Makita Angle Grinders

Browse our range of Makita Angle Grinders that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Makita Angle Grinders by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Makita 9554NB 4" 240V Angle Grinder

The construction of the Makita 9554NB Angle Grinder is just amazing. It is made to weather all kinds of jobs that an angle grinder can be put through because of the zigzag protective varnish on the armature, field coat of powder varnish to keep the motor clean from dust and the labyrinth construction. The grinder outputs 710 watt at a input voltage of 240v and drives a 100 mm disc to cut clean through the toughest of surfaces.

Makita GA9020KD Angle Grinder 230mm Disc + Diamond Cutting Disc + Case 2000w 240v

The Makita GA9020KD is a highly rated angle grinder that uses a large 230mm disc or wheel with a power rating of 2000 Watt and a Voltage rating of 240 Volts. It sports a dust resistant construction, greater heat resistance and machined gears with a leveled finish. A soft grip with a side handle completes the ergonomic appeal of the grinder which is fashioned in a light blue outer body. All tools and accessories are included in the package along with the carrying case.

Makita GA9020S 240V 9 inch Angle Grinder

Given that the GA9020S angle grinder from Makita houses a 2000watt motor, it is provided with the right set of features to ascertain long life of the tool, better efficiency and user centric safety. For instance, the adjustable guard helps keep the sparks off the operator while the magnesium alloy gearbox housing along with dust sealed bearings ensure that the internal machinery stays primed and functional for a years.

Makita 9554NB 4 inch 110V Angle Grinder

Offering an increased power of 710 watts, the Makita 9554NB angle grinder proves to be a compact yet professional tool ready to take on any kind of grinding job. The 9554NB's special construction is vital in keeping dust and debris away from the ball bearings. In the same vein, the armature as well as the field sport varnish coating around them, thus in turn protecting the motor from wire breakage from flying debris or clogging from the dust.

Makita 9555NB 5 inch 240V Angle Grinder

If you are looking for a performance oriented professional angle grinder, then the 9555NB from Makita is worth a shot. This angle grinder comes with a 125mm wheel diameter and produces 710 watts of power sufficient to produce a professional grinding work on surfaces and materials of varying rigidity. Complete with machine durability enhancement features like magnesium alloy gearbox housing and dust-sealed bearings, the 9555NB is built tough and will work like a charm for years to come.

Makita 9 inch Angle Grinder GA9020/2 2000W

Spindle size: M15, Soft grip rear handle, Safety lock-off switch, Side handle supplied, Spindle lock for easy blade change

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