Milwaukee Corded Drills

Browse our range of Milwaukee Corded Drills that have been selected by our team as the most reliable and certified tools to use, you can arrange the Milwaukee Corded Drills by price to help to find a product within your budget. A review has been provided for each item, click the shop now button to get a full feature list of the product or purchase the item today.

Milwaukee KANGO750S SDS Max Heavy Duty Combi Hammer Drill 1550w 240v

The capacity to use energy from an alternate current generator at 240 Volts is an added advantage of the Milwaukee KANGO750S SDS max Combi drill that offers both rotary and hammer action. It operates a large 1440 Watt electric motor that drives drill bits at a high speed of 300rpm under the full load condition. With a speed setting to the soft hammer mode, it offers a full load speed of 240rpm while the blow rate is constant for either modes at 2700bpm. An additional handle and a carrying case c

Milwaukee KANGO750S SDS Max Heavy Duty Combi Hammer Drill 1550w 110v

The Milwaukee KANGO750S SDS Max is a heavy duty hammer action drill that is quite capable of going distances of 80mm and 150mm in concrete using core cutter and tunnel bit. The electric motor is capable of taking power from a generator at 1550 Watt and 110 Volt. The all metal gear case offers an optimum seating for the gears. The drill comes with a long 6m cable and an additional handle with its very own carrying case.

Milwaukee Kango 545S 20kg SDS Max Combi Hammer 240V

You cannot afford to go wrong when you are handling a powerful tool while working. A little mistake can cause big problems. Therefore, a tool like the Milwaukee Kango 545S that features the anti-vibration handles, soft electronic start, depth stop gauges and lock on switch, should be your choice for a hammer combo. This 1300W machine is geared with a capacity to drill about 45mm of concrete and has a 100mm maximum core bit size. The trigger switch makes operating the drill quite convenient.

Milwaukee PH26 2kg SDS Plus Drill 230V

Milwaukee is one of the leading brands when it comes to making power tools. Therefore, it is not surprising that the PH26 hammer drill and chisel combo comes from the house of Milwaukee. The best feature about the PH26 is the safety clutch, which acts beneficially for the user as well as the machine. The automatic stop of rotation not only safeguards the person using the PH26, but also decreases the wear and tear to the tool. The vibration dampening feature also increases ease of use.

Milwaukee TTI Kango 750S 7kg SDS Max Drill 240V

The combination of having a drill and a hammer together in a power tool is a much better option than a regular drilling machine. The Milwaukee TTI Kango 750S is one such powerful hammer and drill combo. It comes with the much required anti vibration system that offers better stability while working. This feature ensures that the user is comfortable and does not get fatigued trying to control the power-tool. The impact energy of the Kango 750S is sixteen joules and it weighs about 8.3kg.

Milwaukee PLH20 2kg SDS Plus Drill 240V

SDS+ drills are meant for heavy duty work generally experienced in construction sites. To that end, the PLH20 from Milwaukee offers the perfect tool for such situations. Aspects like the safety clutch ensure that the drive is disengaged immediately when the bit jams and therefore protects against bit wear and breakage. Furthermore, the 620 watt fan cooled motor churns out enough driving potential in this SDS plus drill to punch holes as deep as 13mm, 20mm and 30mm in steel, masonry and wood.

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