Less than £100 - Cordless Angle Grinders

Ryobi CAG180M ONE+ 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc Requires Separate ONE+ Battery

Working in constricted spaces and at awkward angles is not going to be a problem if you are using Ryobi CAG180M cordless, 18-volt disc grinder. The tool can be used at a maximum angle of 270-degrees. Furthermore, its three-position side handle infuses higher ergonomics into the machine, and even boasts of an in-built wrench storage. The grinding wheel dimension used in this power tool measure 115mm (or 4.5-inches) in diameter, and are able supported by a motor that churn out 6500 revs a minute.

Hitachi G14Dll4 14.4v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5 & Disc Without Battery & Charger

Weighing in at 1.8kg and measuring 325mm from end to end, Hitachi?s 14.4V cordless offering G14Dll4 angle grinding tool is made for the tough work. Backed by an incredibly powerful 9300rpm motor, the grinder receives its electrical supply from a pair of rechargeable batteries, thus giving you the freedom to use the tool to its full potential in work conditions that offer limited space. Other features in the angle grinder include replaceable carbon brushes and power switch mounted to side.

Ryobi CAG-180M 4 inch Angle Grinder 18V

Polishing and detailing works when done using the Ryobi CAG-180M angle grinder take less time for completion and happen with the least amount of errors when handled by an experienced customer. The reason for this can be mainly attributed to the lightweight functionality which the grinder offers thanks to its battery powered operation. The battery foot itself can be swiveled into different orientations to help you get a firm grip on the main handle.

Hitachi G18Dll4 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5 & Disc Without Battery & Charger

An excellent value for money, the Hitachi G18Dll4 cordless angle grinder makes work simpler by cutting out the annoyance of being limited by cable length. If you thought that battery operated power grinders will be low on the power transmission category, then think again, since this particular model houses a motor that gives out an exhilarating 9300 revs in a single minute. Moreover, its carefully designed body promotes maximum utility in diverse situations and orientations, while ensuring no le

Makita Bga450Z 14.4v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc Without Battery Or Charger

Makita?s 14.4V, Bga450Z cordless angle grinder not only translates to a great value product for carrying out cutting and grinding work, its extremely quick charging time makes it perfect for use in situations where you do not have the luxury of time. It?s motor speed readings show an effective 10,000 rpm on zero load, which is more than adequate to induce the required cutting power in the attached 115mm wheel.

Hitachi G18DSL/L4 18v Cordless Angle Grinder without Battery or Charger

Whether you are into sculpting or metal works, or just need to brush out and soften rough surfaces, the cordless G18DSL/JL offering from Hitachi should cater to all your needs with ?lan. It comes with a neat slim-lined design with the power switch mounted to the side for easier access and better control. The 115mm disc diameter is powered by a high intensity and ultra durable 9100-rpm motor, which in turn receives its electrical input from 18 V rechargeable batteries

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