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Browse our range of Cordless SDS Drills that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Cordless SDS Drills by brand and price to help suit your needs using the options on the left. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Ryobi CRH1801M ONE+ 18v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill Requires Separate ONE+ Battery & Charger

Ryobi CRH1801M is an 18v Cordless SDS plus comprises of a Hammer Drill which requires a separate battery & charger. If you are looking for a solid tool for giving better results then this gadget will serve you best. Its features contain dual mode for drilling, powerful 1.5 Joules impact energy, well-build Grip Zone over mould technology for improved comfort with a positive grip, SDS chuck for fast drilling and easy bit change. It is light and compact, very ideal for working in small areas.

Makita Bhr162Z 14.4v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill Without Battery Or Charger

A revolutionized hammer drill called Makita Bhr162Z has made its way to the market. Its specialities contain forward/ reverse rotation, rotary hammer function and variable speed trigger to boost up your hammering performance. It can drill deep into the steel to the maximum of 13mm, wood ? 24mm and concrete 16mm. It comes without a battery and charger and has just 2.1 kg net weight. It blows up to 0 to 5000bp.

Panasonic EY7840X31 14.4v Cordless Lithium Ion Combi Hammer Drill without Battery or Charger

The Panasonic EY7840X31 is an ultra-lord in the hammer industry. It has cordless capability, power, lightweight, and ergonomic design. The inverter charger technology used in our Ni-MH battery charging system allows for long battery pack life and quick re-charging time. It has a switch for a ?Slow Start? to make you sure when to start slowly and gradually. It has High speed concrete drilling by Electro-pneumatic hammer mechanism plus rotary hammer or drill and driver function to make you enjoy e

Ryobi CRH18012L 18v Cordless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 1.4Ah

Ryobi CRH18012L has a dual mode for drilling multiple materials. This model is light in weight and compact which makes it ideal for working on hard-to-reach areas or small places. It includes 2 x Lithium Ion batteries, a super charger, a double-ended screw-driver bit and comes along with a tool bag. Its impact force is 1.5J and an impact rate can go between 0 to 4000bpm. It has SDS chuck for fast drilling and easy handling.

Hitachi Dh24Dva 24v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill 3 Function + 2 Batteries

Hitachi Dh24Dva 24v comes with a 24v cordless SDS. It also contains a Hammer Drill with 3 Functions and 2 Batteries. Its features contain Save Power Mode and a push fit bit reception. It has an impressive electronic electric brake to make things easier and more safer for you. It charges in just 50 minutes and has an energy impact of around 2.8 Joules. It includes a charger (UC24YFB), 2 x 2.0Ah batteries, side handle and an elegant carrying case.

Panasonic EY7840LZ2S31 14.4v Cordless SDS Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.1Ah

The only expertly crafted for power, performance and precision, our cordless, multi-function rotary hammer drill is Panasonic EY7840LZ2S31. It features tells us that it has a high speed in concrete drilling and has a short length for tight spaces to work on. The hammering force has Hard Mode of 2.2 and comes with two batteries. These batteries can charge up in 50 minutes which means one can invest more time on work rather than sitting ideal. Its weight is 2.3kg.

Panasonic EY7840LR2S31 14.4v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah

If you are looking for a compact unit which has combine functions of SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer and Drill driver then Panasonic EY7840LR2S31 is perfect for you. It has an innovative T-grip design for a stable balance and allows one-handed work to be done quite easily than ever before. It comes with a variable speed control and 2 3.3Ah Li-Ion batteries for long-lasting working. It anchor holes in concrete up to ?16mm, drilling in wood and metal and is well suited for screw driving for interior finish

AEG BBH24-G 24v Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill + 2 Batteries 2Ah

AEG BBH24-G is a 24v cordless, rotary hammer drill which is specially designed for drilling and fixing in to concrete up to 26mm. It has the highest impact energy so far with 3.2J eventually giving high speed performance and great results. It contains a metal gearbox for extended durability and a safety clutch for user protection. It takes voltage up to 24 V. It comes with a kit box and 2 batteries.

Makita Bhr162Rfe 14.4v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

A good, light weighted hammer drill is always a pleasure to use. The series of Makita Bhr162Rfe suratioits best for people looking comfort in handling hammer drills. It has a forward and reverse rotation action and has a rotary hammer in it. It has a blowing capacity of 5000bpm and weighs just 2.1 kg. The vibration has a frequency of 12.5m/sec2. It comes with two Lithium Ion batteries 3Ah.

DeWalt DCH214L2 18v Cordless XR SDS Plus Hammer Drill with Quick Chuck + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.0

The launch of the XR system in the shape of DeWalt DCH214L2 marks a step forward in cordless technology. It is ideal for drilling anchors and fixing holes in concrete, brick and masonry. It has the best class in vibration control quality as it has the vibrations up to 8m /s? reduces user fatigue and increases performances for getting great results. It includes a XR multi-voltage charfer and a 13mm diameter 3 jaw keyless quick change chuck.

Makita BHR261RDE 36v Cordless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 2.6Ah

If someone wants a drilling machine with less vibration while working then Makita BHR261RDE is the right tool to mingle with. It comes with a Makstar charger and in its specifications it can drill in to the steel up to 13mm, wood- 32mm and masonry- 26mm. The vibration is 13.5/sec2. It has a built-in electronic brake to maximize safety for the user. It even has a torque-limiter for even more protection. It has a LED light with after glow for increasing vision and making it more fun for the worker

Bosch GBH24V 3.2kg SDS Plus Drill 24V

Tough construction applications need an equally proficient tool to do the job right and that is what makes the GBH24V Combo Drill and Hammer a great acquisition for expert workmen. The power tool is highly mobile thanks to its dual 2.6Ah, Ni-MH batteries, which offer enough juice for the GBH24V to drill 120 holes into concrete surfaces within a single charge. Plus, an ultra fast charge time of 30 minutes means that you can get more work done in less time.

Bosch GBH36VLI 4.3kg Li-ion SDS Plus Drill 36V

If you are on the lookout for a power tool that can accomplish drilling as well as chiselling tasks with equal ease then, Bosch offers its premium GBH36VLI in the enthusiast series. This 2-speed variable combo tool can drill can easily achieve 26mm in masonry works; 13mm for steel and an unprecedented 30mm when it drills into wood surfaces. With a full charge time taking just 60 minutes, you could drill close to 150 holes on the available battery power.

Hitachi DH24DVA 4.1kg SDS Plus Drill 24V

Hitachi believes in efficiency and safety of operations above all else and perhaps that is why it has stayed away from the one handed control and instead offers a sturdy side handle in the highly balanced DH24DVA SDS plus drill. In order to make the tool portable and agile, two Ni-Cd batteries go into powering it. After full use, the batteries need just 50 minutes of charge time to get back to full capacity. The unique gun like shape of the DH24DVA makes it perfect for achieving precise results.

DeWalt DC223KA 3.8kg SDS Plus Drill 24V

As far as portable SDS drill combos go, the DC223KA from DeWALT is right up there with the best in the business. Its 2 x 2.0 Ah Nickel-Cad battery pack mounts face down at the rear of the tool thereby doubling up as a counterbalance. The side handle can be positioned in different ways so as to suit different working conditions as well as multiple operation types. The DC223KA can deliver up to 2.1 joules of impact energy and produce a maximum hammering speed of 4200 blows per minute.

DeWalt DC234KL 3.8kg Li-ion SDS Plus Drill 36V

As far as lightweight SDS plus drills are concerned, there is nothing more reliable than the DeWALT DC234KL. With a net weight of 3.8kg, the unique L-shaped design of the tool makes it easy to handle and very ergonomic by features alone. The DC234KL is very portable and given that it produces a healthy 2.5 joules of impact energy, the anti-vibration feature along with the adjustable side handle ensure that operator safety and machine controllability remain the top precedence here.

Bosch GBH 36VFLI 4.5kg Cordless SDS Plus Hammer 36V

Highly powerful and immensely effective in different situations, the GBH 36VFLI SDS drill combo from Bosch makes the perfect addition to any professional tool kit. This power tool is operated by means of two 2.6Ah lithium ion batteries and as such does not suffer from mobility problems as seen with its corded counterparts. Plus with the high speed charger provided with the pack you can now charge the GBH 36VFLI battery to full efficiency in under one hour.

Hitachi DH24DVC 4kg Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill 24V

With a maximum drilling capacity of 20mm, 27mm and 13mm in masonry, wood and steel respectively, Hitachi's DH24DVC SDS+ drill is the real deal when it comes to professional work tools. This 4kg cordless power tool has three different functions namely drill only, hammer drill and chisel and can be controlled from the mode selection feature at the side of the drill. Features like the mechanical safety clutch or the gearbox housing made from magnesium alloy make the power tool amazingly strong.

Bosch GBH2-23REA 4kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

Are you tired of the dust flying on your face while you are working with your drilling machine? Not to worry, the Bosch GBH2-23REA is here to simplify your life! This professional hammer drill comes well equipped with a dust extraction feature that can be attached onto the machine. The suction device ensures a dust free atmosphere, which is bound to increase your productivity as well as prevent damage to your health.

Hitachi DH18DSL 18V Li-Ion SDS Plus Drill

Hitachi is a major brand when it comes to making power tools. Thus, the Hitachi DH18DSL is a SDS plus hammer drill that has a power packed performance. The impact energy of this tool is about 1.4 joules and it comes with the capacity to drill through 18mm of wood, 16mm of masonry and 13mm of steel. Weighing approximately 2.2kg, the hammer drill uses two 3.0Ah batteries. Its slim grip with a circumference of 112mm is soft and offers stability to the user.

Hitachi DH18DSL 2.3kg SDS Plus Drill 18V

Often the problem with high powered SDS Plus Drills is that they end up wasting a lot of energy when used for lighter work. To that end, the DH18DSL from Hitachi comes with a special save mode switch, which when turned on will reduce the impact rate and speed so as to conserve energy and prevent the small sized drill bits from getting damaged. Another feature worth mentioning is the idle-striking prevention system.

Bosch GBH18V-LI 18V SDS Plus Hammer Drill

Highly rigid in its structure, and built for the best performance for all times sake, the GBH18V-LI SDS plus hammer drill is the lightest (278mm) and smallest (1.9kg effective) rotary power tool in its class. Given its 12mm drilling diameter and dominant impact force of 1 Joule, this hammer drill is the perfect tool choice for electricians and plumbers who more often than not have to contend with working in constricted and stuffy spaces.

Bosch GBH36VLI-CP 36V Li-ion 2.9kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill

Bosch is a very well-known name in the power tools arena as its products come specifically designed to offer a hardwearing performance each and every time they are used. In that respect, the GBH36VLI-CP is one of the company's first endeavors into offering a cordless hammer drill with unmatched anti- vibration features. As a result, you can choose to use it with one hand for an amazingly long period of time without feeling fatigued.

Milwaukee HD18IHX M 18V Li-ion 3 Function SDS-Plus Hammer Drill

The best feature of the HD18IHX Multi-function SDS plus hammer drill is that it can used for three different types of operations. Apart from using this 3.2kg power tool for drilling into tough surfaces like concrete and masonary, it can also alternate as a chisel. Moreover, there are two different types of drilling actions which you can use with the HD18IHX. They include rotary drilling for softer surfaces like wood and percussion based drilling for delivering more power onto the work surface.

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