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Ryobi EAG750RS Angle Grinder 115mm / 4" Disc 750w 240v

Whether it is for the purpose of grinding or refining metal works of art or cutting through material, the Ryobi EAG750RS Angle Grinder which boasts of a 115mm wheel is just about perfect for the job. The wheel guard can be accessed easily without any tools and it comes with a wrench stored in the handle for tightening and loosening parts as required. The spindle lock mechanism allows for easy accessory and wheel changes. The Ryobi Angle Grinder uses 750 watt of power to run and connects to a 240

Ryobi EAG2000RS Angle Grinder 230mm / 9" Disc 2000w 240v

A behemoth in the world of angle grinders, the Ryobi EAG2000RS Angle Grinder rotates a large 230mm angle disc with diamond serrations at high speeds using a massive intake of 2000 watts through a 240 volt circuit opening. The device comes with a easy adjustment wheel guard that requires no tools and a spindle lock system that makes changing the wheel or disc easier. All the tools required for the maintenance of the Ryobi come inclusive in the packaging along with a nifty carrying case.

Ryobi EWS1266HG Circular Saw 190mm Blade 1250w 240v

The Ryobi EWS1266HG comes with a large 190mm circular saw with sharp teeth rotated via a motor churning out over 1200 watts at a voltage input of 240 Volt. It comes with adjustable depth settings and adjustable base settings for bevel adjustments of 0 degree to 45 degree. Furthermore, the powerful saw has a Livetool indicator that indicates power to the device. A dust port allows for easy excavation of dust while working simultaneously on the task at hand.

Ryobi EWS1366HG Circular Saw with Laser Guide 190mm Blade 1350w 240v

Because of the Ryobi EWS1366HG circular saw?s laser guided system cutting through wood following guiding lines is quite simple. In fact, one need not keep an eye on the line for straight accurate cuts. The saw comes with 2 LED lights for improved visibility of the guiding line under dim working conditions and a spindle lock system ensures accidental start-ups are never faced. The saw is of 190mm diameter guided by a large 1350 Watt 240 Volt motor driving it into 66mm depths at 90 degrees.

Ryobi EID500RS Electric Hammer Drill 500w 240v

A dual handle home owner's drill, the Ryobi EID500RS is rated at 500Watt input and 240 Volt that offers variable speeds in front and back spin directions thus making it suitable for usage as an atomatic screwdriver. The keyless chuck is of 13mm dimension and it delivers blow speeds of 43000bpm. The 2.02kg lightweight drill can go through steel, wood and masonry up to 25mm, 13mm and 13mm respectively.

Ryobi EID600RS Electric Hammer Drill 600w 240v

Together with a carrying case and an auxiliary handle, the Ryobi EID600RS comes packed with massive amounts of power and torque that should prove sufficient for any decent home owner who engages in DIY activities. The 600 Watt 240 Volt motor that drives the hammer mechanism also produces enough speed and torque to act as an automatic screwdriver. Furthermore, with the variable speed limiter in place and its high bpm of 43000, it is ideal for screwing objects.

Ryobi EID750RS Electric Hammer Drill 750w 240v

Delivering a high setting of around 2800rpm and beat speed of 45000bpm that can be varied using a simple selector switch, the Ryobi EID750RS uses a massive motor of 750 Watt intake at 240 Volts driving a chuck of 13mm diameter. This particular drill has the option of acting as a screwdriver or a drill that can work as a hammer drill or a rotary drill. The auxiliary handle makes drilling through hard surfaces and working long hours easy while the carrying case is another ergonomic inclusion in th

Ryobi EID1050RS Electric Hammer Drill 1050w 240v

Capable of traveling in both the forward and backward direction and hence acting as a screwdriver, the hammer drill from Ryobi rated at 1050 Watt input has sufficient power as well as speed to make any hard home task look easy. 51000Bpm and 3200rpm are the specifications on this hammer drill while the keyless chuck of 13mm diameter means that the drill can go through at least 32mm of wood and 20mm of masonry easily. The EID1050RS weighs just 2.86kgs.

Ryobi ERH710RS SDS Plus Hammer Drill 3 Mode 710w 240v

The slightly heavier Ryobi ERH710RS SDS hammer drill comes power packed with 710 Watt and 240 Volt motor that drives a overmould variable speed selector using an impact energy of 2 Joules and 4000bpm. The speed is rated at 1000rpm and it can drill large holes of 32mm, 24mm and 13mm through wood, concrete and steel respectively. It weighs exactly 3 kgs.

Ryobi CAG180M ONE+ 18v Cordless Angle Grinder 115mm / 4.5" Disc Requires Separate ONE+ Battery

Working in constricted spaces and at awkward angles is not going to be a problem if you are using Ryobi CAG180M cordless, 18-volt disc grinder. The tool can be used at a maximum angle of 270-degrees. Furthermore, its three-position side handle infuses higher ergonomics into the machine, and even boasts of an in-built wrench storage. The grinding wheel dimension used in this power tool measure 115mm (or 4.5-inches) in diameter, and are able supported by a motor that churn out 6500 revs a minute.

Ryobi LCS180 ONE+ 18v Cordless Circular Saw 1500mm Blade Requires Separate ONE+ Battery & Charger

Ergonomically designed for easier usage, the non slip grip of the Ryobi LCS180 that uses a gripzone overmould tech for an improved positive grip makes working long hours with this circular saw easy and less taxing. The 1500mm super massive blade has a thin kerf made with TCT coating that reduces the battery drain and makes cutting through the thickest of wood easy. Sheet materials, boards and worktop laminates are easy to work with now.

Ryobi LTS180M ONE+ Circular Tile Saw 4" / 100mm Blade without Battery or Charger

Made exclusively for cutting through tiles, be it Porcelain, Ceramic, Granite, Natural Stone or Marble, the Ryobi LTS180M ONE uses a powerful motor to drive the 100mm blade at amazing speeds of 11,000rpm with the option of 90 and 45 degree bevel capacity. The base made from steel is adjustable to user requirements and a detachable water bottle keeps users rehydrated through long working hours.

Ryobi CDA1802M ONE+ 18v Cordless Autoshift Compact Drill Driver 2 Speed Requires Separate ONE+ Batte

Ryobi CDA1802M ONE+ 18v Cordless Autoshift Compact Drill Driver 2 Speed Requires Separate ONE+ Battery & Charger. It has a powerhouse of energy with its max. Torgue of 59Nm and No load speed of 0 to 440/ 0 to 1600rpm. Its autoshift capabilities selects the proper gear to suit the material and application and its LED's indicate when gears change, as well as the gear the drill is in. The ease of drill changing is seen in the automatic spindle lock for one handed bit change.

Ryobi CDA18021B ONE+ 18v Cordless Autoshift Compact Drill Driver + 1 Lithium Ion Battery 1.4Ah

The Ryobi CDA18021B ONE+ 18v Cordless Autoshift Compact Drill Driver + 1 Lithium Ion Battery 1.4Ah is a powerhouse of energy with its max. torgue of 59Nm and No load speed of 0 to 440/ 0 to 1600rpm. Its autoshift capabilities selects the proper gear to suit the material and application and its LED's indicate when gears change, as well as the gear the drill is in. The ease of drill changing is seen in the automatic spindle lock for one handed bit change and includes a 13mm keyless chuck.

Ryobi CJS180LM ONE+ 18v Cordless Jigsaw + Laser Guide Requires Separate ONE+ Battery & Charger

The Ryobi CJS180LM ONE+ jigsaw employs the best of reciprocative cutting technology with an equally impressive battery system that is slowly changing the way the market looks at wireless, battery operated tools. Features include a rotating base with a maximum angular orientation of 45?, and a massive blade stroke of 19mm. This powerful jigsaw is highly precise and dynamic in its operation thanks to the laser guiding technology it incorporates for angular cuts.

Ryobi CRH1801M ONE+ 18v Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill Requires Separate ONE+ Battery & Charger

Ryobi CRH1801M is an 18v Cordless SDS plus comprises of a Hammer Drill which requires a separate battery & charger. If you are looking for a solid tool for giving better results then this gadget will serve you best. Its features contain dual mode for drilling, powerful 1.5 Joules impact energy, well-build Grip Zone over mould technology for improved comfort with a positive grip, SDS chuck for fast drilling and easy bit change. It is light and compact, very ideal for working in small areas.

Ryobi CRH18012L 18v Cordless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 1.4Ah

Ryobi CRH18012L has a dual mode for drilling multiple materials. This model is light in weight and compact which makes it ideal for working on hard-to-reach areas or small places. It includes 2 x Lithium Ion batteries, a super charger, a double-ended screw-driver bit and comes along with a tool bag. Its impact force is 1.5J and an impact rate can go between 0 to 4000bpm. It has SDS chuck for fast drilling and easy handling.

Ryobi EJ500 Jigsaw 500w 240v

Ryobi's EJ500 Jigsaw 500w 240v has impressive max cutting capabilities, 65mm for wood, 18mm for aluminium and 6mm for steel. Integrated into its base is an Anti-splintering device plus, the base bevels from 0 to 45 degrees left and right. It features a fast, easy blade change, without using a separate tool. Its Livetool Indicator, glows blue when plugged in and it uses GripZone overmould technology to improve user comfort and grip. It includes 1 blade.

Ryobi EJ600 Jigsaw 600w 240v

The Ryobi EJ600 Jigsaw 600w 240v has a pendulum action for advanced cutting performance. Its die-cast front housing increases its strength and durability along with an anti-splintering device. It has a variable speed control and a fast, easy, tool-less blade change. Its value is enhanced by its Livetool Indicator that Glows blue when plugged into the power supply plus its Gripzone over mould technology providing better comfort for a positive grip. In comes with 1 x Jigsaw blade and carryine case

Ryobi EJ700L Jigsaw 680w 240v

Ryobi's EJ700L Jigsaw 680w 240v has pendulum action for an advanced cutting performance. It has a variable speed control and a fast, easy, tool-less blade change. It also sports 2 x LED lights that greatly enhance the cutting visibility along with a blow function and a 0 to 45 base bevel. Its value is enhanced by its Livetool Indicator that Glows blue when plugged into the power supply plus its Gripzone over mould technology provides better comfort for a positive grip.

Ryobi EMS1426L Compound Mitre Saw 10" / 254mm Blade with Laser Guide 1400w 240v

Ryobi's EMS1426L Compound Mitre Saw 10" / 254mm Blade with Laser Guide 1400w 240v, features an ergonomically designed offset handle with Gripzone, plus a unique handle at the rear of the unit to help with transportation. It uses Exactline Laser Technology along with a 10 degree negative bevel for better bevel cutting capabilities. It also has 9 pre-set index angles, Livetool Indicator that glows blue when plugged in, plus easy to read scales for maximum accuracy.

Ryobi ETMS1825 Table Compound Mitre Saw 10" / 254mm Blade 1800w 240v

Ryobi's ETMS1825 Table Compound Mitre Saw 10" / 254mm Blade 1800w 240v creates an impressive powerhouse with its upper and lower table built in pressure-moulded cast aluminium. It features an electric safety brake and dual-material, GripZone handle and trigger switch for greater efficiency and user comfort. It has a mitre guide with an integrated vice for greater hold of the work piece, along with a safety guard, dust extraction facility and a fast, precise angle adjustment.

Ryobi EMS2431SCL Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 300mm Blade 2400w 240v

Ryobi's EMS2431SCL Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 300mm Blade 2400w 240v has a sliding mechanism equipped with 2 slides fitted on thrust ball bearings for ultra smooth forward/backward slide movement. It has a Cam setting, cutting height for creating grooves, plus a quick action safety guard lock. A Livetool Indicator light alerts user that the tool is plugged in. It also has a laser beam for a more accurate cutting angle. It has a large cutting capacity at 90 degrees up to 300mm in width.

Ryobi EMS2026SCL Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 10" / 254mm Blade with Laser Guide 2000w 240v

Ryobi's EMS2026SCL Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 10" / 254mm Blade with Laser Guide 2000w 240v has a sliding mechanism equipped with 2 slides fitted on 3 thrust ball bearings for optimum accuracy in forward/backward movement. It has a Cam setting, of cutting height for creating grooves, plus a quick action safety guard lock. A Livetool Indicator light alert user that the tool is plugged in. It also has a laser beam for a more accurate cutting angle.

Ryobi ERT1400RV 1/4" Plunge Router 1400w 240v

The package of the Ryobi ERT1400RV Plunge Router comes with a parallel fence, template guide, spanner and a carrying case. This router uses 1400 Watts at 240 Volts and accepts both quarter inch and 3/8 inch router bits. The variable electronic speed system of the router and the soft start allows for easy operations while the height adjuster with precision depth control performs accurate cuts with 3 depth pre sets.

Ryobi ESS200RS 1/3 Sheet Sander 200w 240v

Picking up the dust generated by the Ryobi ESS200RS sander is easy because of the powerful cyclonic action technology used by the sander. It comes inclusive of 2 60, 100 and 150 grit sanding paper that should last a few days worth of work initially. The 200 Watt 240 Volt motor generates easy speeds of 12,000rpm in the no load condition and all this is possible in a tiny frame that weighs just 1.5kgs.

Ryobi EOS2410NHG 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander 240w 240v

Paper clamps and quick fix hook and loop for changing sanding papers on the Ryobi EOS2410NHG makes it easy and versatile as a sander that can be used as a metal polisher and even rust remover. The device is powered by a 240 Watt 240 Volt motor that uses a 110 X 114mm sanding pad surface. It comes along with a punch plate, carry case and a dust bag. To get you started, 2 pieces of 60, 150, 180, 100 and 240 grit papers are packaged along with it.

Ryobi EPS80RS Delta Palm Sander 80w 240v

A multi stage sander that performs all types of sanding jobs using its three in one system that allows for a orbital, detail or randow orbital sanding action. The Black and Decker Ka226Gb multi sander operates with 155 Watt and 230 Volt pelting out a no load speed of 10,500 rpm and does not offer multi speeds. The on board dust removal system maintains a clean working environment for better functionality.

Ryobi ESS280RV 1/3 Sheet Sander 280w 240v

As a sander, the Ryobi EPS80RS delta is ideal as it can be used for more than just sanding. It is capable of being used as a rust removal, metal polishing and paint removal device all because of its powerful 80 Watt 240 Volt engine that delivers 12,000rpm of high speeds under no load. This comes with 5 extra sheets of sand paper and 2 finger pads as well as a soft bag for storage purposes. The tiny size and light weight makes it easy to work with.

Ryobi ERO2412VHG Random Orbit Sander 125mm Disc 240w 240v

What you get with the Ryobi ERO2412VHG Orbit Sander is a powerful yet versatile tool that is quite capable of smoothening edges and surfaces while polishing off metal surfaces and even plastic surfaces. With over 230 Watt of intake power at 240 Volts, the sander makes light work of any surface. You get a dust bag, carry case and a few pieces of sand paper of varying density with this particular model of orbital sander from Ryobi.

Ryobi EMS180RV Delta Multi Sander 180w 240v

An integrated finger with the Ryobi EMS180RV Delta Sander allows it to access those tough corners that are usually devoid of the pleasure of feeling a sander over them. The triple operation base of delta, 1/3rd sheet and finger allows it to completely smoothen a surface from the top, bottom and sides. Even edges are not left out. It is also quite powerful with a 180 Watt and 240 Volt engine placed inside it. The sander comes with a soft bag, 2 finger pads and 5 sanding paper sheets.

Ryobi ESS3215VHG 1/2 Sheet Sander 320w 240v

Power comes packed in the Ryobi ESS3215VHG half sheet sander. With over 300 Watt or raw power at 240 Volt, it performs hasty jobs real well. A die cast aluminium base and sturdy construction results in a powerful performance while the gripzone mould technology with low vibration mechanics takes care of its ergonomics. This device comes with a few sand papers and a carrying case. A paper punch plate is also parceled with this device.

Ryobi EBS8021VHG Belt Sander 76mm Belt 800w 240v

The Ryobi EBS8021VHG is a belt sander that features a 76mm sanding belt rotated using a 800 Watt engine at 240 Volt. It operates at variable speed and works on a variety of surfaces. The quick release belt system allows for easy changing of sand paper. To get users started off quickly it comes with 3 papers of varying density and 2 inversion clamps for perfect finishing. A dust bag also accompanies the device which fits with the sander in the hard case carrier.

Ryobi EBS1310VFHG Belt Sander 100mm Belt 1350w 240v

The Ryobi EBS1310VFHG is a belt sander with a 100mm belt that operates at a high power input of 1350 Watt and 240 Volt comes with sanding belt, dust bag, sanding frame and a carrying case. It uses a powerful vacuum system for efficient cleaning of the working surface. The sanding frame on this sander is quite large and allows for faster sanding operations. The sanding belt size is of 610mm to 100mm.

Ryobi One+ LCD1802M 18V Compact Cordless Drill Driver

Ryobi has built a reputation of offering well performing power tools at an affordable price, and it does not disappoint in that regard with the Ryobi One+LCD1802M compact drill driver. With 2-speed variations, and 24 different torque settings, this drill driver can bore holes as well as drive screws of different sizes with ease and efficiency. The 13mm keyless chuck makes it easy for outfitting the tool with drill bits and drive templates. A great choice for beginners as well as professionals.

Ryobi BID1201 12V Impact Driver

Featuring a variable speed with reverse function, the Ryobi BID1201 impact driver is a workhorse in every way. Plus, the use of a single 1.2Ah Li-Ion battery makes this impact driver extremely lightweight and therefore portable enough to be carried around from one work area to another. Whether it is fitting new screws in your home or trying to unscrew old and corroded ones, the BID1201 is very useful in both situations. It comes with a carry bag that contains the tool along with its portability.

Ryobi LCS180 150mm Circular Saw 18V

With a hornet yellow and black color blend seen on the body, the LCS180 from Ryobi offers neat looking circular saw with a wide range of functionality. The saw can be oriented in different angles with respect to the cutting surface, thereby providing the operator with the ability to make bevel cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. There isn't much weight to this power tool and this is what makes it so easy to use even in the most constricted of work situations.

Ryobi CAG-180M 4 inch Angle Grinder 18V

Polishing and detailing works when done using the Ryobi CAG-180M angle grinder take less time for completion and happen with the least amount of errors when handled by an experienced customer. The reason for this can be mainly attributed to the lightweight functionality which the grinder offers thanks to its battery powered operation. The battery foot itself can be swiveled into different orientations to help you get a firm grip on the main handle.

Ryobi CDI-1803M 18V Cordless Combi Drill

This versatile combi from Ryobi packs the best features of a drilling tool and a screw driver into one compact equipment, which has been designed to suit the stringent specifications of professionals. A great tool for home repairs and workshop situations, the CDI-1803M kit also contains additions like depth stop, auxiliary handle and two double ended screwdriver bits in it. The 13mm keyless chuck allows for faster attachment and detachment of drill as well as screwdriver bits.

Ryobi CJS-180LM 18V Jigsaw

In spite of not featuring the rechargeable batteries and charging unit, the bare Ryobi CJS-180LM still manages to impress with its bag of features. For instance you do not need to fiddle around too much when trying to change the bayonet as all it needs is a simple push into the slot and you are ready to start work! This bayonet saw comes with an electric brake for extended safety during cutting operations. Ryobi offers a 2 year warranty with its CJS-180LM Jigsaw for a piece of mind.

Ryobi One+ BID1812M 18V Impact Driver

Fit for home repair scenarios, the Ryobi One+ BID1812M impact driver comes with a quarter inch hex drive and weighs only 1.6kg. This variable speed driver is great for loosening screws that have been over-torqued or whose heads have been corroded. The BID1812M comes with a LED work light that lets you work in low light conditions comfortably. Now, while some might feel that this version of cordless impact driver without the batteries would be a bad investment, it is the actually the opposite.

Ryobi One+ CDI18SD4 18V Combi Drill & 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver Kit

An awesome value kit to have in your workshop, the Ryobi One+ CDI18SD4 comprises of a combi drill with onboard storage for the drill bits and a lightweight screwdriver with LED job light feature. The 18V combi drill utilizes two 1.5Ah rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries and is great for multiple applications. It comes with 24 torque setting and a clutch override function to facilitate quick change of modes. As a result, you can cycle between screw driving, drilling and hammer action effortlessly.

Ryobi One+ CDDI18022N 18V 1.7Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Combi Drill

Having a two year warranty and weighing less than 2.5kg, the Ryobi One+ CDDI18022N drill and screwdriver combo is a very good tool. It has an auxiliary handle with soft grip for comfortable handling and is equipped with the over mould GripZone technology. The option of storing the bits onboard makes the CDDI18022N a convenient power tool to work with. It uses two 1.7Ah nickel cadmium batteries and comes with an one hour charger.

Ryobi EID750CSDT40 750W Hammer Drill & 12V Drill Driver

This awesome value EID250CSDT40 twin power tool pack from Ryobi is definitely going to bring a smile on your face once you get to see the functional extensiveness of the package. Comprising of a 12V cordless drill driver, a 750 watt hammer drill and 40-piece accessory set, this Ryobi pack is as good as they come. The hammer drill is robust and high powered that offers good percussion oriented force for boring holes into different grades of materials like steel, wood and masonry.

Ryobi One Plus 18V Angle Grinder Green

270° rotating base for access to awkward areas. Three position auxiliary handle with on-board wrench storage, Trigger switch with overmould for comfortable extended use, Spindle lock for easy wheel and accessory changing, Tool-less wheel guard for quick and easy adjustment, Gripzone Overmould technology for improved comfort

Ryobi One Plus 18V Corner Sander Green

Sanding Pad Size 140mm x 100mm, Lock on switch for continuous use, Quick fix hook and loop sanding sheet attachment, Gripzone overmould for improved grip and reduced vibration, Weight 0.83kg

Ryobi 600W Jigsaw

Variable speed trigger, Dust port for cleaner working area, 4 stage pendulum action, Anti-splintering device, Anti-splintering device, On-board storage compartment

Ryobi 750W 4.5'' Angle Grinder

Spindle lock, 2 position handle for left or right handers, Lock on for continuous use, Live tool indicator, Tool less wheel guard

Ryobi 2000W 9'' Angle Grinder

Spindle lock, 3 position auxiliary handle, Tool less wheel guard, Live tool indicator, Lock on for continuous use, Gripzone overmould

Ryobi 500w Jigsaw

Tool less blade clamping, Live tool indicator, Gripzone overmould, Dust port

Ryobi 500w Hammer Drill

0-43000bpm, Variable speed forward and reverse, Livetool indicator, GripZone overmould

Ryobi Belt Sander

4 position adjustable handle, Livetool indicator, Belt speed: 150-320m/min, Sanding belt size 75 x 150mm

Ryobi Palm Sander

Livetool Indicator™ - Glows blue when plugged into the power supply, Triangular pad design for sanding up to the edge in tight corners, GripZone™ over-mould technology for improved comfort with a positive grip, Extra 5 sanding sheets, 2 finger pads, Soft bag

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