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Black & Decker Kw900Eka 1/4 & Plunge Router 1200w 240v

The motor housing of the Black and Decker Kw900Eka plunge router is flat allowing for an inverted position storage that allows for changing the router bits easily. It comes with 6 bits for usage right out of the box and a storage box ensures easy carrying around to work places. It offers security using a spindle lock and lock off trigger while the variable speed trigger prevents burning of materials and greater control. The power is rated at 1200 Watt and 240 Volt.

Ryobi ERT1400RV 1/4" Plunge Router 1400w 240v

The package of the Ryobi ERT1400RV Plunge Router comes with a parallel fence, template guide, spanner and a carrying case. This router uses 1400 Watts at 240 Volts and accepts both quarter inch and 3/8 inch router bits. The variable electronic speed system of the router and the soft start allows for easy operations while the height adjuster with precision depth control performs accurate cuts with 3 depth pre sets.

Festool OF 1010 Q Plunge Router 1010w 240v

Although the Festool QF 1010 Q Plunge Router is a small device, it does pack sufficient power to handle most template routing applications. With 1010 Watt and 240 Volts, it performs high speed drilling and routing easily using a light weight single handed operation. Brakes are steady and active for better control and the routing depth can be adjusted to 1/10mm. The chip extractor integrates into the base of the router called the base plate. It comes with a clamping collet of either quarter inch

AEG OF2050E 1/2" Plunge Router 2050w 240v

Packed to the brim with enough power that feature usually in power drill, the AEG OF2050E half inch Plunge Router boasts of an amazing 2050 Watt and 240 Volt engine that works on speed control electronic system with braking that ensures user safety. The depth adjustment can be taken to the highest level with micro adjustments possible in this router. The maximum plunge capacity of this router is at 66mm and its weight of 6.2 kgs with no load pseed of 10000 to 23000 rpm is more than enough for an

Festool Of 1010 EBQ-Plus Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 240v + Systainer System Case

The performance of the Festool Of 1010 EBQ Plus is high even though it can be easily handled by a single hand thanks to the compact weight and shape that ingeniously leaves the other hand free. The quick brakes ensure safe handling even when the user is in a hurry while the routing depth adjustments of 1/10mm are quite handy with templates. This model comes with its own systainer case for carrying it around while the guides offer greater precision.

Festool Of 1010 EQ-Plus Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 110v + Systainer System Case

Some of the applications that the Festool Of 1010 EBQ quarter Inch Plunge Router can be put to using its massive 1010 Watt 110 Volt motor include rounding of edges, chambering, rebating, and profiling edges. The router is great even with metal fitting recessing and groove into rear panels. Producing rows of holes in cabinets is easy with this device that operates a variable plunge depth and uses MMC electronics for temperature modulation and monitoring of surfaces.

Festool Of 1010 EQ-Set Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 110v + Guide Rail Kit

This particular model from Festool, the 1010 EBQ Plus Plunge Router comes along with its own guide rail kit for precise routing works. The 1010 Watt 110 Volt Router performs extraordinarily with all kinds of surfaces and does not require the use of two hands in any operation at all. It comes with a routing depth adjustment of 1/10mm and a spindle stop for easy changes of cutter. The device is ideal for rounding, rebating and profiling edges as well as other applications.

Festool OF 1010 EBQ-Set-FS GB Plunge Router 1/4" 1010w 240v

This Festool EBG 1010 Set FS GB Router is of the Plunge type that operates at 1010 Watt and 240 Volt using a quarter inch collet and being light weight, it is great for one handed operations. The idle speeds of the engine is at 10000 to 24000 rpm and the routing adjustment is till 55mm with a height adjustment of 8mm. The weight is just at 2.7kgs and at this weight is great for usage with wooden surfaces as well as tiled surfaces. Additional accessories such as a guide rail and systainer case ca

Festool OF 1400 EQ-Plus Plunge Router 1/2" 1400w 110v + Systainer System Case

A new milestone in the world of routers, the Festool OF1400 EQ Plus Router sets the standard higher in size, weight, handling and power with its impressive repertoire. It works on the ratchet and rocker principle for convenient cutter changes and a tool less ring changer. With a dust extraction port that can take out up to 99% of the dust it provides a clean working surface. The usages of this router are not limited to templates but to also wooden and tile surfaces.

Festool OF 1400 EBQ-Plus Plunge Router 1/2" 1400w 240v + Systainer System Case

As with all Festool devices, the 1400EBQ Plunge Router also sets the standard quite high with its innovative design and features. It is now the best in terms of size, compactness, weight and usability with a one hander operation being possible with this router. It also provides a systainer case for easy storage and comes with a dust extraction kit that removes around 99% of all dust caused because of works on wooden or tile surfaces.

Festool KF 5 EBQ-Plus Putty Plunge Router 1010w 240v

At 3.1 kgs, the Festool KF 5 EBQ Plus Plunge Router is made for Putty with its 1010 Watt engine that operates at 240 Volts. The features of this device include quick acting brakes for safety at the highest degree. The 0.8mm clamping collet ensures that bits are held tightly in place around the template while the idle speeds of 10000 to 24000 rpm make it perfect for all surfaces.

DeWalt DW624 240V 1600W Plunge Router

Whether it is making grooves on a sheet of wood or creating decorative trims along the edge, the DeWALT DW624 plunge router can do it all with style and sheer precision. The 1600W motor powers the ½ inch collet to produce plunge strokes that are as deep as 62mm. Features like the spindle lock and parallel fence help in improving the overall usability and safety aspects of the power tool. Since, routing work always produces a lot of saw dust, the extraction facility comes handy.

Makita 3707F/1 440W Router 110V

Working around the edges needs less power and more patience and that is why Makita's 440w, 370F/1 router offers the best service. Apart from the 370F/1 , you will also get three different guides, a collet cone, two wrenches and a quarter inch, straight TCT bit. The compact size and the light weight of the tool makes it perfect for the more fragile woodworks. However, when the need for raw hollowing strength occurs, this little power tool packs a real jab.

Makita 3707F/2 440W 240V Router

At first sight, the small and compact 2.4kg frame of Makita's 440 watt 370F/2 Router might lead anyone to believe that it is only meant for light wood works. It is only when you turn on the machine and see its 3500rpm plunging action that you believe it is made for the heavy duty work too. Three different guides, i.e. 10mm template guide, straight guide and a trimmer guide ensure that the plunge router can be used for a variety of works.

DeWalt DW625EK 240V 2000W Plunge Router

Working on wood trims, edges and different other profiles comes easy when you have the potent and highly versatile DeWALT DW625EK plunge router at your disposal. This professional router comes with a half inch collet to ensure that you get the best woodwork all the time. The variable speed control is achieved by calibrating the speed dial provided, and this is absolutely vital when working with larger bits as they need slower speeds as compared to smaller bits.

Bosch GKF600 600W Router 240V

If there is one plunge router that gives you the versatility of performing range of activities like slot cutting, trimming, hinge mortising and forming edges, then the GFK600 from Bosch is that tool which would definitely make the top of your list of must have routers. It comes in a blow-molded case that fits a quarter inch collet. The unique thing about this plunge router is its micro depth adjustment where in you can set the exact amount of vertical cutting depth accurate to your needs.

Makita RP1801X/2 inch Plunge Router 240V

For those looking at plunge routers with a professional finesse, RP1801X1/2 from Makita is worth trying out. This heavy duty router is perfect for those precise woodworks that require the finest of detailing around the corners. Similarly, when it comes to making wide aberrations with pin-point accuracy, the fine depth adjustment feature in the RP1801X/2 makes it the ideal candidate for getting the job done with minimal fuss.

Makita RP0900X/1 900W Plunge Router 110V

A plunge router that comes with 1 year UK standard warranty, the Makita RP0900 has a plunge capability of 0-35mm. The package consists of 13mm as well as 22mm wrenches and collet cones of 1/2 and 3/8 inches. Weighing less than 3kgs, the RP0900 has an increased speed for cutting and a high powered motor for better performance. The grip design is ergonomic, thus, ideally suited for your needs. It helps in an increased comfort level while handling the RP0900.

DeWalt DW625EK-LX 2000W Router 110V

Designed on a standard pattern and made in a compact manner, the DeWalt DW625EK-LX is low profile, yet does the job quite effectively. The basic shape and rubber coated handles provide ease of handling and contribute towards increasing the stability of the powerful tool. The electrical speed control feature enables the DW625EK-LX to achieve full control under any kind of load, thus providing the required fine finish for all grades of plastic, aluminum or timber.

DeWalt DW625EK-GB 2000W Router 240V

A sturdy black carry case with bright yellow branding has this powerful DeWalt DW625EK-GB inside it. In terms of comfort, the plunge router has large handles with the necessary on/off and plunge lock switch just near the fingers. The basic design offers best handling stability and the compact form makes the DW625EK-GB easy to store and carry. This tool is equipped with adapters for dust extraction to provide a dust free working area.

Hitachi M12VE Special Screwfix Edition 2000W Plunge Router 110V

This plunge router from the house of Hitachi, is powerful, has an effective dial for controlling the speed and features depth adjustment options that are accurate. Therefore, the Hitachi M12VE comes highly recommended by professionals who are already using this power tool. It has adjustable handles which increases the comfort level for the user and makes the M12VE something you can rely on for not only functionality but also convenience.

Hitachi M12VE Special Screwfix Edition 2000W Plunge Router 240V

Being an amateur who is interested in doing things around the house, one would appreciate the power-tools that have a slow start options. Many of my experiments have been derailed due to my overwhelming response to the machine. Thus, when I first came across the Hitachi M12VE Plunge Router, I was impressed by the several features it offers. The router itself is pretty powerful; however it has adjustable handles which offer the user necessary comfort.

DeWalt D26204K-GB 900W Plunge Router 230V

Plunge routers need to be extremely accurate especially if you want to get the best designs and corner cuts on your wooden work piece, and the 230volt D26204K-GB from DeWalt offers exactly these aspects. If one were to properly define the capabilities of this plunge router, then he or she would have to term it as a versatile router with fixed as well as plunge base features, with loads of safety and performance centric aspects.

DeWalt D26204K-LX 900W Plunge Router 110V

Sporting a compact and lightweight design, the DeWalt D26204K-LX plunge router offers increased user comfort and simplicity of use for the most inexperienced of users. Featuring a big list of accessories such as parallel fences, dust extraction adaptors, plunge and fixed base, guide bush and a sturdy kit box, this versatile plunge router makes working with corner designs and etchings on wood, plastic and other materials a really easy task.

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