Less than £100 - Electric Sanders

Ryobi One Plus 18V Corner Sander Green

Sanding Pad Size 140mm x 100mm, Lock on switch for continuous use, Quick fix hook and loop sanding sheet attachment, Gripzone overmould for improved grip and reduced vibration, Weight 0.83kg

Black & Decker KA300 Orbital Sander 1/3rd Sheet 135w 240v

Here is a lightweight sander that does the job with the utmost of comfort and control using a rear and front handle. Using a large third sheet to the side of the base, it manages to sand on all three sides. This sander that delivers 135 watt at 240 Volt is perfectly suited to surfaces that are upright such as doors and walls. It is rated for medium to light sanding tasks.

Ryobi Palm Sander

Livetool Indicator™ - Glows blue when plugged into the power supply, Triangular pad design for sanding up to the edge in tight corners, GripZone™ over-mould technology for improved comfort with a positive grip, Extra 5 sanding sheets, 2 finger pads, Soft bag

Ryobi ESS200RS 1/3 Sheet Sander 200w 240v

Picking up the dust generated by the Ryobi ESS200RS sander is easy because of the powerful cyclonic action technology used by the sander. It comes inclusive of 2 60, 100 and 150 grit sanding paper that should last a few days worth of work initially. The 200 Watt 240 Volt motor generates easy speeds of 12,000rpm in the no load condition and all this is possible in a tiny frame that weighs just 1.5kgs.

Black & Decker KA161BC Mouse Sander + Sanding Sheets 55w 240v

The single speed Black and Decker KA161BC Mouse Sander looks like a mouse but performs like a tiger. It boasts of a 55 Watt tiny motor running on 240 Volts and delivering no load speeds of 11,000 rpm that allows it to be used as a sander, remover of paint and varnish, rust remover, metal polishing tool, glass cleaner and plastic cleaner polisher. It comes with a few sand papers initially to help with the work and features easy methods for changing the sand papers.

Ryobi EOS2410NHG 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander 240w 240v

Paper clamps and quick fix hook and loop for changing sanding papers on the Ryobi EOS2410NHG makes it easy and versatile as a sander that can be used as a metal polisher and even rust remover. The device is powered by a 240 Watt 240 Volt motor that uses a 110 X 114mm sanding pad surface. It comes along with a punch plate, carry case and a dust bag. To get you started, 2 pieces of 60, 150, 180, 100 and 240 grit papers are packaged along with it.

Black & Decker Ka226Gb 3 In 1 Multi Sander

The Black and Decker Ka226Gb is a Multi Sander with 3 in 1 application. It features reversible plates that allow the sander to get to awkward corners while the selection of detail, orbital and randow orbit sanding allows it to be used in various applications. To ensure that the working environ is kept clean of dust accumulation, it comes with its own dust bag. The power on this sander is rated at 155 Watts and 230 Volts. It works on a single speed setting with the engine running at 10,500 rpm in

Black & Decker KA171LF8 Orbital Finish Sander 1/4 Sheet 200w 240v

The only two things that are provided with the Ryobi ESS280RV are 6 sheets of sand papers varying in thickness and a tool bag to carry it around. It runs at 280 Watt and 240 Volt of input that gives an output of 7000 to 12000rpm on a sanding pad size of 93 X 185mm. This device comes with variable speed control and delivers very low vibrations for a cleaner and smoother control finishing.

Ryobi EPS80RS Delta Palm Sander 80w 240v

A multi stage sander that performs all types of sanding jobs using its three in one system that allows for a orbital, detail or randow orbital sanding action. The Black and Decker Ka226Gb multi sander operates with 155 Watt and 230 Volt pelting out a no load speed of 10,500 rpm and does not offer multi speeds. The on board dust removal system maintains a clean working environment for better functionality.

Black & Decker KA1000 Compact Orbital Mouse Sander 55w 240v

With the Black and Decker KA1000 Orbital Compact Mouse Sander, it is easy to polish off rough edges even where it is almost impossible to get to. The tiny surface and its maneuverable size makes it easy to fit into awkward areas and get smooth clean edges. The dust filtration on this sander is quite efficient and takes care of the cleaning part of the job. A rocker switch on the sander allows for continued operations and the contour attachments provide intricate and polished sanding.

Ryobi ESS280RV 1/3 Sheet Sander 280w 240v

As a sander, the Ryobi EPS80RS delta is ideal as it can be used for more than just sanding. It is capable of being used as a rust removal, metal polishing and paint removal device all because of its powerful 80 Watt 240 Volt engine that delivers 12,000rpm of high speeds under no load. This comes with 5 extra sheets of sand paper and 2 finger pads as well as a soft bag for storage purposes. The tiny size and light weight makes it easy to work with.

Ryobi ERO2412VHG Random Orbit Sander 125mm Disc 240w 240v

What you get with the Ryobi ERO2412VHG Orbit Sander is a powerful yet versatile tool that is quite capable of smoothening edges and surfaces while polishing off metal surfaces and even plastic surfaces. With over 230 Watt of intake power at 240 Volts, the sander makes light work of any surface. You get a dust bag, carry case and a few pieces of sand paper of varying density with this particular model of orbital sander from Ryobi.

Black & Decker Cyclonic Action Powerfile KA900E 350W

Cyclonic dust canister shows dust level and when to empty, Screw operated belt tracking prevents the belt from coming off during use, Includes 13mm straight arm, Features 3m long cable for convenience, Includes 3 sanding belts, Screw operated belt tracking prevents the belt from coming off during use

Ryobi EMS180RV Delta Multi Sander 180w 240v

An integrated finger with the Ryobi EMS180RV Delta Sander allows it to access those tough corners that are usually devoid of the pleasure of feeling a sander over them. The triple operation base of delta, 1/3rd sheet and finger allows it to completely smoothen a surface from the top, bottom and sides. Even edges are not left out. It is also quite powerful with a 180 Watt and 240 Volt engine placed inside it. The sander comes with a soft bag, 2 finger pads and 5 sanding paper sheets.

Hitachi SV12SG Sheet Palm Sander 230V

Achieving high quality surface finishing work with the SV12SG from Hitachi is a given which brings with it a bunch of extra features to help you get the best results every time. Powered by a 200 watt motor, this 1.1 kg sheet sander features dust sealed bearings and an all new dust extraction facility. The latter is especially worth mentioning as it offers 70% more extraction efficiency meaning that your work surface always remains clear despite the amount of debris produced from the sanding.

Black & Decker Belt Sander KA88 720W

Retractable hood to reach areas, contours and for filing applications, Automatic & manual belt tracking, The bump stop facility prevents damage to walls and other perpendicular surfaces, 3 position adjustable handle, Belt width - 75mm, 3m cable

Bosch PEX220A Random Orbit Sander

Bosch Micro Filter System and integrated dust extractor included, The Micro Filter box is easy to remove and empty, Hook and Loop type fastening for quick and easy changing of sanding sheets, Practical and ergonomic - one-handed operation, Orbital stroke rate 24,000, sanding plate 125mm, Comes with Bosch Micro Filter System

Black & Decker Ka270K-Gb 4 In 1 Cyclonic Multi Sander

Complete with a 2 years warranty on the Black and Decker Sander Ka270K-Gb you get a multi Cyclonic sander that not just smoothens surfaces but also removes paint and varnishes too. With this sander you get a large sanding detail base, a orbital sanding base, one tip holder, one profile attachment, 3 sanding surfaces, a detail finger attachment and a few abrasive sheets. The dust collector removes unwanted debris from the working surfaces.

Black & Decker KA280K 4 In 1 Multi Sander Kit 220w 240v

The pointed base of the Black and Decker KA280K 4 in 1 Sander allows it to get to the tightest of corners while the accessory kit enables it to perform orbital, detailed and random sanding operations on any kind of surface. The autoselect dial on this device allows the sander to automatically select the speed and choose the appropriate base for the job at hand. Furthermore, changing between bases is easy with its tool free base.

Ryobi Belt Sander

4 position adjustable handle, Livetool indicator, Belt speed: 150-320m/min, Sanding belt size 75 x 150mm

Ryobi ESS3215VHG 1/2 Sheet Sander 320w 240v

Power comes packed in the Ryobi ESS3215VHG half sheet sander. With over 300 Watt or raw power at 240 Volt, it performs hasty jobs real well. A die cast aluminium base and sturdy construction results in a powerful performance while the gripzone mould technology with low vibration mechanics takes care of its ergonomics. This device comes with a few sand papers and a carrying case. A paper punch plate is also parceled with this device.

Ryobi EBS8021VHG Belt Sander 76mm Belt 800w 240v

The Ryobi EBS8021VHG is a belt sander that features a 76mm sanding belt rotated using a 800 Watt engine at 240 Volt. It operates at variable speed and works on a variety of surfaces. The quick release belt system allows for easy changing of sand paper. To get users started off quickly it comes with 3 papers of varying density and 2 inversion clamps for perfect finishing. A dust bag also accompanies the device which fits with the sander in the hard case carrier.

Bosch GSS140A Sheet Palm Sander 110V

It is the unique shape of this quarter inch palm sander that allows for the best quality wood finishes especially when using Velcro sheets for the task. In addition to high material removal and efficient dust extraction capability, the incorporation of the Bosch's revolutionary Easy Fit clamping system makes fitting of sanding sheets quicker, easier and more efficient. With an ability to produce orbital speeds of 7000 rpm, this 180 watt palm sander is ideal for any DIY job.

Hitachi SV13YA 240V Random Orbit Sander

Sanders are tools that are used for making surfaces smooth. The Hitachi SV13YA is quite a powerful yet handy sander. It has an orbit diameter of 3.2mm and a sanding surface of 125mm. The SV13YA comes with a dust bag that can be hooked on, sanding pads and a compact carry case. Weighing less than 2kg, this tool is easy to operate and does everything that it promises. Quite and effective machine to have in your tool kit, the SV13YA has a great speed control that can be set to constant.

DeWalt D26441-LX 110V Palm Sander

Sanding operations are very tiresome and they have to be done right to give the wooden surface a great finish and that is why DeWALT's 230-watt, D26441-LX palm sander is preffered over others by wood work specialists. This is an amazingly lightweight tool with powerful features to ensure that efficiency is not compromised at any time. For that reason, the D26441-LX comes with a patented anti-vibration system that damps out most of the lateral vibrations.

DeWalt D26441-GB Palm Sander 240V

Palm sanders are especially handy when dealing with woodwork spread over a large area where the finishing has to be consistent across the surface. In that respect, the D26441-GB palm sander from DeWalt is the right choice for anybody who loves to see professional work done on woodwork. The sander weighs just 1.4 kg and has a 230 watt motor at its heart. Packed with features like anti-vibration system, dust sealed bearings and a push On/Off switch, the D26441-GB is an ideal tool.

Bosch GSS23AE 1/3 Sheet Sander 240V

Durable, dust proof and high performance oriented, the Bosch GSS23AE sheet sander comes with automatic paper tensioning feature, which in turn prevents the creasing or tearing of sandpaper by offering the perfect hold. Powered by a fan cooled motor with 190 watts output, the sander offers orbit speeds of 7000-12,000 rpm thereby ensuring a pretty high material removal rate. Furthermore, the GSS23AE sports features like low vibration functioning and control electronics.

Bosch GSS23AE 1/3 Sheet Sander 110V

Offering a no-load speed of 7,000-12,000 rpm and orbital stroke rate of 14,000-24,000rpm, the Bosch GSS23AE sheet sander is both easy to load and highly efficient in its work rate. Given the high amount of material extraction rate, a sander needs a perfect paper fit to maximize finishing quality and in this case, automatic paper tensioning thanks to the innovative Easy Fit system included into the GSS23AE makes all the above requirements possible.

Makita BO5031 Random Orbital Sander with Speed Control 125mm Disc 300w 240v

What you get with the Makita BO5031 is a random orbital sander that operates at two different speeds using a variable speed control which provides 12000 rpm and 4000 rpm speed settings. The orbit diameter of 2.8mm works in tandem with its pad of 123mm size. The input wattage of this sander is rated at 300 watt and 240 Volt in just 1.3 kgs. This makes this a light weight random orbital sander.

DeWalt D26430 Detail Sander 240v

The DeWalt Detail sander operates at an input rating of 240 Volt and 300 Watt that performs sanding operations using a detail mechanism at speeds of 14000 to 22000 rpm and a orbit size of 1.8mm. The sanding base of this device allows for 360 degree rotation thus improving the access to hard to reach places. It comes with a dust cartridge and hook loop sanding sheets. The motor is assured against defects and should last a very long time.

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