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Hitachi G10Sr3 Angle Grinder 100mm / 4" Disc 730w 240v

A wrench and a side handle come included with the Hitachi G10Sr3 Angle Grinder that sports a green outer body with a smaller disc of diameter 100mm making it easier to handle in cramped spaces. The grinder boasts of a spindle lock system and a side mounted switch for easy access and operation. It weighs just 1.4 kg and is easier to handle thanks to the ergonomic design of the side handle that can be placed on either side as per user requirement.

Hitachi G10Sr3 Angle Grinder 100mm / 4" Disc 730w 110v

Weighing in at around 1.4 kgs and coated in a tough layer of forest green color, the power tool from Hitachi makes light work of grinding, cutting, brushing and polishing works. The G10Sr3 works on an inpit of 110 volt delivering a power outage of around 730 watt that drives the 100 mm disc flawlessly. The disc size is smaller as opposed to most conventional angle grinders which gives it the advantage of fitting into narrower spaces.

Hitachi G12SR3 115mm Mini Grinder with Diamond Blade & Case 240 Volt

Technologically superior than previous models, the Hitachi G125R3 runs a standard 115mm disc that cuts through steel and other surfaces flawlessly drawing in a power of 730 watt from a 240 volt source. It cools using a powerful fan and safeguards the inside armature with powder coil coating. The torsion spring brush ensures durability and thus makes the G125R3 a dependable device even in overload conditions. The outer body is fashioned in a forest green color that is all too common for Hitachi p

Hitachi G12SR3 115mm Mini Grinder with Diamond Blade & Case 110 Volt

Maximum brush life and armature coil life is ensured in the Hitachi G12SR3 because of spring brush retention and powder coated coil respectively. The 730 watt power angle grinder draws energy from a 110 volt source to drive the large 115mm disc with fine edges and a serrated surface that performs all the jobs expected out of an angle grinder. Weighing just around 1.4kgs it boasts of a reduced length and diameter for easier handling.

Hitachi G12S2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 800w 240v

Boasting of an excellent overloading function that does not heat up unnecessarily in heavy working conditions the Hitachi forest green colored, G12S2 Angle Grinder brushes, cuts and even polishes the sturdiest of surfaces easily using a 115mm disc encrusted with diamond edges and surface run with 800 watt power and 240 volt input. Highly efficient cooling fans and coated armature coils keep it running for so long while the compact body and slimmed body diameter make it easier to operate in small

Hitachi G12S2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 760w 110v

The Hitachi G12S2 Angle Grinder uses a standard size rotating disc with diameter of 115mm that runs on a power input of 800 watts rated at 110 volt. This forest green angle grinder is more than capable of meeting the needs of any professional construction person and even home owners who love making things from scratch. The coated armature and spring tension brushes increase the life of the angle grinder while giving it the edge over competing devices because of its excellent overload capacity.

Hitachi G23Sr Angle Grinder 230mm 9" Disc 2000w 110v + Diamond Blade + Carry Case

A wheel diameter of 230mm graces the Hitachi trademark forest green angle grinder with model number G23Sr that is powered using a voltage input of 110 volt delivering an impressive 2000 watts to work with. Dust resistant construction of the armature and motor ensure a long life and increased overload capacity along with air vents for cooling. The grinder comes with its own set of tools for easy maintenance and a carrying pouch that accommodates all the accessories as well as the grinder.

Hitachi G13Sb3 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1300w 240v

The Hitachi G13Sb3 Angle Grinder is actually just an increase over its smaller models that feature 115 mm discs. This model instead runs a larger 125 mm disc at higher speeds with a 1300 watt rated motor that draws electricity from a 240 voltage source. The grinder offers the highest power in its class and performs even in overheated conditions because of the direct cooling air vents. A slide lock feature makes it safer while working in cramped locations.

Hitachi G13Sb3 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 830w 110v

Quite similar in its construction and disc diameter with the 240 volt counterpart, the Hitachi green G13Sb3 Angle Grinder operates a 125 mm disc wheel but at a reduced power rating of 830 watts because of the reduced power voltage source of 110 volts. Under such conditions it actually works just as well as its sibling model using the same technology that gives it overloading working access with air vents and a side switch. The coated armature prolongs its life span.

Hitachi G23Sr Angle Grinder 230mm 9" Disc 2000w 110v

Life of the Hitachi G23Sr model Angle Grinder is huge because of three safety precautions included in its designing stage. Sealed armature, dust proof bearings and durable metal retainers protect the interior of the grinder from dust and abrasion. The 230mm disc rotates along using a motor of 2000 watt rated at 110 Volt and even performs at par in overload conditions as well. The grinder weighs in at just 4.3 kg which is actually around one pound lighter than competing brands.

Hitachi G12Se2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 1200w 240v

A major overhaul over previous year models and other outdated ones from the Hitachi stable, the G12Se2 Angle Grinder features a 115mm diameter disc which rotates consuming a power of 1200 Watts rated at 240 volt. The overload durability of this model is at least 12 % higher than those of previous years and the armature protection is beefed up for twice the security and longer life. Fashioned in a parrot green color, it is sure to be a hit with contractors and handymen.

Hitachi G12Se2 Angle Grinder 115mm 4 / 1/2" Disc 1050w 110v

The Mini Angular Grinder from Hitachi with model number of G12Se2 features extra slim handles and a dual side handle arrangement for ambidextrous use. It operates at a setting of 110 Volts and 1050 Watts using a 115mm disc that is quite capable of cutting and grinding any surface clean. This model betters its previous counterparts in terms of durability and life with a better overload durability and extra armature protection.

Hitachi G13Sc2 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1200w 240v

The wheel diameter on the Hitachi G13Sc2 Angle Grinder or Polisher is of 125mm and it is compact as well as slimmer in build thus accommodating the requirements of any user be it a professional or home user. The grinder operates within settings of 240 Volt at 1200 Watt of power that runs a motor within a labyrinth dust seal covering made from lightweight material. The side handle can be configured into three different positions thus providing versatility in usage.

Hitachi G13Sc2 Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1200w 110v

Just like the 240 Volt counterpart, the Hitachi G13Sc2 angle grinder operates in the same range of power output which is 1200 Watt but it uses a 110V input instead. The features remain the same with a labyrinth outer dust seal construction with lightweight materials and excellent durability in overload conditions. The side handle fits in three different directions for convenient usage to operate the 125mm wheel.

Hitachi G18Se3 Angle Grinder 180mm / 7" Disc 2300w 240v

The Hitachi G18Se3 comes from a long line of angle grinders that are made with an improved construction that locks away dust from coming in contact with the armature of the motor thus keeping the 2300 Watt 240 Volt engine running in prime condition throughout the life. It rotates a wheel of diameter180mm that is neither too small nor too large. The brush life of the armature is rated at 140 hours. It comes with a side handle attachment and a wrench.

Hitachi G18Se3 Angle Grinder 180mm / 7" Disc 2300w 110v

The tool free guard over the wheel attachment of the Hitachi G18Se3 angular grinder protects against user accidents and is powered by a long lasting dust resistant motor with 140 hours rated armature brush assembly delivering an unswerving power of 2300 Watt at 110 Volts. The disc mounted on this grinder is of 180mm diameter. It is packaged along with a wrench and a side handle that can go on either side of the grinder.

Hitachi G23Mr Angle Grinder 230mm / 9" Disc 2400w 240v

The Hitachi power angular grinder G23Mr comes in a sleek body fashioned with a combination of green and white. It boasts of a massive motor that churns out 2400 Watts at 240 Volts more than sufficient to drive the large 230mm wheel. The motor is housed in a double insulated aluminum casing that offers greater strength and heat resistance in a lighter package. The quick release system makes changing the wheel quite easy.

Hitachi G23Mr Angle Grinder 230mm / 9" Disc 2400w 110v

Power is never an issue with the 230 mm wheel operating angular grinder G23Mr from Hitachi that uses an enormous 2400 Watt of energy from a 110 Volt source. It sports hefty insulation in the form of plastic housing and even a motor housing made from heat resistant doubly insulated aluminum casing. The side handles absorb vibrations making it easier to control its large wheel base while the quick release feature makes changing wheels all the more easier.

Hitachi G23Scy Uvp Angle Grinder 9" / 230mm Disc 2400w 110v

Here is a low vibration grinder that offers zero hassles to operators willing to push it to the limit for hours at end. The Hitachi parrot green G23Scy Uvp grinder boasts a large 230mm wheel or disc that consumes over 2300 Watts from a 110 Volt power source. The Tri-axial vibration level control reduces vibrations by 25 % over previous models while the durability is not affected in overload conditions. Changing wheels is easy with its quick release feature.

Hitachi G13Yc Angle Grinder 125mm / 5" Disc 1500w 240v

The 1500 Watt motor runs quietly and over longer periods over the previous year models from Hitachi in the G13Yc that uses thermal overhead protective management system and constant speed controller. Dust proof construction ensures that the life of the product is enhanced while the soft start button makes working the G13Yc with the side handle a one hand affair. The wheel on the grinder is of125mm and powered with 1500 Watt, 240 Volt input.

Hitachi H25Pv SDS Plus Demolition Hammer 500w 240v

Hammering is usually a tiring and strenuous process. However, the Hitachi H25Pv Demolition Hammer makes it easy to carry out chiseling, remodeling works with its high impact rate and low vibration levels. With just 7.1m/s2 of vibration, it is actually quite low compared with many other devices. The Chisel lock mechanism has variable positions that make it better suited to the work requirements. Furthermore, the 500 Watt motor of the hammer runs on a 240 voltage source and therefore churns out su

Hitachi H45Mr SDS Max Demolition Hammer 950w 240v

The lightweight and ultra portable design of the Hitachi H45Mr Demolition Hammer offers an impressive 12.5 Joules of high impact energy that gives an output of around 950 Watt at an intake of 240 Volt. It allows for the chisel position to take on variable positions and thus makes hammering an easy task regardless of the space restrictions. An aluminum casing offers the low weight characteristics while maintaining durability. Furthermore, the side handle is of a D type that rotates 360 degrees an

Hitachi H45Mr SDS Max Demolition Hammer 950w 110v

Break through concrete and even softer material without giving much stress to one?s body with the Hitachi H45Mr SDS demolition hammer that churns out an impressive 12.5 Joule of high impact energy and 950 Watt of raw power at an input of 110 Volt. It reduces weight using aluminum casing that also increases its durability. Furthermore, the variable locking chisel mechanism allows for adjusting the angle of the drill for different workspaces.

Hitachi H65Sd2 Demolition Breaker Heavy Duty 1340w 240v

Best in its class, this demolition tool from Hitachi numbered H65Sd2 is categorized as a heavy duty demolition hammer. It comes with a innovative design that sports a handle on top for a double handed usage that reduces the vibrations. Double insulation and aluminum construction increase the life of the hammer. It also accepts 3 types of drill bits ranging from a 28mm hex bit to the air tool. Auto stop carbon brushes are another added advantage of this particular hammer.

Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular Saw 185mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1710w 240v

The massive 1710 Watt motor runs on a 240 Volt power source driving a large 7 1/4th inch circular blade straight through 90 degree cuts because of the unique 90 degree setting on the Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular saw. The fan cooled motor and the gears are encased in a durable aluminium casting to reduce operating weights and therefore add to the comfort of orienting the saw in tight spaces. A maximum of 60mm cutting depth is assured with its 30mm diameter bore.

Hitachi C7Sb2 Circular Saw 185mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1670w 110v

Hitachi C7Sb2 features the unique forest green outer body common to all Hitachi products and uses the best in engineering to provide great power tools. A large 185mm disc rotates because of an equally large motor churning out power taking in 670 Watt at 110 Volt. The maximum penetration of the circular saw is fixed at 60mm in the unique 90 degree orientation of the saw. Furthermore, the saw comes with easy bevel leveller and angle adjuster for reducing the effort associated with off angle cuts a

Hitachi C7UY Circular Saw 190mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1200w 240v

Hitachi comes out with this 190mm circular blade that uses just 1200watt of power at 240 volts to cut clean through depths of up to 66mm be it hardwood or softwood. The saw comes with PTFE coated aluminium base that slides seamlessly over wood for a cleaner closer cut along the guide line. The base and blade come with parallel adjustment and a dust blower blows away dust and debris away from the working surface.

Hitachi C7UY Circular Saw 190mm / 7 1/4" Blade 1200w 110v

At just 4kg the Hitachi C7UY is capable of driving through wood, be it softwood or hardwood, to a maximum depth of 66mm. Even though the aluminium base circular saw weighs so light, it does deliver a good amount of power at 1200 Watt and 110Volt rotating it at class topping speeds in the no load condition. A dust blower clears the work surface off all debris and dust particles that might blot out the guiding line and the easy leveller for the bevel angle makes sawing tasks quite easy.

Hitachi C9U2 Circular Saw 235mm / 9" Blade 1670w 110v

Light and yet powerful, the Hitachi circular saw model C9U2 comes with a massive motor that takes in around 1600 watt of energy at 110 volt to power a large 235mm diameter disc through any kind of surface. The saw is not just powerful but also ergonomic in its function. It uses a blower upfront to clear accumulated dust on the guideline and even comes with electric brake for accurate stops.

Hitachi C9Bu2 Circular Saw 235mm / 9" Blade 1670w 240v

The high power to weight ratio of the Hitachi C9Bu2 Circular Saw is possible because of its light weight construction and massive engine that churns out a good 1670 Watt using a 240 voltage input source driving the large 235mm blade at stupendous speeds. The powerful motor is protected against accidental usage by an electric brake. While the spindle lock mechanism ensures that rusted blades are easy to replace just as the other components of the saw.

Hitachi D6Sh Rotary Drill 240w 240v

Home owners generally prefer light weight low impact hammer drills since they require such devices for carrying out minor modifications. The Hitachi D6Sh does not offer much in terms of power or torque with just 240 Watt of input power that drives a 6.5mm capacity chuck and drill bit through distances of 6.5mm, 9mm and 6.5mm in steel, wood and concrete. Weighing just 0.9kgs, it has got to be one of the lightest rotary drill which can orient itself in either direction.

Hitachi Fdv16Vb2 Hammer Drill 550w 240v

This Hitachi corded rill Fdv16vb2 comes with its own side handle and carry case so that one can actually take it along to different work sites. Not only is this tiny drill suited for home users but also for professionals such as contractors and plumbers. The drill is ergonomically made and uses a 13mm keyless clutch that drives through 16mm thick concrete easily. The motor is of 550 Watt input that delivers 27360 beats per minute at rotational speeds of 2900rpm. The weight of this drill is just

Hitachi Dv16V Hammer Drill 590w 240v

Strength and durability are two keywords the properly define the Hitachi Dv16V hammer drill that is powered using a motor rated at 590 Watts and 240 Volts. The powerful motor churns out speeds of 2900rpm and 3400pbm which considering its 1.5kg weight is actually quite high for its class. The motor is capable of powering drill bits through 16mm thick brick walls and steel of maximum thickness 13mm.

Hitachi D10vf Rotary Drill 710w 240v

Hitachi, a leader in the world of power electronics delivers this amazing power tool for home users, the D10vf Rotary drill that is more than enough for surfaces such as steel, wood and brick drilling holes of depth 10mm, 25m and 10mm easily. The no load speed setting can be changed between 3000rpm and with an overall length of 265mm at 1.8kgs makes this drill an easy one for home users to use. Carrying case that comes along with this drill not only allows the drill to fill into it properly but

Hitachi Dh40Mr SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill 950w 240v

Even though the Hitachi Dh40Mr SDS Max is a powerful demolition drill with 10.0 Joules at 950 Watt and 240 Volt power input, it just weighs around 6.5kgs which is by far the lightest in its category. The drill with its low vibrational features and extra handle makes light work of drilling through 105mm of concrete using TCT core bits. This is possible because of its variable speed control and hammer drilling mechanism with 12 chiselling position locks.

Hitachi H45Mry SDS Max Demolition Hammer 950w 240v

Among the best in its class for demolition performance and lowest vibrations, the Hitachi H43Mry SDS is a demolition only hammer action drill with an impact energy of 12.7 Joules at 950 Watt and 240 Volt. A vibration level measured at full load of 7.2m/s2 on tri-axial setting works at load impact rates of 3000/min using SDS Max Bit shanks. The net weight of only the drill comes at 5.9kgs. An extra side handle and a carrying case are packaged as extras with this drill.

Hitachi Dh45Mr SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill 1200w 240v

Designed with a sturdy body and aluminium casing, the Hitachi Dh45Mr is a dual mode drill with impact and rotary modes making it easy to blasts large precise holes through concrete and masonry using core bit of the length of 125mm. With an input power of 1200 Watt at 240 Volts, it is more than sufficient at rotary drilling actions. A soft grip and a side handle together make it easier on the shoulders with its reduced vibration system for prolonged drilling.

Hitachi Dh50Mry Uvp SDS Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill 1400w 240v

The Max Rotary Hammer Drill with demolition action, Hitachi Dh50Mry Uvp SDS is a powerful tool that uses a humongous motor rated at 1400 Watt and 240 Volts. It desecrates concrete with TCT core bits to a depth of 160mm using impact rating of around 105 ? 2150/min. Weighing at a huge 10.5 kgs it measures around 570mm in length and comes with a side handle, depth stop and grease pack along with a cool carry case.

Hitachi G14Dljl 14.4v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

With a high torque design and a slimline grip, Hitachi G14Dljl cordless, 14.4-volt angle grinder cuts through metal effortlessly. With an overall length of 325 mm and wheel diameter of 115mm, this grinding tool is powered using two rechargeable Li-ion batteries with a maximum charging period of 45 minutes only. The side handle and other anti vibration features provided in the grinder provide the apt anti-vibration measures to counter the rumble of its potent, 9300-rpm motor.

Hitachi G14Dll4 14.4v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5 & Disc Without Battery & Charger

Weighing in at 1.8kg and measuring 325mm from end to end, Hitachi?s 14.4V cordless offering G14Dll4 angle grinding tool is made for the tough work. Backed by an incredibly powerful 9300rpm motor, the grinder receives its electrical supply from a pair of rechargeable batteries, thus giving you the freedom to use the tool to its full potential in work conditions that offer limited space. Other features in the angle grinder include replaceable carbon brushes and power switch mounted to side.

Hitachi G18Dljl 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

This 9300-rpm cordless Hitachi G14 Dljl angle grinder derives the required 18 v electric supply from two 3.0Ah BCL1430 Lithium ion cells. A single charge of 45 minutes using the included UC18YRL charger is enough to replenish the batteries to their full potential. Its high torque design coupled with the stumpy gear cover make it ideal for brushing, grinding, cutting and shaping works in constrained spaces. Featuring a slim-line body structure and side handle, this angle grinder takes on any kind

Hitachi G18Dll4 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5 & Disc Without Battery & Charger

An excellent value for money, the Hitachi G18Dll4 cordless angle grinder makes work simpler by cutting out the annoyance of being limited by cable length. If you thought that battery operated power grinders will be low on the power transmission category, then think again, since this particular model houses a motor that gives out an exhilarating 9300 revs in a single minute. Moreover, its carefully designed body promotes maximum utility in diverse situations and orientations, while ensuring no le

Hitachi G18DSL/JL 18v Cordless Angle Grinder + 2 Lithium Batteries 3Ah

From brushing and polishing surfaces to material removal and metal cutting tasks, the 18V Hitachi G18DSL/JL angle grinder provides the best solution for the aforementioned applications thanks to its radical design and powerful features. These include a 9100-rpm motor powered by rechargeable cells, and backed by a design that promotes higher torque. In addition, its cordless feature makes it an indispensible tool when the line of work involves operating in cramped spaces or overhead tasks.

Hitachi G18DSL/L4 18v Cordless Angle Grinder without Battery or Charger

Whether you are into sculpting or metal works, or just need to brush out and soften rough surfaces, the cordless G18DSL/JL offering from Hitachi should cater to all your needs with ?lan. It comes with a neat slim-lined design with the power switch mounted to the side for easier access and better control. The 115mm disc diameter is powered by a high intensity and ultra durable 9100-rpm motor, which in turn receives its electrical input from 18 V rechargeable batteries

Hitachi C18Dljl 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

The Hitachi C18Dljl circular saw with a pack of 2 Li-ion batteries comes along with a carrying case, wrench, blade, charger (UC18YRL) and a guide for easy maintenance. This circular saw powers a 165mm blade with a 18 volt electric motor and stops the blade in full swing with an electronic brake. The blade is made from TCT with 24 tooth arrangement and a 1.6mm kerf that reduces the drain on batter increasing cutting time. A spotlight illuminates the cut line.

Hitachi C18Dll4 18v Cordless Circular Saw 165mm Blade Without Battery & Charger

A carrying case to take along the Hitachi C18DLL4 along with the other equipments required for the circular saw comes with the package. However, it comes without a battery pack and a charger that have to be bought separately. The circular saw uses a 165mm blade and powers it with 18 volt motor that will use a 3Ah battery. The speeds clocked at no load settings are 3400rpm, more than sufficient to cut cleanly through any kind of wooden surface.

Hitachi C18DSL/L4 18v Cordless Circular Saw without Battery or Charger

Get the cleanest cuts and smoothest edges with the Hitachi C18DSL /L4 cordless circular saw that operates a lightweight 18 Volt electric motor running on Lithium ion technology. The blade dimensions are 165mm and the maximum distance that it can cut through is 57mm at a zero degree orientation. Speeds of 3400 rpm are on offer in the no load condition with this circular saw that one needs to purchase the battery and charger separately for.

Hitachi Cj18Dll4 18v Cordless Jigsaw Without Battery & Charger

The soft grip handle in Hitachi Cj18Dll4 Jigsaw presents the 18v cordless power tool with an excellent ergonomic feature, which comes very handy when performing custom cuts into wood and other materials. With an effective stroke length of 26mm, the 2.4kg Jigsaw can efficiently work on wood as well as mild steel featuring thicknesses of 135mm and 10mm respectively. The motor runs at 2400rpm, and when teamed up with the tool?s 4-mode orbital action can produce fast and precise cuts easily.

Hitachi CJ18DSL/L4 18v Cordless Jigsaw without Battery or Charger

With an adjustable base that can be calibrated to a maximum angular displacement of 45-degrees in either direction, the CJ18DSL/L4 cordless variant from the Hitachi range of Jigsaws offers excellent handling, precision and a dynamic attitude in the tool that makes it perfect for use in a wide variety of situations. Plus, it comes with a LED spotlight for cut line illumination and built-in blower, both of which bring in greater controllability in the 2400 rpm machine.

Hitachi Cj14Dljl 14.4v Cordless Jigsaw + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

Tool free blade insertion and release, together with an adjustable base capable of offering up to 45-degree angular cutting action for shaping works is what makes Hitachi?s cordless 14v, Cj14Dljl bayonet cutter a worthy companion when working in spatially constricted areas. This particular offer actually includes two lithium ion batteries that will go into the machine, their speciality being that they can charge to the maximum in less than 45 minutes.

Hitachi CJ18DSL/JL 18v Cordless Jigsaw + 2 Lithium Batteries 3Ah

Hitachi?s cordless CJ18DSL/JL jigsaw has the requisite power and ability to make precise and controlled cutting operation on surfaces including 135mm thick wood and mild steel of 10mm thickness. In order to make the work experience with the tool even more user-friendly, this 2.4 kg, 274mm long jigsaw comes with LED cut line illumination and a dust blow action, which continuously removes surface residues so that the cutting line is always visible.

Hitachi Dh24Dva 24v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill 3 Function + 2 Batteries

Hitachi Dh24Dva 24v comes with a 24v cordless SDS. It also contains a Hammer Drill with 3 Functions and 2 Batteries. Its features contain Save Power Mode and a push fit bit reception. It has an impressive electronic electric brake to make things easier and more safer for you. It charges in just 50 minutes and has an energy impact of around 2.8 Joules. It includes a charger (UC24YFB), 2 x 2.0Ah batteries, side handle and an elegant carrying case.

Hitachi C8Fse Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 216mm Blade 1050w 240v

Hitachi's C8Fse Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 216mm Blade 1050w 240v features twin horizontal rails for maximum cut width of 312mm. Its blade diameter is 216mm and a bore size of 30mm. It handles a cross cut of 65 x 312mm and a compound cut left bevel up to 48 degrees. Its lightweight design and soft grip handle enhances user comfort. It comes with standard accessories consisting of a 24 tooth TCT saw blade, bust bag, vice assy and wrench.

Hitachi C8Fse Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 216mm Blade 1050w 110v

Hitachi's C8Fse Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 216mm Blade 1050w 110v features twin horizontal rails for maximum cut width of 312mm. Its blade diameter is 216mm and a bore size of 30mm. It handles a cross cut of 65 x 312mm and a compound cut left bevel up to 48 degrees. Its lightweight design and soft grip handle enhances user comfort. It comes with standard accessories consisting of a 24 tooth TCT saw blade, bust bag, vice assy and wrench.

Hitachi C12Lc Compound Mitre Saw 305mm Blade 1520w 240v

Complete with a dust guide and a saw cover, the Hitachi C12Lc packs a large Mitre saw blade of diameter 305mm on top of an engine of wattage 1520 Watt and 240 Volts. Using a stylish new design that incorporates a soft grip for reduced vibrations and a thumb controlled stop setting for bevel cuts to depths of 48 degrees left and mitre cuts to depths of 52 degrees left and right, the saw manages to perform all high powered functions easily.

Hitachi Say150A Sander & Polisher 150mm / 6 & Disc 380w 240v

The unit life of the DeWalt D26480 belt compact sander is quite long probably because of its dust sealed construction that keeps any kind of contaminant outside so that the internal cogs keep running smoothly. To further aid in this task, it makes use of a detachable dust extraction port suitable with 22 to 35mm extractors. This 110 Volt 600 Watt motor powered device can perform rapid progressive removal of material while being light on the user?s shoulders.

Hitachi Sp18va Sander Polisher 180mm / 7 1/4" Disc 1250w 240v

As a sander, the DeWalt Dw443 right angle sander is probably the most advanced technologically. It features a controlled finishing system that maintains the pad at constant controlled speeds at all times. Using all ball bearing construction it maintains the fluidity of the device and even ensures easy starting with a soft start feature. The 530 Watt 240 Volt motor ensures that the sander does not run out of power regardless of the speed it is running at.

Hitachi Sp18va Sander Polisher 180mm / 7 1/4" Disc 1250w 110v

Increased controllability, greater accuracy and easier strokes are ensured by the Hitachi Sp18va Polisher Sander all due to its loop sided handle, variable speeds and improved bearing design that makes use of an increased overload protection. Its disc size is 180mm and at 1250 Watt it is probably one of the most powerful sander in the market. Weighing at just 2.8kgs, the sander manages to performing all sorts of polishing and sanding tasks quite easily.

Hitachi Sb10v2 Belt Sander 100 x 610mm Belt 1020w 240v

A 100mm belt sander from Hitachi with the model number Sb10v2 that operates with the help of 1020 Watt 240 Volt motor that drives the sanding belt on variable speeds and ensures complete elimination of dust with a dust bag mounted on the handle itself that collects all dust sucked out from the working surface. It comes with a soft grip for easy handling and a large trigger that reduces the pain in fiddling with controls in tight spots.

Hitachi Sb10v2 Belt Sander 100 x 610mm Belt 1020w 110v

As a compact belt sander, the Hitachi Sb10v2 is quite ideal as it measures in terms of the sanding pad at just 100 X 610mm while its motor rotates at awesome speeds of 240 to 420 rpm using a massive motor of 1020 Watt and 240 Volts. Furthermore, the 5.2 kg sander comes with its own sanding belt and a dust bag that can be easily mounted on the handle to collect dust that emanates from the work surface because of the sanding process.

Hitachi CJ110MV 720W Jigsaw 240V

What makes Hitachi's CJ110MV jigsaw such a pleasure to work with is the wide range of unique safety and efficiency features incorporated into the tool. For instance, this 720-watts jigsaw offers 4-stage orbital action with a speed control dial to give the operator exact work rate when he is using the power tool for cutting through different materials. Apart from offering an easy clutch and lock on switch at the top, the CJ110MV also features a spotlight for work area illumination.

Hitachi DH24DVA 4.1kg SDS Plus Drill 24V

Hitachi believes in efficiency and safety of operations above all else and perhaps that is why it has stayed away from the one handed control and instead offers a sturdy side handle in the highly balanced DH24DVA SDS plus drill. In order to make the tool portable and agile, two Ni-Cd batteries go into powering it. After full use, the batteries need just 50 minutes of charge time to get back to full capacity. The unique gun like shape of the DH24DVA makes it perfect for achieving precise results.

Hitachi G23SRCD 9 inch Angle Grinder 110V

A powerful and versatile tool that can take care of cutting, grinding and sanding operations to a certain extent, Hitachi's G23SRCD angle grinder is also the safest choice around. Its adjustable guard ensures that sparks from the grinding surface do not fly off and catch you off guard. The provided spindle lock in the tool makes disc changes quick and easy. The 9-inch diamond disc with the G23SRCD takes on any surface with ease in providing more dimensions to your cutting and grinding needs.

Hitachi DS14DVF3 14.4V 1.4Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Drill Driver

Battery operated drill drivers are being increasingly preferred to their corded counterparts in light of the manoeuvrability and portable edge they offer. In that respect, DS14DVF3, the dynamic drill driver offering from Hitachi stands tall as a competitive performer and durable choice for the professional DIY enthusiast. The pack also includes a charging unit, 7-bit set, belt with 5 hook positions, and a carry case.

Hitachi DV18DCL/JB 18V Li-Ion Cordless Combi Drill & Angle Head Torch Pack

Working in the dark will always make you prone to accidents especially when you are operating high grade power tools. That is why it makes better sense to purchase this awesome duo of DV18DCL/JB cordless combi drill with angle head torch pack. The 18V drill from Hitachi is very agile and well contoured with rubber grips at specific points to offer better grip and controllability over the tool. The dynamic qualities of the drill in working on different surfaces make it a perfect lightweight tool.

Hitachi DH28PC 3kg SDS Plus Drill 230V

SDS plus drill combos are supposed to provide heavy duty chiseling and drilling functions unlike any other power tool and that is exactly what the superb DH28PC from Hitachi gives to the operator. This dynamic hammer and rotary drill comes with single speed variable function for forward momentum as well as a reverse function to ensure no drill bit gets stuck even in the toughest of materials. The tool boasts a massive 720 watts of power making it ideal as an SDS drill.

Hitachi DH28PC 3kg SDS Plus Drill 110V

Strong and powerful, Hitachi's DH28PC SDS plus drill is the right tool to have for heavy duty work. With maximum impact energy of 3.5 joules, this power tool is driven by a 720 watt motor and can also be used for hammer drilling work. As a result, punching holes into tougher materials like concrete, steel and masonry is fast and efficient. Featuring a soft grip handle for better hold along with Hitachi's patented vibration dampening system incorporated into the tool.

Hitachi SV12SG Sheet Palm Sander 230V

Achieving high quality surface finishing work with the SV12SG from Hitachi is a given which brings with it a bunch of extra features to help you get the best results every time. Powered by a 200 watt motor, this 1.1 kg sheet sander features dust sealed bearings and an all new dust extraction facility. The latter is especially worth mentioning as it offers 70% more extraction efficiency meaning that your work surface always remains clear despite the amount of debris produced from the sanding.

Hitachi DH24DVC 4kg Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill 24V

With a maximum drilling capacity of 20mm, 27mm and 13mm in masonry, wood and steel respectively, Hitachi's DH24DVC SDS+ drill is the real deal when it comes to professional work tools. This 4kg cordless power tool has three different functions namely drill only, hammer drill and chisel and can be controlled from the mode selection feature at the side of the drill. Features like the mechanical safety clutch or the gearbox housing made from magnesium alloy make the power tool amazingly strong.

Hitachi DH22PG 2kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

If you are looking for a powerful but compact drill combo, look no further than the Hitachi DH22PG. When you have to use power tools in your day to day working, you definitely would like something that is easy to handle, does not tire your hands, and yet does the job with absolute efficiency. You will get all this and more from the DH22PG. It has every necessary feature such as the side handle and main handles with soft grip, variable direct and reverse speed and trigger switch.

Hitachi SV13YA 240V Random Orbit Sander

Sanders are tools that are used for making surfaces smooth. The Hitachi SV13YA is quite a powerful yet handy sander. It has an orbit diameter of 3.2mm and a sanding surface of 125mm. The SV13YA comes with a dust bag that can be hooked on, sanding pads and a compact carry case. Weighing less than 2kg, this tool is easy to operate and does everything that it promises. Quite and effective machine to have in your tool kit, the SV13YA has a great speed control that can be set to constant.

Hitachi DS18DSL18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion Cordless Drill Driver

Don't you hate it when your power tool dies on you without a warning? Such things tend to happen especially when you have to fix something in a hurry. Hence, the Hitachi DS18DSL with its battery charge level indicator is a blessing. You can always keep track of the battery status while you are working and if required charge the tool before starting up on anything new. The DS18DSL is a power-packed yet light weight drill driver that uses two 1.5Ah lithium ion batteries.

Hitachi M12VE Special Screwfix Edition 2000W Plunge Router 110V

This plunge router from the house of Hitachi, is powerful, has an effective dial for controlling the speed and features depth adjustment options that are accurate. Therefore, the Hitachi M12VE comes highly recommended by professionals who are already using this power tool. It has adjustable handles which increases the comfort level for the user and makes the M12VE something you can rely on for not only functionality but also convenience.

Hitachi WH14DSAL 14.4V Impact Driver

Impact drivers are handy tools and need to be able to exert sudden strong force to do the work effectively. The Hitachi WH14DSAL with its 140Nm hard tight torque impresses one and all. This cordless driver is available with a carry case, charger (45mins), one lithium ion 3.0Ah battery and a belt hook. The belt hook is a great accessory when put to use properly. It makes your working quite convenient. The LED work light ensures that the vision of the user is clear.

Hitachi M12VE Special Screwfix Edition 2000W Plunge Router 240V

Being an amateur who is interested in doing things around the house, one would appreciate the power-tools that have a slow start options. Many of my experiments have been derailed due to my overwhelming response to the machine. Thus, when I first came across the Hitachi M12VE Plunge Router, I was impressed by the several features it offers. The router itself is pretty powerful; however it has adjustable handles which offer the user necessary comfort.

Hitachi C18DSLL4 165mm Circular Saw 18V

A powerful circular shaped saw from the house of Hitachi, the C18DSLL4 weighs about 3.2kg and measures 320mm in length. The blade is 24 tooth tungsten carbide tipped with a diameter of 165mm by 30mm. The base of the saw is made up of aluminum and steel while the guard is aluminum and plastic. The C18DSLL4 power saw has an electric brake and also comes with deadman's switch. This feature enables the shutting off of the machine in case of any mishap or injury caused to the user.

Hitachi WH18DSL 18V Cordless Li-Ion Impact Driver

Cordless tools are of utmost importance in one's tool kit, and if they come with a 45 minute charger then it is even better. The Hitachi WH18DSL is a cordless impact driver that is available with a charger and 2 lithium ion batteries of 3.0Ah each. The tool kit also includes a belt hook and a carry case for easy portability, storage and handling. This driver is extremely powerful with a maximum tightening torque of 150Nm. It weighs 1.6kg and has a LED light to make the job easier.

Hitachi C18DSL 165mm Li-Ion Circular Saw 18V

A circular saw is a great tool to work with, since it is compact but powerful at the same time. Thus, the Hitachi C18DSL is a convenient option for any user, be it a professional or an amateur. The electric brake on the C18DSL ensures that the operator's safety is kept in mind while they are working with the saw. There is a laser which illuminates the line of cut for easy maneuvering of the tool. The absence of a riving knife makes it easier for the C18DSL to plunge deep in to the work piece.

Hitachi DH38MS 6.4kg 950W SDS Max Hammer Drill 110V

Weighing six and a half kilograms the 950 watt Hitachi DH38MS has a two level action. It means that the tool can be used for hammering as well as hammer drilling. The DH38MS is equipped with 12 angles for chisel positioning making it one of the most sought after tools for accessing difficult areas. This feature is highly beneficial for the operator, making it much convenient for them to reach nook and corners and yet maintain stability while working.

Hitachi DH18DSL 18V Li-Ion SDS Plus Drill

Hitachi is a major brand when it comes to making power tools. Thus, the Hitachi DH18DSL is a SDS plus hammer drill that has a power packed performance. The impact energy of this tool is about 1.4 joules and it comes with the capacity to drill through 18mm of wood, 16mm of masonry and 13mm of steel. Weighing approximately 2.2kg, the hammer drill uses two 3.0Ah batteries. Its slim grip with a circumference of 112mm is soft and offers stability to the user.

Hitachi G23SS/CD/230 9 inch Angle Grinder 230V

Angle grinders are power tools that are expected to perform with high efficiency while cutting, polishing and grinding through metal and stone. The 9 inch Hitachi G23SS/CD/230, is a powerful angle grinder. This power tool offers a slim grip for enhanced handling convenience. The overload durability for this machine is much better as compared to its various counterparts. The bearings of G23SS/CD/230 are dust sealed, thus increasing their lifetime.

Hitachi CJ90VST 700W 90mm Jigsaw 240V

Just because it is a power tool, it does not need to be uncomfortable to handle. Therefore, the Hitachi CJ90VST jigsaw comes with a soft bow handle grip that ensures user convenience. It is an ideal tool to use while cutting steel and wood. The CJ90VST can cut through 90mm and 8mm of wood and steel respectively. It has a three level orbital action that helps in providing the perfect finish to each cut. The speed settings can be adjusted by turning the dial to the required speed.

Hitachi CJ18DSLL4 18V Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a power tool that is used to cut arbitrary shapes into wood, steel or any other material. The Hitachi CJ18DSLL4 is a jigsaw that can cut up to 135mm of wood and 10mm of steel. The weight of this tool is 2.4kg and it measures 240mm in length. The CJ18DSLL4 comes with a chip cover, splinter guard and a blade. It also has the dead switch feature which ensures the shutting down of the jigsaw in case of a mishap. The CJ18DSLL4 has a four stage orbital action to for smoother cuts.

Hitachi CJ18DSL 18V Cordless Li-Ion Jigsaw

The days when you had to waste time and energy in changing blades on a power tool are long gone. Most machines these days come with a hassle free blade release option, just like the feature available in the Hitachi CJ18DSL jigsaw. This tool uses two lithium ion 3.0Ah batteries and weighs about 2.4kg. The base of the CJ18DSL can be adjusted up to an angle of forty five degrees both towards its left as well as right side. The soft handle grip ensures that the user is comfortable when using it.

Hitachi WH18DSLL4 18V Impact Driver

The impact driver from the house of Hitachi called WH18DSLL4 is being offered at a great price. This driver is quite powerful with a maximum torque of 150Nm. It has an electric brake to ensure safety while working and also consists of LED lights to illuminate dark areas. The WH18DSLL4 weighs 1.6kg and has an all metal gear box. This Hitachi impact driver is handy yet provides the required results. It also comes ready with a tough carry case, a carbide-tipped TCT blade and a hex wrench.

Hitachi G12SS/CD 4 inch Angle Grinder 240V

If you are on the lookout for a powerful yet highly precise angle grinder to help in your polishing jobs, then the Hitachi G12SS/CD might just be that tool. Featuring top market attributes like the lock ON/OFF switch, spindle lock and replaceable brushes, this grinder is as much about user convenience as it is about work efficiency. Powered by a 730 watt motor, the G12SS/CD can produce a mind-splitting 10,000 rpm when under zero load. The circular blade in the tool measures 115mm in diameter.

Hitachi DH18DSL 2.3kg SDS Plus Drill 18V

Often the problem with high powered SDS Plus Drills is that they end up wasting a lot of energy when used for lighter work. To that end, the DH18DSL from Hitachi comes with a special save mode switch, which when turned on will reduce the impact rate and speed so as to conserve energy and prevent the small sized drill bits from getting damaged. Another feature worth mentioning is the idle-striking prevention system.

Hitachi CR13V2 Reciprocating Saw

Tool free blade changing system, Variable speed up to 2800 strokes/min, Adjustable front shoe, Blade can be fitted either way up for greater versatility, Cuts up to 130mm diameter pipe or 300mm wood, Includes blade and case, No Load Speed (RPM): 0 - 2800

Hitachi 185mm Circular Saw 110V - C7U2

Supplied with carry case, saw blade, guide, wrench, dust collection adaptor., Max. Cut 66mm, 18-Tooth TCT Blade, Die-Cast Aluminium Base, Riving Knife, Spindle Lock, Disc dia. 185mm x 30mm bore., Bevel cuts 0-45 degrees., Overall length 400mm., Blade included., Includes plug.

Hitachi 235mm Circular Saw - C9U2

Spindle Lock, Supplied with carry case, wrench and dust collection adaptor., Max. Cut 86mm, 20-Tooth TCT Blade, Die-Cast Aluminium Base & Polycarbonate Resin Guard, Riving Knife, Blade dia. 235mm x 30mm bore., Bevel cuts 0-45 degrees.

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