Makita Circular Saws

Browse our range of Makita Circular Saws that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Makita Circular Saws by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Makita 5704RK Circular Saw 190mm Blade 1200w 110v

The light blue Makita 5704RK Circular Saw uses a 190mm blade with rugged tooth to ensure a longer blade life and is ideal for usage in general sites. Carpentry work shall never be easier with this saw at hand since it makes cutting through 66mm of wood at 90 degrees look easy. With a no load rating of 4900 rpm and a 1200 Watt motor running at 110 Volt, the Makita delivers a powerful saw action in just 4.6 kg of body weight.

Makita 5704RK Circular Saw 190mm Blade 1200w 240v

Powerful and light are two words that succinctly describe the Makita 5740RK 190mm circular saw. Made with ball bearing constructions and double insulation, the circular saw is sure to go the distance. A low noise and vibration system ensures ergonomic comfortable usage while the powerful 1200watt motor running at 240 volts provides enough impetus for the saw to drive straight through 66m in the 90 degree orientation. In the 45 degree angle, the blade runs to a distance of 46mm.

Makita 5704RK 190mm Circular Saw 240V

Take precision cutting to the next level with Makita's 190mm 5704RK circular saw. Whether its joinery or construction work, this saw offers the best cut in the least possible time. Powered by a 1200W motor and armed with a 190mm circular blade, the 57004RK offers straight cuts as well as at angles with utmost precision. If you want to saw according to a pattern, then that can be done, courtesy of the rip fence that comes in the pack. The package also includes a carry case for easy transport.

Makita Circular Saw 5704RK/2 190mm 1200W

Net weight 4.6kg, Supplied in carry case, TCT blade supplied, Guide rule supplied

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