Hitachi Circular Saws

Browse our range of Hitachi Circular Saws that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Hitachi Circular Saws by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular Saw 185mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1710w 240v

The massive 1710 Watt motor runs on a 240 Volt power source driving a large 7 1/4th inch circular blade straight through 90 degree cuts because of the unique 90 degree setting on the Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular saw. The fan cooled motor and the gears are encased in a durable aluminium casting to reduce operating weights and therefore add to the comfort of orienting the saw in tight spaces. A maximum of 60mm cutting depth is assured with its 30mm diameter bore.

Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular Saw 185mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1670w 110v

Hitachi C7Sb2 features the unique forest green outer body common to all Hitachi products and uses the best in engineering to provide great power tools. A large 185mm disc rotates because of an equally large motor churning out power taking in 670 Watt at 110 Volt. The maximum penetration of the circular saw is fixed at 60mm in the unique 90 degree orientation of the saw. Furthermore, the saw comes with easy bevel leveller and angle adjuster for reducing the effort associated with off angle cuts a

Hitachi C7UY Circular Saw 190mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1200w 240v

Hitachi comes out with this 190mm circular blade that uses just 1200watt of power at 240 volts to cut clean through depths of up to 66mm be it hardwood or softwood. The saw comes with PTFE coated aluminium base that slides seamlessly over wood for a cleaner closer cut along the guide line. The base and blade come with parallel adjustment and a dust blower blows away dust and debris away from the working surface.

Hitachi C7UY Circular Saw 190mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1200w 110v

At just 4kg the Hitachi C7UY is capable of driving through wood, be it softwood or hardwood, to a maximum depth of 66mm. Even though the aluminium base circular saw weighs so light, it does deliver a good amount of power at 1200 Watt and 110Volt rotating it at class topping speeds in the no load condition. A dust blower clears the work surface off all debris and dust particles that might blot out the guiding line and the easy leveller for the bevel angle makes sawing tasks quite easy.

Hitachi C9U2 Circular Saw 235mm / 9" Blade 1670w 110v

Light and yet powerful, the Hitachi circular saw model C9U2 comes with a massive motor that takes in around 1600 watt of energy at 110 volt to power a large 235mm diameter disc through any kind of surface. The saw is not just powerful but also ergonomic in its function. It uses a blower upfront to clear accumulated dust on the guideline and even comes with electric brake for accurate stops.

Hitachi C9Bu2 Circular Saw 235mm / 9" Blade 1670w 240v

The high power to weight ratio of the Hitachi C9Bu2 Circular Saw is possible because of its light weight construction and massive engine that churns out a good 1670 Watt using a 240 voltage input source driving the large 235mm blade at stupendous speeds. The powerful motor is protected against accidental usage by an electric brake. While the spindle lock mechanism ensures that rusted blades are easy to replace just as the other components of the saw.

Hitachi CR13V2 Reciprocating Saw

Tool free blade changing system, Variable speed up to 2800 strokes/min, Adjustable front shoe, Blade can be fitted either way up for greater versatility, Cuts up to 130mm diameter pipe or 300mm wood, Includes blade and case, No Load Speed (RPM): 0 - 2800

Hitachi 185mm Circular Saw 110V - C7U2

Supplied with carry case, saw blade, guide, wrench, dust collection adaptor., Max. Cut 66mm, 18-Tooth TCT Blade, Die-Cast Aluminium Base, Riving Knife, Spindle Lock, Disc dia. 185mm x 30mm bore., Bevel cuts 0-45 degrees., Overall length 400mm., Blade included., Includes plug.

Hitachi 235mm Circular Saw - C9U2

Spindle Lock, Supplied with carry case, wrench and dust collection adaptor., Max. Cut 86mm, 20-Tooth TCT Blade, Die-Cast Aluminium Base & Polycarbonate Resin Guard, Riving Knife, Blade dia. 235mm x 30mm bore., Bevel cuts 0-45 degrees.

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