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Browse our range of Makita Jigsaws that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Makita Jigsaws by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Makita 4350CT/1 720W 110V Jigsaw

Robust design, ergonomic handling features and ultra powerful performance are the major advantages of owning a Makita 4350CT/1 jigsaw. Backed by a 720 watt motor, this jigsaw sports a 3-stage orbital action thereby ensuring maximum power into every plunge the blade takes. Plus, a tool free blade changing feature ensures fast attachment and detachment of the blade ensuring you get to work without wasting any time at all.

Makita 4350CT/2 720W 240V Jigsaw

Offering enhanced utility, the triple stage orbital action, Makita 4350CT/2 jigsaw is the right choice of cutting tool for those who want good work efficiency at an affordable price. This 240V, 720W power tool comes with a range of features to facilitate better optimization of the tool to specific cutting operations. The all metal gearbox provides a sound foundation for durability. Similarly, the dust collector unit attached to the tool continually ensures a clean job.

Makita 4329/1 450W 110V Jigsaw

Weighing only a measly 1.9kg, the 4329/1 jigsaw from Makita is safe, efficient and highly versatile. Specifically designed for wood cutting operations, the 450W motor in the 4392/1 offers enough power to work its magic on upto 6mm thick steel surfaces too. The 4 stage orbital action of the blade takes all the pressure from the blade and its surrounding areas and delivers it in a concentrated manner on to the surface it is being operated on.

Makita 4350CT-B/1 720W Jigsaw 110V

Precise cutting power comes well balanced with safety features in the Makita 2350CT-B/1 jigsaw. Using a 110 volt supply for power input, the power tool's motor produces 720 watts and in conjunction with a triple stage orbital action, the bayonet saw can produce a maximum cut of 135mm into wood. Now, when saw dust is allowed to linger around the work sphere, it ultimately gets into the tool and clogs its gears, bearings and other movable components.

Makita Orbital Action Jigsaw 4350FCT/2 240V/720W

Maximum cut in wood: 135mm, Length of stroke: 26mm, Input power: 720W, Tool-less blade change, Standard blade fitting, Made in UK

Makita 240V Jigsaw - 4350CT/2

3-Stage Orbital Action, Supplied with carry case., Die-Cast Aluminium Base, Dust Extraction Facility, Lock-On Switch, All-Metal Gearbox, Speed Control Dial, Tool-Free Blade Change, Max. cut in wood 135mm, steel 10mm. Bevel cuts 0-45 degrees., Overall length 230mm. Bayonet fitting., Blade included. 110V version includes plug.

Makita 240V Jigsaw - 4329/2

4-Stage Orbital Action, Supplied with blade and hex wrench., Aluminium Base & Chip Cover, Dust Extraction Facility, Speed Control Dial, Max. cut in wood 65mm, steel 6mm., Bevel cuts 0-45 degrees., Bayonet fitting., 110V version includes plug.

Makita 110V Jigsaw - 4329/1

4-Stage Orbital Action, Accepts standard bayonet fitting blades., Aluminium Base & Chip Cover, Dust Extraction Facility, Speed Control Dial, Max. cut in wood 65mm, steel 6mm., Bevel cuts 45 degrees., Bayonet fitting., 110V version includes plug.

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