Hitachi Electric Sanders

Browse our range of Hitachi Electric Sanders that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Hitachi Electric Sanders by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Hitachi Say150A Sander & Polisher 150mm / 6 & Disc 380w 240v

The unit life of the DeWalt D26480 belt compact sander is quite long probably because of its dust sealed construction that keeps any kind of contaminant outside so that the internal cogs keep running smoothly. To further aid in this task, it makes use of a detachable dust extraction port suitable with 22 to 35mm extractors. This 110 Volt 600 Watt motor powered device can perform rapid progressive removal of material while being light on the user?s shoulders.

Hitachi Sp18va Sander Polisher 180mm / 7 1/4" Disc 1250w 240v

As a sander, the DeWalt Dw443 right angle sander is probably the most advanced technologically. It features a controlled finishing system that maintains the pad at constant controlled speeds at all times. Using all ball bearing construction it maintains the fluidity of the device and even ensures easy starting with a soft start feature. The 530 Watt 240 Volt motor ensures that the sander does not run out of power regardless of the speed it is running at.

Hitachi Sp18va Sander Polisher 180mm / 7 1/4" Disc 1250w 110v

Increased controllability, greater accuracy and easier strokes are ensured by the Hitachi Sp18va Polisher Sander all due to its loop sided handle, variable speeds and improved bearing design that makes use of an increased overload protection. Its disc size is 180mm and at 1250 Watt it is probably one of the most powerful sander in the market. Weighing at just 2.8kgs, the sander manages to performing all sorts of polishing and sanding tasks quite easily.

Hitachi Sb10v2 Belt Sander 100 x 610mm Belt 1020w 240v

A 100mm belt sander from Hitachi with the model number Sb10v2 that operates with the help of 1020 Watt 240 Volt motor that drives the sanding belt on variable speeds and ensures complete elimination of dust with a dust bag mounted on the handle itself that collects all dust sucked out from the working surface. It comes with a soft grip for easy handling and a large trigger that reduces the pain in fiddling with controls in tight spots.

Hitachi Sb10v2 Belt Sander 100 x 610mm Belt 1020w 110v

As a compact belt sander, the Hitachi Sb10v2 is quite ideal as it measures in terms of the sanding pad at just 100 X 610mm while its motor rotates at awesome speeds of 240 to 420 rpm using a massive motor of 1020 Watt and 240 Volts. Furthermore, the 5.2 kg sander comes with its own sanding belt and a dust bag that can be easily mounted on the handle to collect dust that emanates from the work surface because of the sanding process.

Hitachi SV12SG Sheet Palm Sander 230V

Achieving high quality surface finishing work with the SV12SG from Hitachi is a given which brings with it a bunch of extra features to help you get the best results every time. Powered by a 200 watt motor, this 1.1 kg sheet sander features dust sealed bearings and an all new dust extraction facility. The latter is especially worth mentioning as it offers 70% more extraction efficiency meaning that your work surface always remains clear despite the amount of debris produced from the sanding.

Hitachi SV13YA 240V Random Orbit Sander

Sanders are tools that are used for making surfaces smooth. The Hitachi SV13YA is quite a powerful yet handy sander. It has an orbit diameter of 3.2mm and a sanding surface of 125mm. The SV13YA comes with a dust bag that can be hooked on, sanding pads and a compact carry case. Weighing less than 2kg, this tool is easy to operate and does everything that it promises. Quite and effective machine to have in your tool kit, the SV13YA has a great speed control that can be set to constant.

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