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Browse our range of Festool Electric Sanders that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Festool Electric Sanders by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Festool DTS 400 Q Delta Sander 100 x 150mm Sheets 200w 240v

This particular Festool Sander called the DTS 400 Q Delta is unique in the fact that it features a triangle sanding pad that offers efficient sanding of corners and spots that are awkwardly positioned to reach. This saves time and effort and does not require an extra run to properly finish surfaces. It features a 200 Watt motor at 240 Volts and is small plus lightweight thus allowing for single hand operations.

Festool RTS 400 Q-Plus Orbital Sander 80 x 130mm Sheets 200w 240v

The triangle shape of the Festool 400 Q Delta DTS sander sand pad allows it to get to those spots that are usally quite hard to reach. This sander allows sanding in narrow spaces, close to edges on various materials and also sand natural wood as well as venner before a coat of varnish can be applied. The tiny form of the sander allows it to be used with just one hand and its massive engine of 200 Watt and 110 Volt ensures that one need not perform reruns.

Festool ETS 125 Q-Plus Eccentric Sander 125w 240v + Systainer System Case

Because of its reduced weight, the Festiil ETS 125 Q-Plus is an amazing sander for vertical surfaces and ceiling works as well. Although it is lightweight and has got a motor with just 125 Watt intake, it should not be misjudged as being light on performance. This tiny beast packs a punch and makes easy work of any surface it lands on. Eccentric motion makes sure that this sander performs outstanding in preliminary sanding and finishing jobs.

Festool DX 93 E-Plus Triangle Sander Kit 150w 240v + Systainer System Case

The power consumed by this Festool DX 93 E Plus is just 150 Watt at 240 Volt and this might lead people to believe that it is only suitable for prefabricating surfaces but the triangle shape and its innovative mechanics enables the sander to perform excellent in any kind of finishing and polishing task as well. Thanks to the triangle shape of the sanding base, it manages to reach each nook and cranny of the surfaces easily.

Festool ETS 125 EQ-Plus Eccentric Sander 125mm 200w 240v + Systainer System Case

For perfectly smooth surfaces that lack the microscopic bumps left by other sanders, the Festool ETS 125 EQ sander is ideal. Whether it is for polishing of rough edges or for smoothening the entire surface of a material, the sander is quite capable with only 200 Watt intake at 240 Volts. This means that the device itself is quite light and at 1.1kg it is suited to single hand operations. This sander comes with an interchangeable sanding pad diameter of 125mm.

Festool BS 75 240V Belt Sander 533 x 75mm Belt 1010w 240v

The electronics behind the Festool ETS 150/5 Sander ensure that it performs quite well in conditions that require constant speeds even in high load conditions. With the option to switch speeds mid work without having to fiddle much, it ensures a smooth surface without any interruptions. A sanding pad brake protects the surface from unwanted excessive sanding by stopping the device promptly. It works on 310 Watt and 240 Volt.

Festool ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus Eccentric Random Orbit Sander 150mm Disc 310w 240v

This Bosch GEX 150 Turbo might seem too costly for a sander but every penny spent on it is worth it because of its multi purpose usability. The sander can operate as a fine sander as well as a coarse sander. In the turbo condition it performs the role of a coarse sander thus eliminating the extra time one would have otherwise spent on smoothening out a surface. The TURBO function is possible because of a refined 600 Watt motor powering it at 110 Volt.

Festool RS 300 EQ Plus Finishing Orbital Sander 1/3 Sheet 280w 240v + Systainer System Case

Inclusive in the packaging of the Festool RS 300 EQ Orbital Set Sander are a filter cartridge, stickfix sanding pads of size 93 X 175mm, V shaped pads for reaching corners, abrasive to attach pads to the sanding surface and a systainer SYS 2 T-LOC. This multi talented sander is capable of delivering finished surfaces as well as preparing materials for varnish and other applications. 280 Watt motor that operates at 240 Volt provides the requisite power to this sander.

Festool RS 300 EQ-Set Orbital Sander 93 x 175mm Sheets 280w 240v

As a sander, the Festool RS 200 Q-Plus is probably best suited to finishing tasks. Unlike normal sanders, it manages to make easy task of finishing by removing the burden off the shoulders of the user using the ability to sand on all three sides at once. The provision of a large sanding base and high speed direct drive motor operating at 320 Watt and 240 Volt protects the device against sub nominal standards.

Festool RS 200 Q-Plus Finishing Orbital Sander 1/2 Sheet 320w 240v + Systainer System Case

Finishing surfaces was never this easy as it is with the Festool RS 200 Q-Plus sander that uses orbital settings to achieve its target. The device operates at high speeds and uses a direct drive system using a 320 Watt motor running on 240 Volts to smoothen out materials by removing extra uneven material sprouts. The light sanding requirements prior to painting and varnishing of surfaces are easily met by this moderately powerful device.

Festool BS 75 E-Plus Belt Sander 533 x 75mm Belt 1010w Kit 240v + Systainer System Case

Whatever the requirement, be it fine sanding, linear or coarse sanding, the Festool BS 75 E-Plus sander is ideal for the job because of its 1010 Watt motor and its belt driven sanding pad. Together the belt system and the massive motor ensure that it manages to get rid of uneven bumps and blemishes that might sprout out of surfaces. It is suited to applications such as sanding strip material, light sanding and also veneered surfaces.

Festool RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus Rotex Gear Driven Eccentric Sander 90mm Disc 400w 240V

This unique looking sander from Festool tagged as the RO 90 DX FEQ Rotex Gear Eccentric Sander makes use of a 400 Watt and 240 Volt electric motor to deliver blemish free surfaces that require no more finishing. The eccentric motion used by this particular model of sander from Festool ensures that the surface is scratch free and of high quality. Be it polishing of surfaces, coarse of fine sanding, the Festool sander can achieve all requirements.

Festool RS 100 Q-Plus Orbital Sander 1/2 Sheet 620w 240v + Systainer System Case

As a sander, the Festool RS 100 Q-Plus delivers outstanding performance. It operates a motor that runs on 240 Volts and 620 Watt churning out a good amount of power necessary for tasks such as coarse sanding and polishing of metal surfaces. The sanding pads on this device allow for vibration stops that ensure a smooth sanding experience while the well balanced center of gravity reduce the stress on the user?s shoulders.

Festool RO 150 FE-C Rotex Gear Driven Eccentric 150mm Disc Sander 720w 240v

Some of the tasks that the Festool RO 150 FE C Rotex Eccentric Sander can perform using its 150mm disc and 720 Watt motor at 240 Volts include sanding of wooden surfaces, removing off old paint and varnish, renovation works, sanding and finishing metal surfaces as well as preliminary coarse sanding jobs. Even hologram polishing tasks are easily accomplished with this particular model from Festool. It comes with a Festool Protector and a handle for easy usage.

Festool BS 75 E-Set Belt Sander 533 x 75mm belt 1010w kit 240v + Systainer System Case

The use of the Festool BS 75 E Belt Sander is evident in matters that pertain to polishing, sanding and finishing. It works like a charm with flat surfaces and makes easy work of veneered surfaces delivering great quality final surfaces. Bench units that have flat strip surfaces also find the Festool BS 75 E quite easy to handle. This sander operates its belt system using a 1010 Watt motor at 240 Volts.

Festool BS 105 E-Plus Belt Sander 620 x 105mm Belt 1400w 240v + Systainer System Case

At 1400 Watt and 240 Volts, the motor on the Festool BS 105 E Plus Sander is probably one of the most powerful. It requires so much of power because it rotates a belt mechanism to which the sanding pad is attached and thus is ideal for strip surfaces and veneered surfaces. For high quality sanding purposes such as finishing of flat surfaces and the final smoothening works, the Festool BS 105 is great.

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