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Browse our range of Hitachi Angle Grinders that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Hitachi Angle Grinders by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Hitachi G10Sr3 Angle Grinder 100mm / 4" Disc 730w 240v

A wrench and a side handle come included with the Hitachi G10Sr3 Angle Grinder that sports a green outer body with a smaller disc of diameter 100mm making it easier to handle in cramped spaces. The grinder boasts of a spindle lock system and a side mounted switch for easy access and operation. It weighs just 1.4 kg and is easier to handle thanks to the ergonomic design of the side handle that can be placed on either side as per user requirement.

Hitachi G10Sr3 Angle Grinder 100mm / 4" Disc 730w 110v

Weighing in at around 1.4 kgs and coated in a tough layer of forest green color, the power tool from Hitachi makes light work of grinding, cutting, brushing and polishing works. The G10Sr3 works on an inpit of 110 volt delivering a power outage of around 730 watt that drives the 100 mm disc flawlessly. The disc size is smaller as opposed to most conventional angle grinders which gives it the advantage of fitting into narrower spaces.

Hitachi G12SR3 115mm Mini Grinder with Diamond Blade & Case 240 Volt

Technologically superior than previous models, the Hitachi G125R3 runs a standard 115mm disc that cuts through steel and other surfaces flawlessly drawing in a power of 730 watt from a 240 volt source. It cools using a powerful fan and safeguards the inside armature with powder coil coating. The torsion spring brush ensures durability and thus makes the G125R3 a dependable device even in overload conditions. The outer body is fashioned in a forest green color that is all too common for Hitachi p

Hitachi G12SR3 115mm Mini Grinder with Diamond Blade & Case 110 Volt

Maximum brush life and armature coil life is ensured in the Hitachi G12SR3 because of spring brush retention and powder coated coil respectively. The 730 watt power angle grinder draws energy from a 110 volt source to drive the large 115mm disc with fine edges and a serrated surface that performs all the jobs expected out of an angle grinder. Weighing just around 1.4kgs it boasts of a reduced length and diameter for easier handling.

Hitachi G12S2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 800w 240v

Boasting of an excellent overloading function that does not heat up unnecessarily in heavy working conditions the Hitachi forest green colored, G12S2 Angle Grinder brushes, cuts and even polishes the sturdiest of surfaces easily using a 115mm disc encrusted with diamond edges and surface run with 800 watt power and 240 volt input. Highly efficient cooling fans and coated armature coils keep it running for so long while the compact body and slimmed body diameter make it easier to operate in small

Hitachi G12S2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 760w 110v

The Hitachi G12S2 Angle Grinder uses a standard size rotating disc with diameter of 115mm that runs on a power input of 800 watts rated at 110 volt. This forest green angle grinder is more than capable of meeting the needs of any professional construction person and even home owners who love making things from scratch. The coated armature and spring tension brushes increase the life of the angle grinder while giving it the edge over competing devices because of its excellent overload capacity.

Hitachi G23Sr Angle Grinder 230mm 9" Disc 2000w 110v + Diamond Blade + Carry Case

A wheel diameter of 230mm graces the Hitachi trademark forest green angle grinder with model number G23Sr that is powered using a voltage input of 110 volt delivering an impressive 2000 watts to work with. Dust resistant construction of the armature and motor ensure a long life and increased overload capacity along with air vents for cooling. The grinder comes with its own set of tools for easy maintenance and a carrying pouch that accommodates all the accessories as well as the grinder.

Hitachi G13Sb3 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1300w 240v

The Hitachi G13Sb3 Angle Grinder is actually just an increase over its smaller models that feature 115 mm discs. This model instead runs a larger 125 mm disc at higher speeds with a 1300 watt rated motor that draws electricity from a 240 voltage source. The grinder offers the highest power in its class and performs even in overheated conditions because of the direct cooling air vents. A slide lock feature makes it safer while working in cramped locations.

Hitachi G13Sb3 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 830w 110v

Quite similar in its construction and disc diameter with the 240 volt counterpart, the Hitachi green G13Sb3 Angle Grinder operates a 125 mm disc wheel but at a reduced power rating of 830 watts because of the reduced power voltage source of 110 volts. Under such conditions it actually works just as well as its sibling model using the same technology that gives it overloading working access with air vents and a side switch. The coated armature prolongs its life span.

Hitachi G23Sr Angle Grinder 230mm 9" Disc 2000w 110v

Life of the Hitachi G23Sr model Angle Grinder is huge because of three safety precautions included in its designing stage. Sealed armature, dust proof bearings and durable metal retainers protect the interior of the grinder from dust and abrasion. The 230mm disc rotates along using a motor of 2000 watt rated at 110 Volt and even performs at par in overload conditions as well. The grinder weighs in at just 4.3 kg which is actually around one pound lighter than competing brands.

Hitachi G12Se2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 1200w 240v

A major overhaul over previous year models and other outdated ones from the Hitachi stable, the G12Se2 Angle Grinder features a 115mm diameter disc which rotates consuming a power of 1200 Watts rated at 240 volt. The overload durability of this model is at least 12 % higher than those of previous years and the armature protection is beefed up for twice the security and longer life. Fashioned in a parrot green color, it is sure to be a hit with contractors and handymen.

Hitachi G12Se2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 1050w 110v

The Mini Angular Grinder from Hitachi with model number of G12Se2 features extra slim handles and a dual side handle arrangement for ambidextrous use. It operates at a setting of 110 Volts and 1050 Watts using a 115mm disc that is quite capable of cutting and grinding any surface clean. This model betters its previous counterparts in terms of durability and life with a better overload durability and extra armature protection.

Hitachi G13Sc2 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1200w 240v

The wheel diameter on the Hitachi G13Sc2 Angle Grinder or Polisher is of 125mm and it is compact as well as slimmer in build thus accommodating the requirements of any user be it a professional or home user. The grinder operates within settings of 240 Volt at 1200 Watt of power that runs a motor within a labyrinth dust seal covering made from lightweight material. The side handle can be configured into three different positions thus providing versatility in usage.

Hitachi G13Sc2 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1200w 110v

Just like the 240 Volt counterpart, the Hitachi G13Sc2 angle grinder operates in the same range of power output which is 1200 Watt but it uses a 110V input instead. The features remain the same with a labyrinth outer dust seal construction with lightweight materials and excellent durability in overload conditions. The side handle fits in three different directions for convenient usage to operate the 125mm wheel.

Hitachi G18Se3 Angle Grinder 180mm / 7" Disc 2300w 240v

The Hitachi G18Se3 comes from a long line of angle grinders that are made with an improved construction that locks away dust from coming in contact with the armature of the motor thus keeping the 2300 Watt 240 Volt engine running in prime condition throughout the life. It rotates a wheel of diameter180mm that is neither too small nor too large. The brush life of the armature is rated at 140 hours. It comes with a side handle attachment and a wrench.

Hitachi G18Se3 Angle Grinder 180mm / 7" Disc 2300w 110v

The tool free guard over the wheel attachment of the Hitachi G18Se3 angular grinder protects against user accidents and is powered by a long lasting dust resistant motor with 140 hours rated armature brush assembly delivering an unswerving power of 2300 Watt at 110 Volts. The disc mounted on this grinder is of 180mm diameter. It is packaged along with a wrench and a side handle that can go on either side of the grinder.

Hitachi G23Mr Angle Grinder 230mm / 9" Disc 2400w 240v

The Hitachi power angular grinder G23Mr comes in a sleek body fashioned with a combination of green and white. It boasts of a massive motor that churns out 2400 Watts at 240 Volts more than sufficient to drive the large 230mm wheel. The motor is housed in a double insulated aluminum casing that offers greater strength and heat resistance in a lighter package. The quick release system makes changing the wheel quite easy.

Hitachi G23Mr Angle Grinder 230mm / 9" Disc 2400w 110v

Power is never an issue with the 230 mm wheel operating angular grinder G23Mr from Hitachi that uses an enormous 2400 Watt of energy from a 110 Volt source. It sports hefty insulation in the form of plastic housing and even a motor housing made from heat resistant doubly insulated aluminum casing. The side handles absorb vibrations making it easier to control its large wheel base while the quick release feature makes changing wheels all the more easier.

Hitachi G23Scy Uvp Angle Grinder 9" / 230mm Disc 2400w 110v

Here is a low vibration grinder that offers zero hassles to operators willing to push it to the limit for hours at end. The Hitachi parrot green G23Scy Uvp grinder boasts a large 230mm wheel or disc that consumes over 2300 Watts from a 110 Volt power source. The Tri-axial vibration level control reduces vibrations by 25 % over previous models while the durability is not affected in overload conditions. Changing wheels is easy with its quick release feature.

Hitachi G13Yc Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1500w 240v

The 1500 Watt motor runs quietly and over longer periods over the previous year models from Hitachi in the G13Yc that uses thermal overhead protective management system and constant speed controller. Dust proof construction ensures that the life of the product is enhanced while the soft start button makes working the G13Yc with the side handle a one hand affair. The wheel on the grinder is of125mm and powered with 1500 Watt, 240 Volt input.

Hitachi G23SRCD 9 inch Angle Grinder 110V

A powerful and versatile tool that can take care of cutting, grinding and sanding operations to a certain extent, Hitachi's G23SRCD angle grinder is also the safest choice around. Its adjustable guard ensures that sparks from the grinding surface do not fly off and catch you off guard. The provided spindle lock in the tool makes disc changes quick and easy. The 9-inch diamond disc with the G23SRCD takes on any surface with ease in providing more dimensions to your cutting and grinding needs.

Hitachi G23SS/CD/230 9 inch Angle Grinder 230V

Angle grinders are power tools that are expected to perform with high efficiency while cutting, polishing and grinding through metal and stone. The 9 inch Hitachi G23SS/CD/230, is a powerful angle grinder. This power tool offers a slim grip for enhanced handling convenience. The overload durability for this machine is much better as compared to its various counterparts. The bearings of G23SS/CD/230 are dust sealed, thus increasing their lifetime.

Hitachi G12SS/CD 4 inch Angle Grinder 240V

If you are on the lookout for a powerful yet highly precise angle grinder to help in your polishing jobs, then the Hitachi G12SS/CD might just be that tool. Featuring top market attributes like the lock ON/OFF switch, spindle lock and replaceable brushes, this grinder is as much about user convenience as it is about work efficiency. Powered by a 730 watt motor, the G12SS/CD can produce a mind-splitting 10,000 rpm when under zero load. The circular blade in the tool measures 115mm in diameter.

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