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Browse our range of Makita Corded Drills that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Makita Corded Drills by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Makita HR3541FC SDS Max AVT Rotary Hammer Drill 850w 240v

Using an AVT Rotary and Hammer system, the Makita HR3541FC SDS Max is a drill that is versatile in its action capable of drilling holes through the toughest as well as sensitive of material. Low vibrations and electronically controlled power output ensure the highest degree of comfort with its large 850 Watt 240 Volt motor. It comes along with its own carry case and a depth gauge that allows checking for correct depth.

Makita 8406/1 850W 110V Diamond Core Drill

Everything about the 8406/1 diamond core drill has signs of raw power and pin point precision. This revolutionary drilling tool from Makita comes with a special percussion action and combined with the 22,500bpm impact rate, it produces enough momentum to drill through the toughest of surface with ease. An all-metal gearbox offers a high durability to the drilling unit. The long side handle comes with a rubber grip to ensure that you are always in control of the drill.

Makita HR2470/1 2kg SDS Plus Drill 110V

Convenient, compact and highly dynamic, the HR2470/1 SDS plus drilling tool from Makita weighs only 2kg and as a result can be used with one hand safely in situations and places that offer very constricted working space. Select from three different functions i.e. hammer only, hammer drill and hammer with drill function to ensure that both hammering as well as drilling operations get taken care of by a single tool. The all metal gearbox makes this tool highly durable and very hardwearing.

Makita HR3210C/2 4kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

With an awesome capability of delivering 6.4 joules impact energy to the target surface, Makita HR3210C/2 defines the standard for other middle-weight SDS drills to follow. But, power isn't its only strong point. The HR3210C/2 is also very safe and offers a host of features to ensure safety of both the machine as well as the operator. The variable speed setting gives more edge to the drill as it means that the tool can offer varying torque required for different sized drill bits.

Makita HR3210C/1 4kg SDS Plus Drill 110V

Powered by an 850 watt motor, the HR3210C/1 SDS Plus drill offers the cutting edge solution to most of the modern construction needs. This 4 kg middleweight drill raises the bar for the competition with its offerings. Most notable features in this power tool include the torque delimiter mechanism and variable speed control. This also ensures that the right amount of impact power is used by different sized drill bit attachments.

Makita HR1830-2 / 2 2kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill 240V

At first look, the Makita HR1830/1 rotary hammer will create an impression of a tool that is light yet highly powerful. In fact, it packs enough punch to get through the tough shell of concrete. Features like the depth stop make handling of the tool easy for someone who is new to the job of boring holes or demolition using high calibre power tools. Just set the depth and the drilling with automatically cease once the reading is achieved.

Makita HP1631K/2 710W Percussion Drill 240V

Percussion or hammer drilling utilizes the pounding concept of a hammer and the rotary aspect of drill to pulverize harder materials like concrete, stone and masonry and the HP1631K/2 does a great justice in terms of the result it produces. The no load speed of this 720 watt power tool is rated at 3200 rpm which is enough to produce drilling capacity of 16mm in masonry, 13mm in steel and a good 30mm holes through wooden surfaces.

Makita HR2470/2 2kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

Sheer versatility and top performance come full circle in this 780 watt HR2470/2 SDS plus hammer drill from Makita. Choose between drill only, hammer only and hammer drill modes using the mode cycler function and change from one work type to another in not time. Backed by a powerful motor, dust sealed bearings and all-metal gearing, this 240V power tool is hardwearing and built to last even when used on a frequent basis for heavy-duty construction works.

Makita BHR202Z 3.2kg SDS Plus Drill 18V

There isn't a more versatile hammer drill in the market today that offers the same performance and precision as the BHR202Z from Makita. This hammer drill runs on Makita's 18V Li-ion system, which is not included with this package but can be purchased individually for less. The most notable features in the SHR202Z include a LED job light for working in low ambiance conditions; electric brake and mechanical safety clutch to stop the machine.

Makita SDS+ 3 Function Rotary Hammer Drill HR2470/2 780W/240V

Maximum in concrete: 24mm, Maximum in wood: 32mm, Maximum in steel: 13mm, Input wattage: 800W, 3 function - rotary hammer/rotary only/hammer only, Variable speed/forward and reverse

Makita 240V Angled Drill Driver - DA3010

Variable Speed & Reverse, For drilling wood, steel etc., 10mm Keyed Chuck, All-Metal Gearbox, Large Paddle Switch, Fan-Cooled Motor, Replaceable Carbon Brushes, Max. drilling capacity in wood 25mm, steel 10mm., 110V version includes plug.

Makita 240V Percussion Drill

Variable Speed, Supplied with carry case., 13mm Keyless Chuck, Lock-On Switch, Soft-Grip Handle, Max. drilling capacity in masonry 16mm, wood 30mm, steel 13mm., No load speed 0-3200rpm., 110V version includes plug.

Makita 110V Percussion Drill

Variable Speed, Supplied with carry case., 13mm Keyless Chuck, Lock-On Switch, Soft-Grip Handle, Max. drilling capacity in masonry 16mm, wood 30mm, steel 13mm., No load speed 0-3200rpm., 110V version includes plug.

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