The Leading Electric Sanders In The Market

Every guy must have their power tools. It should be noted, however, that even girls want to have power tools too! This article will be talking about one of the must-haves when it comes to power tools, an electric sander. Sure, not everyone would generally own one but there are definitely a lot of advantages to having them handy anytime. A sander is a great tool that can be used to make wood smooth and also gives a great finish to automotives. This power tool uses the good old sandpaper and has a mechanism that can move it rapidly so that it can give wood and automotives a great finish without that much of a hassle.

To help you find the best sander for you. I have done the research myself and here are some of the top sanders in the market today:

1. Makita 9404/2 4″ Belt Sander 240V

I for one am a fan of this tool but it can come with a not so affordable price of £350. But I assure you that given the specifications of this tool, the price is not going to be an issue. It can be used by anyone; even without professional help. I highly recommend this tool because it is great for working even on large surfaces and edges.


Most sanders are quite hard to setup but this tool is very user friendly and you can even change the belt on your own without much problems because it has a quick feature that allows you to change the belts easily. It also has an auto-tracking system for its belt thereby lessening belt-related problems. Aside from that, this tool is relatively quiet given the fact that it is a power tool; it is even the quietest sander in the market.

This tool also has a speed dial for its speed enabling users to match their speeds. This means that you can adjust the speed of this machine to the type of application you will be doing. It is double insulated and can sand wood and even metal to remove dust and paint.

It comes with an abrasive belt, a carbon/cork pad and a dust bag. The belt size is around 100×610 mm and has a speed of 21-=440m per minute. It is relatively heavy with a 4.7 kg weight but it is still relatively lighter compared to its competitors


2. DeWalt D26441-GB ¼ Palm Sander 240V

DeWalt is relatively popular with its products when it comes to performance and specifications. This reputation is not tarnished by this specific tool because it is a great tool to have without the heavy cost. This tool is priced fairly and comes with a £79 price tag. It comes with a bag for proper storage and provides great ease with travels.

dewaltsander02This tool is highly lightweight coming in at around 1.4 kg but is very powerful. It is also designed with an anti-slip rubber for easy use and all its bearings are sealed 100%. This means that you can use it without getting problems regarding control and comfort. It also comes with a dust-sealed switch that can be a great protection against ingestion of dust. So, you can be assured of a longer life for your product.

The best about it is that it also comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers and 3 years warranty for satisfied customers.

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