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Browse our range of Milwaukee Breakers that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Milwaukee Breakers by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Milwaukee KANGO500S SDS Max Heavy Duty Demolition Breaker 1300w 240v

Not only is it soft on the shoulders and arms of the user but also on the material that it ploughs through. The KANGO500S SDS Max Demolition Hammer from Milwaukee is powerful and yet subtle in its functioning. It delivers a huge 1300 Watt at 240 Volt rated power which is more than sufficient to power through the toughest of surfaces. Rubberized grips, brush life indicators and power indicators add to the ergonomics of the hammer.

Milwaukee KANGO500S SDS Max Heavy Duty Demolition Breaker 1300w 110v

With an all metal gear casing and a brush life indicator, the Milwaukee KANGO500S Heavy duty demolition hammer is sure to last a long duration. Other than the large motor of 1300 Watt with 110 Volt intake the Milwaukee demolition hammer also boasts of a 360 degree movable chisel position and handle along with a speed trigger locking mechanism for prolonged drilling and hammering activities. Under no-load, the speeds are restricted to ensure maximum durability.

Milwaukee KANGO 900K Heavy Duty Demolition Breaker 1600w 110v

Probably the choice for professional remodeling contractors, the Milwaukee KANGO 900K Demolition Hammer is just about ideal for those who require massive amounts of undiluted power without the attached vibrations. The hammer uses a long tool with 21 mm tool reception that allows for upright working conditions. The hammer even increases the speed automatically based on the pressure exerted on its head while delivering less than optimum speed under no load condition. Furthermore, the hammer rated

Milwaukee KANGO900K Heavy Duty Demolition Breaker 1600w 240v

The KANGO 900K is a heavy duty demolition hammer from the stable of Milwaukee that delivers unadulterated power of around 1600 Watt at a 240 Volt input which is in fact compatible with generators. The long 21 inch tool reception along with variable speed that adjusts as per the pressure exerted on it ensures that the device performs flawlessly without much vibration. Since, in the no load condition it delivers lesser speeds and torque, it lasts long.

Milwaukee KANGO 950K Heavy Duty Combi Hammer Drill 1700w 240v

The variable speed settings of the Milwaukee KANGO 950K heavy duty demolition hammer ensures that it works under reduced speeds at no load condition but in heavy load it increases speeds with variable settings that require no manual tweaking. The speeds are only dependant on the pressure exerted by the user. With anti-vibration systems built into the hammer and an ergonomic handle with soft grip, comfort is ensured. Reduced weight and ultra portability is ensured because of aluminum casing while

Milwaukee KANGO 950K Heavy Duty Combi Hammer Drill 1700w 110v

The large demolition hammer with an unadulterated wattage of 1700 watt rated at input voltage of 110 Volt from Milwaukee delivers variable speeds under different loads without any user input. The KANGO 950K is a heavy duty demolition hammer that ensures long life and extra power using ingenious vibration resistant design and D handles for added comfort and that additional pressure required from the user to really power through the toughest of surfaces.

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