Makita Cordless Jigsaws

Browse our range of Makita Cordless Jigsaws that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Makita Cordless Jigsaws by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Makita Bjv180Z 18v Cordless Cordless Jigsaw Without Battery Or Charger

The Bjv180Z cordless Jig Saw from Makita does a pretty impressive job on different surfaces thanks majorly to its 2600spm blade stroke speed jabbing tirelessly to produce straight cuts through 135mm wood or metal featuring a thickness of 10mm. The 2.8 kg power tool utilises a thin vertical blade with an effective stroke length of 26mm that is able to cut through wood and metal to produce custom shapes. An extra safety feature is the electronic brake, which produces instant response to power ON/O

Makita Bjv140Rfe 14.4v Cordless Cordless Jigsaw + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

A workhorse among power tools, Makita Bjv140Rfe 14.4v cordless jigsaw packs some real neat attributes that make it a very efficient power tool. For instance, the electronic brake allows for instant motion arrest as soon as the power switch is turned off. The blade installation is quick and tool-less. The motor power of 0-2600spm gives it just the right amount of teeth to cut through 135mm wood and 10mm steel with consummate ease.

Makita Bjv180Rfe 18v Cordless Cordless Jigsaw + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3Ah

Makita Bjv180Rfe cordless jigsaw, with its two Lithium-ion batteries provide the power tool with 18 volt worth of operational potential, enough to churn out 2600spm on zero load by the jigsaw. As if that is not enough, it comes with some pretty impressive guidance features like the job light and the super-quick electronic brake that responds instantaneously to ON/OFF triggers. Also available in the pack are the 2 batteries, a super-quick charging unit, hex wrench, dost nozzle, kerf board and car

Makita 4350CT-B/2 720W Jigsaw 240V

Sporting a 3-stage orbital motion, the Makita 4350CT-B/2 jigsaw happens to be one of the most accurately functioning power tools in its category. Further enhancements include a square drive shaft to ensure straight cuts and a variable speed function to offer exact force to drive the bayonet into cutting materials of varying rigidity. Suitable for workshop as well as site use, the 4350CT-B/2 is designed for comfort and minimal effort.

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