Makita Cordless Angle Grinders

Browse our range of Makita Cordless Angle Grinders that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Makita Cordless Angle Grinders by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Makita Bga450Rfe 14.4v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

14-volt category angle grinders best serve light and medium intensity cutting and surface removal, and therefore must be a fast charging device if they are cordless. In that respect, Makita Bga450Rfe does an excellent job, whilst transferring a powerful blast of energy to the disc blades from its 10,000-rpm motor that sits inside the equipment. Powered by two 3.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries, and a n incredible fast charging time of 22 minutes, the 1.8 kg power tool performs admirably when put to use

Makita Bga450Z 14.4v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc Without Battery Or Charger

Makita?s 14.4V, Bga450Z cordless angle grinder not only translates to a great value product for carrying out cutting and grinding work, its extremely quick charging time makes it perfect for use in situations where you do not have the luxury of time. It?s motor speed readings show an effective 10,000 rpm on zero load, which is more than adequate to induce the required cutting power in the attached 115mm wheel.

Makita BGA452RFE 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

With the BGA452RFE cordless angle grinder from Makita, you can finally say goodbye to the annoying and often restricting power cables and sockets. The easy grip characteristic in the 115 mm disc grinder is all thanks to the side handle. Amazingly, this 18-volt battery operated power tool weighs in only 1.9kg, an aspect that has to do with its small circumference housing for the 10000-rpm motor. Also included in the pack are carry case, charger, batteries, case, Lock nut, wrench, side handle and

Makita Bga452Z 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc Without Battery Or Charger

An impressive cutting and shaping tool, Makita Bga452Z angle grinder?s cordless design offers a very easy to use and hassle free user experience when dealing with grinding work in limited spaces. The grinder has an effective weight of 1.9kg with a small housing for its powerful engine with the ability to shoot out a maximum of 10000 revs a minute. The most notable aspect with this cordless tool is its charge time, require only 22 minutes for a full charge.

Makita BGA452RFE 4 inch Angle Grinder 18V

Given the fact that Makita's BGA452RFE angle grinders are built to offer the maximum in safety and security of use, it is no surprise to see the range of features that these power grinding tools come incorporated with. Lets start at the very heart of these mini beasts i.e. the motor and power source. With an effective weight of 2.3kg, that includes the two 3.0Ah rechargeable batteries, the BGA452RFE is a mobile yet highly powerful. The batteries can be fully charges in just 22 mins.

Makita BGA452Z 4 inch Angle Grinder 18V - Bare

Makita is known for its ingenious tool designs and in that light its BGA452Z angle grinder does not fail to impress one bit. It shows off a simple yet highly efficient structure that houses the tool's gearbox inside a sturdy magnesium alloy case. More evidence to the grinder's professional design can be seen in the provision of protective mechanisms for overloading as well as accidental starts. The adjustable guard can be swiveled into a number of positions for good protection.

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