Less than £100 - Corded Drills

Black & Decker KR504CRESK Hammer Drill 500w 240v

Working at an input setting of 240 Volt and 500 watt, the Black and Decker KR504CRESK hammer drill is a corded variant that is suitable for home users that do the occasional house work. It can drill through masonry up to 10mm and has a high grade lock on button and keyed chuck for more comfort. With 47600bpm beats and a maximum torque of 3.7Nm it can make holes through wood and steel up to 20mm and 10mm respectively.

Ryobi EID500RS Electric Hammer Drill 500w 240v

A dual handle home owner's drill, the Ryobi EID500RS is rated at 500Watt input and 240 Volt that offers variable speeds in front and back spin directions thus making it suitable for usage as an atomatic screwdriver. The keyless chuck is of 13mm dimension and it delivers blow speeds of 43000bpm. The 2.02kg lightweight drill can go through steel, wood and masonry up to 25mm, 13mm and 13mm respectively.

AEG SBE600R Percussion Drill 600w 110v

AEG SBE600R is a percussion drill that delivers an excellent power to torque ratio taking in just 600 Watt at 110 Volt and giving off speeds of 2800rpm at no load that translates to 42000 bpm. A maximum torque setting of 21Nm at a weight of just 1.7kg makes it perfectly suitable for home do-it-yourself owners. It grinds through concrete, wood and steel easily with depths of 15mm, 30mm and 13mm respectively.

Ryobi EID600RS Electric Hammer Drill 600w 240v

Together with a carrying case and an auxiliary handle, the Ryobi EID600RS comes packed with massive amounts of power and torque that should prove sufficient for any decent home owner who engages in DIY activities. The 600 Watt 240 Volt motor that drives the hammer mechanism also produces enough speed and torque to act as an automatic screwdriver. Furthermore, with the variable speed limiter in place and its high bpm of 43000, it is ideal for screwing objects.

Hitachi D6Sh Rotary Drill 240w 240v

Home owners generally prefer light weight low impact hammer drills since they require such devices for carrying out minor modifications. The Hitachi D6Sh does not offer much in terms of power or torque with just 240 Watt of input power that drives a 6.5mm capacity chuck and drill bit through distances of 6.5mm, 9mm and 6.5mm in steel, wood and concrete. Weighing just 0.9kgs, it has got to be one of the lightest rotary drill which can orient itself in either direction.

Ryobi 500w Hammer Drill

0-43000bpm, Variable speed forward and reverse, Livetool indicator, GripZone overmould

Ryobi EID750RS Electric Hammer Drill 750w 240v

Delivering a high setting of around 2800rpm and beat speed of 45000bpm that can be varied using a simple selector switch, the Ryobi EID750RS uses a massive motor of 750 Watt intake at 240 Volts driving a chuck of 13mm diameter. This particular drill has the option of acting as a screwdriver or a drill that can work as a hammer drill or a rotary drill. The auxiliary handle makes drilling through hard surfaces and working long hours easy while the carrying case is another ergonomic inclusion in th

Hitachi Fdv16Vb2 Hammer Drill 550w 240v

This Hitachi corded rill Fdv16vb2 comes with its own side handle and carry case so that one can actually take it along to different work sites. Not only is this tiny drill suited for home users but also for professionals such as contractors and plumbers. The drill is ergonomically made and uses a 13mm keyless clutch that drives through 16mm thick concrete easily. The motor is of 550 Watt input that delivers 27360 beats per minute at rotational speeds of 2900rpm. The weight of this drill is just

Black & Decker 750W 2 Speed Percussion Hammer Drill

2 speed mechanical gear box - high torque in 1st and high speed in 2nd gear, 13mm metal keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock for solid drill bit retention, 750W AC motor design delivers improved power and torque performance for all DIY tasks, Die cast aluminium gear housing for optimum heat dissipation and additional durability, Adjustable variable speed dial allows the user to pre-set speeds for more control, Kitbox included

Ryobi EID1050RS Electric Hammer Drill 1050w 240v

Capable of traveling in both the forward and backward direction and hence acting as a screwdriver, the hammer drill from Ryobi rated at 1050 Watt input has sufficient power as well as speed to make any hard home task look easy. 51000Bpm and 3200rpm are the specifications on this hammer drill while the keyless chuck of 13mm diameter means that the drill can go through at least 32mm of wood and 20mm of masonry easily. The EID1050RS weighs just 2.86kgs.

Hitachi Dv16V Hammer Drill 590w 240v

Strength and durability are two keywords the properly define the Hitachi Dv16V hammer drill that is powered using a motor rated at 590 Watts and 240 Volts. The powerful motor churns out speeds of 2900rpm and 3400pbm which considering its 1.5kg weight is actually quite high for its class. The motor is capable of powering drill bits through 16mm thick brick walls and steel of maximum thickness 13mm.

Black & Decker 710W 1.8J SDS Hammer Drill

Powerful pneumatic hammer 0-5180 impacts per minute, 1.8 Joule of impact energy allows the user to drill into hard materials such as concrete and granite, Variable speed offers more control and versatility, Secondary handle to provide additional control, Supplied with 3 x drill bits, side handle and depth stop, High performance, non slip SDS-Plus chuck for quick accessory changing

Makita HP1631K/2 710W Percussion Drill 240V

Percussion or hammer drilling utilizes the pounding concept of a hammer and the rotary aspect of drill to pulverize harder materials like concrete, stone and masonry and the HP1631K/2 does a great justice in terms of the result it produces. The no load speed of this 720 watt power tool is rated at 3200 rpm which is enough to produce drilling capacity of 16mm in masonry, 13mm in steel and a good 30mm holes through wooden surfaces.

Makita 240V Percussion Drill

Variable Speed, Supplied with carry case., 13mm Keyless Chuck, Lock-On Switch, Soft-Grip Handle, Max. drilling capacity in masonry 16mm, wood 30mm, steel 13mm., No load speed 0-3200rpm., 110V version includes plug.

AEG SB2E1010RS Hammer Drill 1010w 240v

A powerful motor of 1010 watt graces the AEG SB2E1010RS hammer drill that operates at 240 Volts and uses AVS anti-vibration system for comfortable usage. A safety chuck and synchvariable speed setter makes changing the speeds easier. The metal chuck is keyless and can be varied between 1 and 10mm for accurate drilling. It comes with reversible action and a hammer action option. The carbon brushes that transfer power from the motor to the gears can be easily accessed through the softgrip zone for

Makita HR1830-2 / 2 2kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill 240V

At first look, the Makita HR1830/1 rotary hammer will create an impression of a tool that is light yet highly powerful. In fact, it packs enough punch to get through the tough shell of concrete. Features like the depth stop make handling of the tool easy for someone who is new to the job of boring holes or demolition using high calibre power tools. Just set the depth and the drilling with automatically cease once the reading is achieved.

DeWalt DWD024K-GB 650W Percussion Drill 240V

The house of DeWalt is a pioneer in making power-tools. Therefore it is only fair that the DWD024K-GB comes from DeWalt itself. This percussion drill is extremely light weighted and compact. It is a great advantage because the user would not be fatigued while using the tool and the compact form helps the drill in reaching tight enclosures. The power-size ratio for the DWD024K-GB is quite commendable, making the tool extremely durable with a drilling capacity of 25mm, 16mm and 13mm.

Makita 110V Percussion Drill

Variable Speed, Supplied with carry case., 13mm Keyless Chuck, Lock-On Switch, Soft-Grip Handle, Max. drilling capacity in masonry 16mm, wood 30mm, steel 13mm., No load speed 0-3200rpm., 110V version includes plug.

Bosch PBH 2100 RE SDS Rotary Hammer

1.7 joule, 0-5800rpm impact rate, Vario lock, Rotation stop, Comes with auxiliary handle, depth stop and carry case

Bosch GSB1600RE 700W Percussion Drill with Digital Detector 240V

Offered with a 43mm dia collar subscribing to European standard, the 1.9kg Bosch GSB1600RE is built for the heavy duty work and features some professional features like the digital multi-material detector. This detector is good enough to scan for live cables, wooden or metal substructures so that you stay well-aware of the drilling environment. Supplied in a blow-molded case, the GSB1600RE comes with 700W motor and a single speed variable and reverse rotation feature.

Bosch GSB1600RE 700W Percussion Drill & Digital Detector 110V

Featuring an accurate depth guide and single speed variable and reverse selection setting, the Bosch GSB1600RE proves to be a percussion drill of high calibre and reliability. This heavy duty drill can pulverize different substances from softwood to hard concrete with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Its electronic control is great for pilot drilling scenarios while the featured 13mm keyless chuck in the power tool lets you change bits faster.

Hitachi DH22PG 2kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

If you are looking for a powerful but compact drill combo, look no further than the Hitachi DH22PG. When you have to use power tools in your day to day working, you definitely would like something that is easy to handle, does not tire your hands, and yet does the job with absolute efficiency. You will get all this and more from the DH22PG. It has every necessary feature such as the side handle and main handles with soft grip, variable direct and reverse speed and trigger switch.

Bosch GBH 2400 2kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill 240V

You are not going to find a better priced SDS Plus hammer drill than the GBH 2400 from Bosch. But, bargain price is not the only this it has to offer. This versatile drill makes little work of the most demanding of construction operations such as concrete and masonry drilling, chiseling and rotary drilling. The 3 function drill's mode can be set using the mode selection unit at the front side. Safety features in the GBH 2400 include the auto disengage clutch which immediately stops the drill.

Bosch GBH 2400 2kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill 110V

Tough, powerful and extremely efficient, the Bosch GBH 2400 proves to be one of the best SDS Plus hammer drill choices in the corded 2 kg class. It comes with an all-metal gearing and is backed in the power department by a 720 watt motor and thereby able to produce an impact energy of 2.5 Joules needed to drill, chisel and hammer through the hardest of construction materials. The mechanical safety clutch provided in the GBH 2400 helps in disengaging the drive in case of bit jams.

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