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Hitachi H65Sd2 Demolition Breaker Heavy Duty 1340w 240v

Best in its class, this demolition tool from Hitachi numbered H65Sd2 is categorized as a heavy duty demolition hammer. It comes with a innovative design that sports a handle on top for a double handed usage that reduces the vibrations. Double insulation and aluminum construction increase the life of the hammer. It also accepts 3 types of drill bits ranging from a 28mm hex bit to the air tool. Auto stop carbon brushes are another added advantage of this particular hammer.

Makita HM1810 AVT Electric Breaker 1900w 240v

Rated at 240 Volt, the Makita Breaking hammer with model number HM1810 AVT uses an electric power source of 240 volts drawing an impressive 1900 Watt to power its hammer bit which works only in the hammer action ideal for breaking apart hard surfaces such as roads and reinforced concrete. Using AVT anti-vibration technology and a soft handle grip with dual hand usage it also ensures user ergonomics. The 31.5 kg hammer delivers speeds of 1100bpm.

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