Less than £100 - Circular Saws

Black & Decker KS1300 Circular Saw 190mm Blade 1300w 240v

An input voltage of 240 Volts drives the wide saw of diameter 190mm through any surface using around 1300 Watt of raw energy while protecting users from accidental usages with a safety lock switch that prevents false starts. The 20 teeth saw ensures a long life and prolonged usage while a cut adjustment system ensures that rise and fall in cuts is maintained as per requirement. Dust spewed up during sawing is collected in a dust extraction port that sprays it away from the work area.

DeWalt D23551 Circular Saw 165mm Blade 1050w 110v

Good 52mm depth of cutting range and quick easy angle and depth adjustment are the two factors that make this powerful DeWalt circular saw the most sought after in the market. The D23551 circular saw sports a guide rail compatible system and allows for cutting across 45 and 90 degree cuts using cutting line visibility to the optimum level. The power input is rated at 240 volt and 1050 watt while the output is rated at 570 watt with no load speeds of 5000 rpm. Dust extraction system too graces th

Ryobi EWS1266HG Circular Saw 190mm Blade 1250w 240v

The Ryobi EWS1266HG comes with a large 190mm circular saw with sharp teeth rotated via a motor churning out over 1200 watts at a voltage input of 240 Volt. It comes with adjustable depth settings and adjustable base settings for bevel adjustments of 0 degree to 45 degree. Furthermore, the powerful saw has a Livetool indicator that indicates power to the device. A dust port allows for easy excavation of dust while working simultaneously on the task at hand.

DeWalt D23620K 184mm Circular Saw 110v

The deep 62mm cutting depth that the DeWalt D23620K offers is more than sufficient for most sawing jobs. A quick and easy adjustment system for angle and depth along with the large 184mm saw powered with a 1150 Watt motor running at 110 Volts provides enough room for changing settings. The retraction lever along with the lower guard ensures safety while the durable aluminium housing offers a lighter mass to the device. A carrying case to fit all accessories and the circular saw is packaged along

Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular Saw 185mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1710w 240v

The massive 1710 Watt motor runs on a 240 Volt power source driving a large 7 1/4th inch circular blade straight through 90 degree cuts because of the unique 90 degree setting on the Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular saw. The fan cooled motor and the gears are encased in a durable aluminium casting to reduce operating weights and therefore add to the comfort of orienting the saw in tight spaces. A maximum of 60mm cutting depth is assured with its 30mm diameter bore.

Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular Saw 185mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1670w 110v

Hitachi C7Sb2 features the unique forest green outer body common to all Hitachi products and uses the best in engineering to provide great power tools. A large 185mm disc rotates because of an equally large motor churning out power taking in 670 Watt at 110 Volt. The maximum penetration of the circular saw is fixed at 60mm in the unique 90 degree orientation of the saw. Furthermore, the saw comes with easy bevel leveller and angle adjuster for reducing the effort associated with off angle cuts a

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