardest of construction materials. The mechanical safety clutch provided in the GBH 2400 helps in disengaging the drive in case of bit jams.

Bosch GSB 14.4 2-Li 14.4V 1.3Ah Li-ion Cordless Combi Drill

With features like the 10mm keyless chuck, electric brake and automatic spindle lock, the GSB 14.4 2-Li cordless combi drill from Bosch is top value for money. Its powerful yet highly lightweight aspects make it perfect for use in small spaces and overhead conditions. In addition, the 15 different torque settings give you the advantage of using different sized drill bits to their maximum efficiency. This feature is especially handy when shifting from smaller to larger sixed bits.

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