Cordless Circular Saws

Browse our range of Cordless Circular Saws that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Cordless Circular Saws by brand and price to help suit your needs using the options on the left. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Makita Bsr730Z 24v Cordless Circular Saw 190mm Blade Without Battery Or Charger

Cutting through wood was never this easy as it shall be with a Makita Bsr7302 Cordless Circular saw that runs on 24 Volts of DC current drawn from a powerful battery. This saw is similar in its specifications to the other Makita corded saws except for the battery insert it uses. It features electric brakes, speeds of 2400 rpm in no load and a large blade of 190mm diameter. This model does not come with its own battery and charger and have to be bought separetly.

Makita Bsr730Saj 24v Cordless Circular Saw 190mm Blade + 1 Battery 3.3Ah + 1 Battery 2Ah NiMh

With a one year long warranty covering not just the saw but also the battery and charger pack, the Makita Bsr7302 24Volt cordless saw is just about right for those who hate wires and cords. The battery used in this saw is a combination of one 3.4Ah and one 2.0Ah NiMh that takes just around 1 hour to charge up. This model features electronic brakes and a large diameter of 190mm circular blade.It weighs just 4.7 kgs and has a speed of 2400rpm at no load,

Makita Bss501Z 18v Cordless Circular Saw 136mm Blade Without Battery Or Charger

The powerful and ergonomic Makita Bss5012 circular saw is in all respects similar to its corded counterparts with the only exception of using batteries to power its functions. The 136mm blade is fitted to the body and rotated via gears through a powerful DC motor that takes in 18 Volts and stops using electronic brakes. It has maximum cut depths of 51mm and 35mm, which are adjustable, at 90 degree and 42 degree maximum settings. The speeds clocked by this 2.6 kg machine at no load is 3600rpm.

Makita Bss500Rfe 14.4v Cordless Circular Saw 136mm Blade + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

Not only is this circular saw light at just 2.6kgs but also highly powerful even though it is a cordless type. The massive 18volt circular saw from Makita uses Lithium ion batteries each with 3 Ah rating to rotate the tiny 136mm diameter blades. Being compact in its saw specifications and weighing so less ensures that the job is always light. When it is required to stop, the electronic brakes work magnificently saving the motor from wear and tear. The Bss5012 is just great for those who require

Makita Bss500Z 14.4v Cordless Circular Saw 136mm Blade Without Battery Or Charger

Not just light and super compact but also quite powerful, the Makita Bss500Z is a smaller version of its larger counterparts. It operates a smaller blade of diameter 136mm and uses lesser power with just a 14.4 Volt motor. Even then, it manages to notch up good no load speeds of 3600 rpm and cut through 51mm at a 90 degree orientation and 35mm at 42 degree setting. The 2.6 kg and its electronic brakes make handling this circular saw quite easy.

Makita Bss610Rfe 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

The Makita Bss610Rfe circular saw is a cordless variant that comes with a carrying case, a couple of 3Ah lithium ion batteries, a hex wrench, a rip fence and a Tungsten Carbide tip blade. This circular saw powers a 165mm blade and together with its 18 volt DC motor weighs just 3.2kgs. The time it takes to charge the batteries is just 22 minutes and with two batteries, one shall never run out of enough juice with this saw. It has a max cut depth of 57mm and 36mm at 90 and 45 degrees.

Makita Bss610Z 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade Without Battery Or Charger

The Makita Bss610Z circular saw with a 165mm blade does not come with its very own battery packs or charger unit. These are to be purchased separately. The motor is rated at 18 volts and offers 3700rpm of no load speeds at a weight of just 3.2kgs. It uses one 18 volt 3.0Ah Li-ion battery that would take around 22 minutes with a compatible charger. Power and lightness is combined with electronic brakes for a quick stop in this circular saw.

Hitachi C18Dljl 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

The Hitachi C18Dljl circular saw with a pack of 2 Li-ion batteries comes along with a carrying case, wrench, blade, charger (UC18YRL) and a guide for easy maintenance. This circular saw powers a 165mm blade with a 18 volt electric motor and stops the blade in full swing with an electronic brake. The blade is made from TCT with 24 tooth arrangement and a 1.6mm kerf that reduces the drain on batter increasing cutting time. A spotlight illuminates the cut line.

Hitachi C18Dll4 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade Without Battery & Charger

A carrying case to take along the Hitachi C18DLL4 along with the other equipments required for the circular saw comes with the package. However, it comes without a battery pack and a charger that have to be bought separately. The circular saw uses a 165mm blade and powers it with 18 volt motor that will use a 3Ah battery. The speeds clocked at no load settings are 3400rpm, more than sufficient to cut cleanly through any kind of wooden surface.

DeWalt Dc300Kl 36v Cordless Circular Saw 184mm Blade + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

The 4.49 kg DeWalt Dc300Kl cordless circular saw uses a little larger than average carbide tipped tungsten saws with a diameter of 184mm to cut through at most 62mm depth. The battery pack included in with the saw offers 36 Volts to the motor that rotates the machine at no load specifications of 4000rpm. Rated at 940 watt output this powerful motor is capable of churning through wood after wood without getting stuck or working too hard.

DeWalt Dc390 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade without Battery or Charger

Built tough, the DeWalt Dc390 powers itself with a 18 Volt motor that draws power from a battery unit not included in this set to rotate the thin kerf 165mm blade at amazing speeds of 3700 rotations per minute. The carbide tipped 16 tooth arrangement of the blade reduces the run time requirement as it cuts faster and deeper into wood than straight edged saws. A maximum restriction on depth is set at 55mm. Electronic motor brakes and Lock off switch are tow additional safety features on this devi

DeWalt DC300KN 36v Cordless Circular Saw Without Battery or Charger

The large 184mm blade on this DeWalt DC300KN requires no cords or power plugs to run. Powered using a DC motor running at 36 Volt drained from Lithium ion battery packs, the motor is powerful enough to rotate the blade at 4000rpm at zero load conditions. Thus the effective depth on offer with such a massive blade is increased to 65mm when angled straight at 90 degrees and 41mm when angled at 45 degrees.

DeWalt Cordless 28v Circular Saw without Batteries or Charger

Made with good ergonomic detailing and a sturdy design that uses Magnesium shoe casts and full metal guards for rough job sites, the DeWalt DC300KN comes without a battery pack and respective charger unit. Theee have to be purchased separately. However, the device comes with a large 184mm saw unit and other accessories required for its upkeep and storage. The maximum cut possible with this circular saw is 65mm and 45mm in the 90 and 45 degree positions respectively.

Hitachi C18DSL/L4 18v Cordless Circular Saw without Battery or Charger

Get the cleanest cuts and smoothest edges with the Hitachi C18DSL /L4 cordless circular saw that operates a lightweight 18 Volt electric motor running on Lithium ion technology. The blade dimensions are 165mm and the maximum distance that it can cut through is 57mm at a zero degree orientation. Speeds of 3400 rpm are on offer in the no load condition with this circular saw that one needs to purchase the battery and charger separately for.

Ryobi LCS180 ONE+ 18v Cordless Circular Saw 1500mm Blade Requires Separate ONE+ Battery & Charger

Ergonomically designed for easier usage, the non slip grip of the Ryobi LCS180 that uses a gripzone overmould tech for an improved positive grip makes working long hours with this circular saw easy and less taxing. The 1500mm super massive blade has a thin kerf made with TCT coating that reduces the battery drain and makes cutting through the thickest of wood easy. Sheet materials, boards and worktop laminates are easy to work with now.

AEG BKS2180 18v Cordless Circular Saw without Battery or Charger

A large bevel capacity of 50 degree and a TCT edged 165mm saw blade with a thin kerf come with the AEG BKS2180 cordless circular saw that is both light and compact while being very well balanced for greater comfort and usage. The powerful lithium ion battery offers 18 Volts to run the electric motor that provides speeds of 4400rpm in the no load setting. Weighing around 3.6kgs, this ciruclar saw cuts through depths of 54mm.

Ryobi LTS180M ONE+ Circular Tile Saw 4" / 100mm Blade without Battery or Charger

Made exclusively for cutting through tiles, be it Porcelain, Ceramic, Granite, Natural Stone or Marble, the Ryobi LTS180M ONE uses a powerful motor to drive the 100mm blade at amazing speeds of 11,000rpm with the option of 90 and 45 degree bevel capacity. The base made from steel is adjustable to user requirements and a detachable water bottle keeps users rehydrated through long working hours.

Panasonic EY4542X31 14.4v Cordless Lithium Ion Circular Saw 135mm Blade without Battery or Charger

Branded with an IP56 approval, the Panasonic EY4542X31 cordless 135mm circular saw is perfect for cutting wooden blocks up to 40mm using the easy adjustable steel base and bevel arrangement that offers anywhere between 0 to 90 degrees. The metal cutter blade that comes with this device can operate at speeds of 3600rpm and runs via a 14.4Volt Li-ion battery pack which should be bought separately with the charger.

Panasonic EY4542LR2S31 14.4v Cordless Circular Saw 135mm + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah

For those in search of an all-in-one answer to their cutting needs, the Panasonic EY4542LR2S31 is the ideal cordless circular saw. Not only can it cut through wood, plastic, sheet metal and many other material only with a change in its blade, but also perform for longer durations thanks to the Li-ion technology used by it. At just 2.65kg, it weighs quite less and with a 3 way dust control system in place, it should keep the work area spotless.

Makita BSS610RFE 165mm Li-Ion Cordless Circular Saw 18V

If the 165mm blade size of the 20mm bore circular blade does not grab your attention, then the host of user-friendly features in this Makita BSS610RFE circular saw is sure to impress you. Unlike anything else in its class, this one runs on rechargeable batteries, which effectively removes any inconvenience of having to drag around the power cable across the work area all the time. Two 3.0Ah Li-Ion batteries provide all the cutting power that the tool needs and has a recharge time of 22 mins.

Ryobi LCS180 150mm Circular Saw 18V

With a hornet yellow and black color blend seen on the body, the LCS180 from Ryobi offers neat looking circular saw with a wide range of functionality. The saw can be oriented in different angles with respect to the cutting surface, thereby providing the operator with the ability to make bevel cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. There isn't much weight to this power tool and this is what makes it so easy to use even in the most constricted of work situations.

Makita BSS611Z 18V LXT Circular Saw - Bare

Allowing maximum protection against flying debris, the BSS611Z 18V LXT from Makita's premium choice of circular saws sports a die-cast aluminum base topped by an extra steel guard. This tool has a maximum cutting capacity of 57mm and can produce angular cuts at 50 degrees through beveling. The BSS611Z uses 165mm circular TCT blade featuring a set of 24 gritty teeth spread evenly around the circumference of the blade.

Hitachi C18DSLL4 165mm Circular Saw 18V

A powerful circular shaped saw from the house of Hitachi, the C18DSLL4 weighs about 3.2kg and measures 320mm in length. The blade is 24 tooth tungsten carbide tipped with a diameter of 165mm by 30mm. The base of the saw is made up of aluminum and steel while the guard is aluminum and plastic. The C18DSLL4 power saw has an electric brake and also comes with deadman's switch. This feature enables the shutting off of the machine in case of any mishap or injury caused to the user.

Hitachi C18DSL 165mm Li-Ion Circular Saw 18V

A circular saw is a great tool to work with, since it is compact but powerful at the same time. Thus, the Hitachi C18DSL is a convenient option for any user, be it a professional or an amateur. The electric brake on the C18DSL ensures that the operator's safety is kept in mind while they are working with the saw. There is a laser which illuminates the line of cut for easy maneuvering of the tool. The absence of a riving knife makes it easier for the C18DSL to plunge deep in to the work piece.

Bosch GKS 18 V-LI 18V Li-ion 165mm Circular Saw

If you have been searching for a high endurance and precise functioning circular saw, then turning your attention towards the GKS 18V-LI should do you a world of good. This tough circular saw is built to high Bosch standards and features high run time and ultra durable characteristics like electronic motor and cell protection. While the cell protection feature ensures right amount of power is being drawn from the batteries all the time, the motor protection aspect prevents any chance of burn.

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