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Browse our range of Dewalt Routers that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Dewalt Routers by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

DeWalt DW624 240V 1600W Plunge Router

Whether it is making grooves on a sheet of wood or creating decorative trims along the edge, the DeWALT DW624 plunge router can do it all with style and sheer precision. The 1600W motor powers the ½ inch collet to produce plunge strokes that are as deep as 62mm. Features like the spindle lock and parallel fence help in improving the overall usability and safety aspects of the power tool. Since, routing work always produces a lot of saw dust, the extraction facility comes handy.

DeWalt DW625EK 240V 2000W Plunge Router

Working on wood trims, edges and different other profiles comes easy when you have the potent and highly versatile DeWALT DW625EK plunge router at your disposal. This professional router comes with a half inch collet to ensure that you get the best woodwork all the time. The variable speed control is achieved by calibrating the speed dial provided, and this is absolutely vital when working with larger bits as they need slower speeds as compared to smaller bits.

DeWalt DW625EK-LX 2000W Router 110V

Designed on a standard pattern and made in a compact manner, the DeWalt DW625EK-LX is low profile, yet does the job quite effectively. The basic shape and rubber coated handles provide ease of handling and contribute towards increasing the stability of the powerful tool. The electrical speed control feature enables the DW625EK-LX to achieve full control under any kind of load, thus providing the required fine finish for all grades of plastic, aluminum or timber.

DeWalt DW625EK-GB 2000W Router 240V

A sturdy black carry case with bright yellow branding has this powerful DeWalt DW625EK-GB inside it. In terms of comfort, the plunge router has large handles with the necessary on/off and plunge lock switch just near the fingers. The basic design offers best handling stability and the compact form makes the DW625EK-GB easy to store and carry. This tool is equipped with adapters for dust extraction to provide a dust free working area.

DeWalt D26204K-GB 900W Plunge Router 230V

Plunge routers need to be extremely accurate especially if you want to get the best designs and corner cuts on your wooden work piece, and the 230volt D26204K-GB from DeWalt offers exactly these aspects. If one were to properly define the capabilities of this plunge router, then he or she would have to term it as a versatile router with fixed as well as plunge base features, with loads of safety and performance centric aspects.

DeWalt D26204K-LX 900W Plunge Router 110V

Sporting a compact and lightweight design, the DeWalt D26204K-LX plunge router offers increased user comfort and simplicity of use for the most inexperienced of users. Featuring a big list of accessories such as parallel fences, dust extraction adaptors, plunge and fixed base, guide bush and a sturdy kit box, this versatile plunge router makes working with corner designs and etchings on wood, plastic and other materials a really easy task.

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