Dewalt Electric Sanders

Browse our range of Dewalt Electric Sanders that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Dewalt Electric Sanders by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

DeWalt D26430 Detail Sander 240v

The DeWalt Detail sander operates at an input rating of 240 Volt and 300 Watt that performs sanding operations using a detail mechanism at speeds of 14000 to 22000 rpm and a orbit size of 1.8mm. The sanding base of this device allows for 360 degree rotation thus improving the access to hard to reach places. It comes with a dust cartridge and hook loop sanding sheets. The motor is assured against defects and should last a very long time.

DeWalt D26422 Elec Orbit Sander 1/3 Sheet 240v

Dimensions of 270mm by 190mm define the 2.8kg frame of the DeWalt D26422 Electric sander that operates using orbit technology. This sander comes with a massive 350 Watt motor that uses 240 Volt of electric input. Using this input it churns out an impressive 190 Watt that operates the sanding surface at speeds of 12000 to 22000 rpm thus allowing for variable speed control. It comes with its own dust bag and side handle for ergonomics.

DeWalt D26441-LX 110V Palm Sander

Sanding operations are very tiresome and they have to be done right to give the wooden surface a great finish and that is why DeWALT's 230-watt, D26441-LX palm sander is preffered over others by wood work specialists. This is an amazingly lightweight tool with powerful features to ensure that efficiency is not compromised at any time. For that reason, the D26441-LX comes with a patented anti-vibration system that damps out most of the lateral vibrations.

DeWalt D26453-GB 230V Random Orbit Sander

One of the most important aspects in modern orbit sanders is their ability to produce controlled pad speed. In that respect, DeWALT's 230V, D26453-GB random orbit sander offers exactly this kind of a service which in turn avoids any chance of scratching during it's use. The top part of this sander is offered with a flat countered rubber pad for the palm, and along with that there is padding around the neck so that the other hand can clutch it for better control.

DeWalt D26421-GB 240V Sheet Sander

If you are looking for a high performance sander then the DeWalt D26421-GB would fit your requirements perfectly. This sheet sander has a small orbit diameter which enables you to get a smoother finish every time. The hook and Loop or Clamp characteristic provided for the sanding pad make it possible to be used in different angles on wood surfaces. With an effective sanding surface area of 112 x 236mm and a max orbit speed clocking 22,000opm, getting that shine and finish back on to the surface.

DeWalt D26441-GB Palm Sander 240V

Palm sanders are especially handy when dealing with woodwork spread over a large area where the finishing has to be consistent across the surface. In that respect, the D26441-GB palm sander from DeWalt is the right choice for anybody who loves to see professional work done on woodwork. The sander weighs just 1.4 kg and has a 230 watt motor at its heart. Packed with features like anti-vibration system, dust sealed bearings and a push On/Off switch, the D26441-GB is an ideal tool.

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